Monday, November 9, 2009

Nook pre-sale orders exceed expectations ... no, this is not a porn headline


Pre-orders for the Nook, Barnes & Noble's (BKS) digital reader, have dramatically exceeded company expectations, delaying the expected shipment of some orders.

Mary Ellen Keating, Barnes & Noble's Senior VP of corporate communications & public affairs said the first Nook pre-orders will be shipped on November 20. However, the company expects to ship more recent Nook pre-orders on December 11.

Nevertheless, Keating urged holiday shoppers to hurry with pre-orders: "I think we always had high expectations for the device, but what we've seen in terms of preorders has exceeded our expectations," she explained. "We're encouraging people to order soon, we want to make sure people who really want the device get it before the holidays."

Fall of Berlin Wall was 'not' a spontaneous event

BS Top - Mohr Berlin Wall

New revelations in Germany have shattered the official story on how the wall came down 20 years ago. Far from a spontaneous protest, it was a carefully planned government plot.

The fall of the Berlin Wall on the night of Nov. 9, 1989, has always been portrayed as the spontaneous result of a foul-up at a press conference: East German government spokesman G√ľnter Schabowski, finishing up an evening briefing, shuffled through a stack of notes and came upon one more thing he needed to announce. He paused before saying that travel restrictions were to be lifted. The freedom for East Germans to travel beyond the wall was at hand. Pressed for details about when the measure would take effect, Schabowski stammered, apparently unprepared, and replied, “Immediately, as far as I know.”

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Always Go at Them

Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, Nelson and Jack Aubrey

Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley's courageous response to the killer gunning down soldiers in Fort Hood on November 5th

Sgt. Kimberly Munley  

reminded us of Nelson's advice. Five feet four, Sgt Munley didn't wait for reinforcements. She ran straight toward the gunfire to stop it. She took three bullets and lost half her blood at the scene, but she stopped the killer.

Here are a few historical and fictional reflections on her actions, taken from Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander. Jack Aubrey is at dinner, on board the Sophie, with his lieutenant, James Dillon, and the sloop's physician, Stephen Maturin.

Master and Commander: The ...

'Lord, what a pretty action that was', said Jack, when the door was closed. 'A hundred and forty-six to fourteen; or fifteen if you count Mrs Dockray. It is just the kind of thing Nelson might have done - prompt - straight at 'em'.

'You know Lord Nelson, sir?'

I had the honour of serving under him at the Nile', said Jack, 'and of dining in his company twice'. His face broke into a smile at the recollection.

'May I beg you to tell me what kind of a man he is?'

'Oh, you would take to him directly, I am sure. He is very slight - frail - I could pick him up

Admiral Lord Nelson

(I mean no disrespect) with one hand. But you know he is a very great man directly. There is something in philosophy called an electrical particle, is there not? A charged atom, if you follow me. He spoke to me on each occasion. The first time it was to say, "May I trouble you for the salt, sir?" - I have always said it as close as I can to his way ever since - you may have noticed it. But the second time I was trying to make my neighbour, a soldier, understand our naval tactics - weather-gage, breaking the line, and so on - and in a pause he leant over with such a smile and said, "Never mind manoeuvres, always go at them." I shall never forget it.'

World's Largest Stingray – 2 meters wide

The giant smalleye stingray is a rare and elusive creature, winging quietly off the coast of Mozambique. Now, for the first time, this largest of the stingray species has been captured on film.

From Paris: Killing Us Softly With Words...

He was lonely.
--(He harangued fellow physicians about religion)
He was suffering.
--(He sent flaming e-mails sympathetic to suicide bombers)
He had a severe case of 'secondary trauma'.
--(He was never formally disciplined due to fear of appearing discriminatory)
He cited his nationality as Palestinian
--(He was born in Virginia)
He was a smart physician
--(His colleagues were not comfortable referring patients to him)
He snapped
--(He methodically carried out the largest mass murder ever executed on a military base)

While Janet Napolatano Secretary of Homeland Security wrings her hand and frets about a possible wave of anti-Muslim sentiment,"working hard" to deflect any backlash against American Muslims, we are being attacked from within, and we are being "infected" with words.

Bill Bennet, who first discusses how political corrected has "infected our institutions" has a great article in today's National Review. He asks "If we can discharge an enlisted personnel for being gay, can we not discharge them for being Muslim radicals?

Moogrogue (a cool very snarky blogger)asks "You know what would be really awesome? If the Department of Homeland Security focused on it's raison d'etre principally guarding against terrorism rather than forestalling anticipated resentment."

Meet Tim McGirk: our enemy’s friend

Could “Secondary Trauma” Have Driven Him to Shooting?

Tim McGirk.

So asks an absurd Time magazine story positing that Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered a dozen people while apparently shouting “Allahu Akbar” because in his line of work — psychiatry — “there was no shortage of horrific tales that could have set loose the demons in Hasan’s mind.”

This shouldn’t be surprising coming from Tim McGirk. He went to Afghanistan after 9/11, had Thanksgiving with the Taliban, and wrote a long piece for National Geographic about what a great time he had and how we’re all just human beings doing our thing on this big blue marble, so let’s not judge. Then he went to Iraq and singlehandedly created the Haditha Massacre hoax. Then he went to Jerusalem and spent a few years slandering Israel. Now he’s trafficking in pop psychology on behalf of a likely domestic jihadist. It’s been quite a career.

We do know how to build.


The Hoover Dam Bypass Will Make You Ooooh and Aaaah

There's not much to say about these images of the Hoover Dam Bypass except expletives mixed with a dozen shades of amazement. It's not the longest or the tallest or the biggest or the complexest, and still, it's stunning:

O disses 1/2 of country, SEIU, Media still not sure, the people want…

Tea Party Protests

Dem Congressman says Obama called opposition: 'Teabag, anti-government people'...

people beater seiu goons ...


... Chris Matthews is seriously

Chris Matthews: We may never know if religion was a factor at Fort Hood

Radical Imam Abu Hamza al ...

Radical Imam Praises Alleged Fort Hood Shooter, Urges Muslims to 'Follow in Footsteps'

Tea Party Protest

Citizens: We would like some jobs, please. Democrats: Right. One order of ObamaCare coming up. Citizens: No, not ObamaCare. Jobs. Democrats: Right. ObamaCare. Citizens: J-O-B-S- Democrats: O-B-A-M-

Josh Glover

... William Gregory Hall, USMC

Please pray for TCA alum, USMC Captain and Silver Star recipient, Josh Glover. Very recently Josh was involved in a search for two missing soldiers in Afghanistan when his team was hit resulting in a number of casualties but thankfully no fatalities. Josh was wounded in his lower body, legs, and arm. Josh was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery to remove shrapnel. After being taken to Germany for more surgery and to reduce the potential for infection, Josh will be flown to Bethesda - hopefully Tuesday - for the next step in treatment. Josh's injuries are not life threatening and he has been able to speak to his wife Heather. Heather will be flying to Bethesda to be with him. Josh is the son of Joe and Lynn Glover and brother of Amie Glover ('04).
Along with the Silver Star and many other awards, this is at least the 3rd or 4th Purple Heart Josh will receive. Please pray for the doctors, Josh's recovery, Heather and his family.

From Jim: Pretty good

Let me get this straight.
Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it and whose members will be exempt from it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that is broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

How does Paris spell U-G-L-Y?

There are some things so unseemly, so homely, so unsightly, they need to remain in "concept" form only. That 'chair'? Puhleeese. Ugly is too soft a term.

What would Popeye's cartoon love Olive Oil look like if she were a chair? That's right--she would look exactly like that ipod dock chair, with the spindle legs.

The chair is unappealing because it has no proportion. It looks as if it would collapse, if you actually sat in it.

That chair also appears horribly uncomfortable--not unlike a seat on a plane--only more uncomfortable. Say, there's an idea. Maybe the designer can add a broken tray table that pops out and hits your knees and simulate a child's foot kicking your back.

If a chair is that ugly, it needs to be an adventure ride, not pose a design statement.

Obama’s own words on Muslems on YouTube from Jody. Harsh at times, but he said it.

Hobbit update

The Hobbit:

... Holm as an older Bilbo in

Guillermo Del Toro explains exactly what he'll be adding to Tolkien's original story:

We will be integrating Gandalf's comings and goings [into the script] because he does disappear in the book quite often. So, as opposed to the book, we see where he goes and what happens to him.


That means we'll see the battle against the Necromancer. Necromancer

And the Wargs will have "a certain beauty" so you don't get the message that everyone beautiful is good, and vice versa. And Smaug the dragon will be unique and look unlike any dragon you've ever seen.

British spies help prevent al Qaeda-inspired attack on New York subway

Najibullah Zazi: British spies help prevent al Qaeda-inspired attack on New York subway

The plan, which reportedly would have been the biggest attack on America since 9/11, was uncovered after Scotland Yard intercepted an email.

The force alerted the FBI, who launched an operation which led to airport shuttle bus driver Najibullah Zazi, 24, being charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.

The Afghan is alleged to have been part of a group who used stolen credit cards to buy components for bombs including nail varnish remover.

The chemicals bought were similar to those used to make the 2005 London Tube and bus explosives which killed 52 people.

Zazi, from Denver, Colorado, is understood to have been given instructions by a senior member of al Qaeda in Pakistan over the internet.

US authorities allegedly found bomb-making instructions on his laptop and his fingerprints on batteries and measuring scales they seized.

$25 billion “stimulus” program produces 0 jobs: WashPost

When Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader Pelosi ...pushed Porkulus through on a party-line vote in the House and Harry ReidHarry Reid likes canned ... could only get three Republicans in the Senate, the GOP opposed the bill because it wouldn’t stimulate a nymphomaniac stripper on a Friday night.  The bill almost entirely consisted of nothing more than a laundry list of Democratic pork and progressive wish lists that had been circulating around Capitol Hill for years.  The Washington Post highlights one of the most prominent of the Porkulus programs, a $25 billion “energy efficiency” program that proves the point:

In Baltimore, the 300 block of East 23 1/2 Street is getting patched up in time for winter. One economic stimulus program is paying to insulate 11 rental rowhouses, another is paying for furnaces and a third is covering the cost for reflective roofs to be installed by prison inmates in a job-training program.

The block is part of one of the biggest initiatives ever undertaken by the federal government, a nationwide push to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. But as the national unemployment rate crosses into the double digits and Republicans question the stimulus program’s impact, the work on East 23 1/2 — even with all of its activity — has so far not produced a single job.

Nine months after Congress passed the $787 billion stimulus package, there is little tangible to show for one of its biggest single areas of investment, the $25 billion energy-efficiency effort.

Guy chair

This sweet-looking ergonomic media chair is but a concept in the mind of industrial designer, Martin Emila, but I dig the look, and the integrated iPhone/iPod dock and projector. 3-way speakers on either side of the head also provide surround-sound.

The Enemy Within

Report: Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda associates two months ago

muslim terrorist

From Paris: Candy Coated Apologies...

No cringing? No squirming? No recoil?

The MSM Sunday 'talkers' trotted out their usual statements: "CLEARLY he (Nidal Hasan) SNAPPED. CLEARLY he was under a great deal of pressure. He was ILL. He was UNBALANCED when he 'allededly' caused this incident."

A few went so far as to suggest he was "no different than the Columbine shooters--all suffering a mental illness--not responsible for their actions."

Today's WashPost? Top story (above the fold) Metro and safety checks. Not that I have anything against safety checks on Metro. The story the WashPost ran below the fold? Peppered with " his alleged actions", and suggesting that "if it turns out that Hasan acted in the throes of an emotional breakdown, his questionable ties could be misinterpreted in ways that damage U.S. outreach to the Muslim world or provoke an overreaction that divides America."

What DO we need? Reasonable people drawing reasonable conclusions.

What DON'T we need? Candy coated apologies from the media.

20 years ago today the impossible happened

The world celebrates the day Germany's Berlin Wall came crumbling down

Without Wincing

Obama to Democratic Legislatures Soldiers make sacrifices for the good of the country, so congressional Democrats should put their concerns about the next election aside for the good of the country.

Obama’s Fort Hood Massacre reference: “I’m trying to imagine the political environment that Washington Democrats occupy. A President glibly lays out that analogy, and it is received — without any wincing or taint of disgust — as awesome inspiration. These are the minds that will be making decisions for us for quite a while.”

And on clue the WashPost is right there

Last week President Obama told us not to jump to conclusions about Nidal Hasan's murderous rampage at Fort Hood. The Washington Post has taken Obama's instruction to heart. Today, in a story about the killer's "lonely life," the Post's Phillip Rucker writes that Hasan "allegedly opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center . . .."

More Union Violence: State Worker Beat Up At SEIU Meeting


A state worker is recovering after a bloody brawl at a union hall. He says members of the local SEIU 1000 beat him up and sent him to the hospital all because he wanted to expose alleged corruption within the union. 
Ken Hamidi is a state worker at the California Franchise Tax Board. Last night he walked into a union hall in Sacramento for an SEIU local 1000 meeting.

It gets worse and worse. This is what was happening before 9/11. Frozen by PC.

Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda...

muslim terrorist
Army Major in Fort Hood Massacre Used 'Electronic Means' to Connect with Terrorists

Hasan attended same radical mosque as 9/11 hijackers; “He was a typical fundamentalist Muslim”