Saturday, April 18, 2015

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High Herselfery

Kevin Williamson writing in the National Review:

She’s a feminist who has served as very little other than an extension of her traditionally patriarchic, manipulative hound dog of a husband, elected to the Senate as a tribute to him, like some sad little Ma Ferguson of the New York suburbs. Her record in office has run from mediocrity in the Senate to catastrophe as secretary of state.

 But She has some feelings she’d like to share, some adventures in High Herselfery.

The entire op-ed here:  Herselfery

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ravioli stuffed with tiny lost souls

Funny Tweet by Mark Pahlow accompanying this picture: "Baby stingrays look like raviolis stuffed with tiny lost souls. Just sayin'."

Careful, don't call Hillary Clinton by her first name

Apparently, Hillary Clinton does not want her staff--or anybody else--to call her by her first name...lack of respect or something. Hey, Hill, how about "Incompetent Benghazi Witch"? Does that work for you?

One of Obama's law school professors says Obama is "burning the Constitution"

RYAN GORMAN writing for Business Insider:

A Harvard professor who taught U.S. President Barack Obama torched his prized pupil last month on Capitol Hill.
Constitutional scholar Lawrence Tribe, who also served in the Justice Department under Obama, testified last month during a House hearing that the president's climate change policies are similar to "burning the Constitution."
The 73-year-old Tribe argued that the Environmental Protection Agency is grossly overstepping its boundaries in respect to enforcing the president's doctrine. One conservative operative called the remarks "dazzling."
Lawrence Tribescreenshot/YouTube
"EPA is attempting an unconstitutional trifecta: usurping the prerogatives of the States, Congress and the Federal Courts — all at once," Tribe insisted. "Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy."

Link:  EPA 

Professor Tribe is reliably left of political center, so when he says Obama is "burning the Constitution" even the Kool-Aid drinkers should take notice.~~YOSSARIAN

Big Government can't even get a stamp right

LONNAE O'NEAL reporting for the Washington Post:
The news that the U.S. Postal Service was honoring Maya Angelou, poet, author and civil rights advocate, with her own forever stamp was welcomed by her fans. Angelou, who died last year, was a cultural icon and mother figure to a generation of writers.
Jabari Asim, associate professor of writing, literature and publishing at Emerson College in Boston, was excited. Until he read the quote on the Angelou stamp:
“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
Funny thing, he had always thought the quote came from Joan Walsh Anglund, the prolific children’s book author.
LINK:  stamp

Friday, April 3, 2015

Obama administration: "Look! Squirrel!


California has a very long history of experiencing droughts

Thomas M. Kostigen writing in National Geographic
California is experiencing its worst drought since record-keeping began in the mid 19th century, and scientists say this may be just the beginning. B. Lynn Ingram, a paleoclimatologist at the University of California at Berkeley, thinks that California needs to brace itself for a megadrought—one that could last for 200 years or more.
As a paleoclimatologist, Ingram takes the long view, examining tree rings and microorganisms in ocean sediment to identify temperatures and dry periods of the past millennium. Her work suggests that droughts are nothing new to California.
"During the medieval period, there was over a century of drought in the Southwest and California. The past repeats itself," says Ingram, who is co-author of The West Without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, and Other Climate Clues Tell Us About Tomorrow. Indeed, Ingram believes the 20th century may have been a wet anomaly.
The entire article here

A very smart Californian has some insightful thoughts about California's water shortage


