Monday, July 20, 2015

The Abortion Industry treats humans like meat

"So then you’re just kind of cognizant of where you put your graspers, you try to intentionally go above and below the thorax, so that, you know, we’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact. And with the calvarium, in general, some people will actually try to change the presentation so that it’s not vertex, because when it’s vertex presentation, you never have enough dilation at the beginning of the case, unless you have real, huge amount of dilation to deliver an intact calvarium".~~Dr. Deborah Nucatola, abortionist, describing her technique for preserving fetal tissue for sale later.


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KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON writing in the National Review:

Human beings are not lumps of labor. They are not capital, consumer goods, taxpayers, commodities — or meat. The philosophy of Planned Parenthood (and Eros is a jealous god) is the philosophy of men-as-meat, and that philosophy is not long compatible with liberty and human dignity. When Erich Fromm wrote his famous book on the dream of religion without deity, he titled it “You Shall Be as Gods.” The truth is that without an understanding of the uniqueness of human beings and the consequent value of every human life, you will not be as gods — you will be as meat. 

And meat gets butchered, packaged, and sold. It gets stuffed in the freezer.

Link: The Butchers of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is to fetuses what Perdue Farms is to chickens.~~Yossarian

Thursday, July 16, 2015

ESPN has lost its way

ESPN has lost its way. Remember when they were the go-to place for sports information? If I want to see anything more about Caitlin Jenner I'll seek the myriad channels and shows that feature Hollywood personalities and associated superficial mental mind candy. What I want out of a sports channel is SPORTS. If ESPN can't resist participating in every freaksandwich du jour story that sashays into the cultural landscape than I'm not tuning in anymore.~~YOSSARIAN

Is this the new Greek Currency?

Hat tip to Bill Frezza who Tweeted this image.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Modern America is being overrun by moonbats

Bride, groom, minister, best whale

pictures guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Vegan moonbat pens terror threat

KATHERINE TIMPF reporting for the National Review:

A professor at the University of Texas at El Paso wrote a manifesto saying that animal-rights activists must rise up and commit “illegal raids” and “sabotage attacks” in order to save the world from a “mass extinction.”

 In a 2009 piece for the Animal Liberation Front titled “Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: Total Liberation By Any Means Necessary,” associate professor of philosophy Steven Best says that groups like PETA are just not radical or progressive enough. After all, they work with corporations (boo!) “in order to regulate, not eliminate, the ongoing nonhuman animal holocaust.” 

Best explains that capitalism is “destructive,” the state is a “corrupt tool,” and keeping animals enslaved will definitely lead to a “mass extinction” — and so basically it’s just not enough to go vegan or adopt a rescue puppy.

Link:  vegan moonbat and would-be terrorist

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Oh Great!  Now vegans are spouting terror threats...can't they just be satisfied with boring us to death?~~Yossarian

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fifteen year old kids in Oregon can get sex-change operations without parent's knowledge

DAN SPRINGER reporting for Fox News:
The list of things 15-year-olds are not legally allowed to do in Oregon is long: Drive, smoke, donate blood, get a tattoo -- even go to a tanning bed. 
But, under a first-in-the-nation policy quietly enacted in January that many parents are only now finding out about, 15-year-olds are now allowed to get a sex-change operation. Many residents are stunned to learn they can do it without parental notification -- and the state will even pay for it through its Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan.
link:  Oregon

How far $100 goes in all 50 states

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hey, New York Times writers, put ALL OF YOUR PENSION $ in Greek bonds

ROGER KIMBALL has a suggestion for the New York Times:

But my favorite of yesterday’s pieces about Greece in our former paper of record was by Old Reliable, the Times’s resident economic Dadaist, Mr. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman.  According to Mr. Krugman, Europe must act now to stop the “bleeding” in Greece. Those nasty Germans have been like doctors of yore, bleeding patients because they didn’t know what else to do. And when the patient failed to improve, they prescribed more leeches. “If the money doesn’t start flowing from Frankfurt,” Mr. Krugman warned, Greece will have to start using Monopoly money, aka the Drachma, to “pay” its bills.
What do all these pieces have in common—apart, that is, from that insufferable tone of unearned moral superiority that comes with publication in the Times? Yes, that’s right, they all grandly recommend that someone else fork over the truckloads of cash that Greece wants.  Everyone knows Margaret Thatcher’s quip about socialism: sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. Sooner or later, and it is looking more and more like it might be sooner, the Germans are going to run out of money to pay for the Greeks’ lavish pension plans and retirement schemes.
But all is not lost.
The New York Times should shift their entire pension portfolio into Greek bonds, beginning with whatever holdings Messrs. Cohen, Krugman, and members of the editorial board may have  It may be an adventurous investment, but, hey, we’re talking about medicines and imported food on the supermarket shelves in Athens. What an edifying spectacle: rancid lefties at a once-important paper put their money — their own money, for once — where their loud mouths are.
By itself, the Times won’t make a big difference. But what an example! And perhaps — we can only hope! — other left-wing organizations will follow suit and, instead of trying to spend your money or the Germans’ money, they will invest their own money in Greek bonds, thus showing the world that they are really serious about economic redistribution. What started as a trickle from the office of the New York Times may become a raging current of altruistic investment in a real-life socialist utopia.
“The important thing now,” Mr. Krugman says, “is to do whatever it takes to end the bleeding.” Let’s start with his own savings and pension as the first band-aid. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nobel Prize-winner (and 2008 Obama supporter) to POTUS: "You're wrong...dead wrong"


Dr. Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize-Winner for physics in 1973, declared his dissent on man-made global warming claims at a Nobel forum on July 1, 2015.
“I would say that basically global warming is a non-problem,” Dr. Giaever announced during his speech titled “Global Warming Revisited.
Image result for ivar giaever
Giaever, a former professor at the School of Engineering and School of Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, received the 1973 physics Nobel for his work on quantum tunneling. Giaever delivered his remarks at the 65th Nobel Laureate Conference in Lindau, Germany, which drew 65 recipients of the prize. Giaever is also featured in the new documentary “Climate Hustle”, set for release in Fall 2015.
Giaever was one of President Obama’s key scientific supporters in 2008 when he joined over 70 Nobel Science Laureates in endorsing Obama in an October 29, 2008 open letter. Giaever signed his name to the letter which read in part: “The country urgently needs a visionary leader…We are convinced that Senator Barack Obama is such a leader, and we urge you to join us in supporting him.”
But seven years after signing the letter, Giaever now mocks President Obama for warning that “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change”. Giaever called it a “ridiculous statement.”
“That is what he said. That is a ridiculous statement,” Giaever explained.
“I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong,” Giaever said. (Watch Giaever’s full 30-minute July 1 speech here.)
“How can he say that? I think Obama is a clever person, but he gets bad advice. Global warming is all wet,” he added.

LINK:  Marc Moreno

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

American Left: do as we say, not as we do..or, else.

KATHERINE TIMPF reporting for the National Review:

The advocacy group Working America posted a job listing on Facebook looking for grassroots organizers willing to start campaigns pushing for a $15 minimum wage — for $12.25 per hour. 

The fact that the job paid less than the hoped-for federal standard came to light after a Facebook user named Cody McLaughlin replied to the listing, asking whether the group would be paying its own organizers the wage it was hiring them to advocate for.

 He received the following reply (via IJ Review): Hi, Cody! Our field organizing positions start at $12.25 per hour. After 90 days of employment the pay increases to $15 per hour. If you are interested in learning more about the job details, please contact us at 503-331-5800. Thanks! 

McLaughlin responded by asking, “So you want people to #FightFor15 for 12.25/hour?”

LINK:  aren't Lefties just too cute?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Latest on California's seismic outlook


The San Andreas system in Northern California consists of five major branches with an overall length of about 1,25O miles. 

Experts say there is a 99 percent chance of a magnitude-6.7 earthquake or larger in the next 30 years in California because of the number of fault lines in the region.

The San Andreas Fault that forms the tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate is the biggest.


Compared to the previous assessment issued in 2008, UCERF2, the estimated rate of earthquakes around magnitude 6.7, the size of the destructive 1994 Northridge earthquake, has gone down by about 30 percent. 

The expected frequency of such events statewide has dropped from an average of one per 4.8 years to about one per 6.3 years.

However, in the new study, the estimate for the likelihood that California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years has increased from about 4.7% for UCERF2 to about 7.0% for UCERF3.

'The new likelihoods are due to the inclusion of possible multi-fault ruptures, where earthquakes are no longer confined to separate, individual faults, but can occasionally rupture multiple faults simultaneously,' said lead author and USGS scientist Ned Field. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Monty Python had our times figured out in 1979

Illegal aliens released by Obama's administration have killed 121

Stephen Dinan reporting for the Washington Times:
More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.
In one case, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement acknowledged that its agents didn’t find out about an illegal immigrant’s death threats and court injunctions against him — which should have put him back in detention — until after the man was accused of murder.

We need more good people carrying guns, not fewer

Friday, May 29, 2015

Liberal, cop-hating mayors in New York and Baltimore have consequences

The double murder Thursday of a young mother and her 7-year-old boy brought Baltimore's bloody monthly homicide tally to 38, a figure that dwarfs that of similar-sized cities and even exceeds the total for the same period in New York.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Link:  murders in NYC and Charm City UPJennifer Jeffrey Browne, 31, and her seven-year-old son Kester "Tony" Browne

The murder rate is up 15% year over year since the uber-Lib De Blasio became mayor. Baltimore and New York are hemorrhaging blood. Why? Go ask their cop-hating, Liberal mayors.~~YOSSARIAN.

Loser in Chief presides over another poor Q1

Even if you leave out the first quarter of 2009—when the recession that started in December 2007 was still ongoing--President Barack Obama has presided over the lowest average first-quarter GDP growth of any president who has served since 1947, which is the earliest year for which the Bureau of Economic Analysis has calculated quarterly GDP growth. 

LINK:  loser

Not too far from the truth

Wednesday, May 27, 2015