“Brown and other Democratic leaders will never concede that their own opposition in the 1970s (when California had about half its present population) to the completion of state and federal water projects, along with their more recent allowance of massive water diversions for fish and river enhancement, left no margin for error in a state now home to 40 million people. Second, the mandated restrictions will bring home another truth as lawns die, pools empty, and boutique gardens shrivel in the coastal corridor from La Jolla to Berkeley: the very idea of a 20-million-person corridor along the narrow, scenic Pacific Ocean and adjoining foothills is just as unnatural as “big” agriculture’s Westside farming. The weather, climate, lifestyle, views, and culture of coastal living may all be spectacular, but the arid Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay-area megalopolises must rely on massive water transfers from the Sierra Nevada, Northern California, or out-of-state sources to support their unnatural ecosystems. . . . I have never met a Bay Area environmentalist or Silicon Valley grandee who didn’t drink or shower with water imported from a far distant water project. The Bay Area remains almost completely reliant on ancient Hetch Hetchy water supplies from the distant Sierra Nevada, given the inability of groundwater pumping to service the Bay Area’s huge industrial and consumer demand for water. But after four years of drought, even Hetch Hetchy’s huge Sierra supplies have only about a year left, at best. Again, the California paradox: those who did the most to cancel water projects and divert reservoir water to pursue their reactionary nineteenth-century dreams of a scenic, depopulated, and fish-friendly environment enjoy lifestyles predicated entirely on the fragile early twentieth-century water projects of the sort they now condemn.”

This is known as “bad luck.”

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yeah, it's confusing

Tweet from David "Iowahawk" Burge: 

"US peace partners Egypt & Saudi Arabia ready to invade US peace partner Yemen to fight US peace partner Iran".

Liberal Maureen Dowd's open letter to H. Clinton

SINCE open letters to secretive and duplicitous regimes are in fashion, we would like to post an Open Letter to the Leaders of the Clinton Republic of Chappaqua:
It has come to our attention while observing your machinations during your attempted restoration that you may not fully understand our constitutional system. Thus, we are writing to bring to your attention two features of our democracy: The importance of preserving historical records and the ill-advised gluttony of an American feminist icon wallowing in regressive Middle Eastern states’ payola.

The whole op-ed here:  Dowd

Indiana getting blasted for a law similar to one passed by Bill Clinton

"When RFRA passed in 1993, liberal outfits like the ACLU were joined at the hip with the Christian Coalition. But now the ACLU is denouncing Indiana’s law because it wants even the most devoutly held religious values to bow to its cultural agenda on gay marriage and abortion rights."
"Liberals used to understand that RFRA, with its balancing test, was a good-faith effort to help society compromise on contentious moral disputes. That liberals are renouncing it 20 years after celebrating it says more about their new intolerance than about anyone in Indiana."~~WSJ Editorial Board.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Michelle and Barack take separate jets to L.A. on the same day


President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama flew to Los Angeles on Thursday for TV appearances but took separate flights, collectively costing taxpayers at least $1 million.~~FOXNEWS

link:  I guess limiting one's carbon footprint is for the little people

What Hillary Clinton does not know could fill a one terabyte hard drive

GOSH GERSTEIN reporting in Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s claim that most work-related emails sent from her personal account were preserved in the electronic files of other State Department officials fell apart Friday.

After a week of deflecting questions about how emails were handled during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, the agency finally acknowledged that the email traffic of other senior officials was not automatically or routinely archived.

Extreme cycling

Monday, March 9, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grandma supports the 2nd Amendment

UC Irvine students vote to hide American flag

They burn it. They step on it. They want it out of sight.  What is it about the American flag that makes the Left so hate-filled and disrespectful? My guess: our flag represents freedom. Scratch one millimeter deep into the psyche of most Leftists and you will find they really don't appreciate or respect freedom. Got the freedom to own a gun legally? They want the government to take it away from you. Want to exercise your freedom of speech by giving a conservative-leaning lecture on campus? They will shout you down and throw things at you. Want to maintain a TV cable network that doesn't parrot the Liberal Narrative? They will call you "faux" and make every attempt to shame you. They hate freedom; demeaning the Stars and Stripes is just one way they demonstrate that hatred.~~Yossarian

Obama's BFF, William "Bill" Ayers

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The Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) voted Tuesday to remove all flags, including American flags, from an inclusive space on campus because of their offensive nature.
The bill, R50-70, was authored by Social Ecology Representative Matthew Guevara, and accuses all flags, especially, the American flag, of being “symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism".