Monday, March 15, 2010

Speaking of Weird Girls...From Paris

Speaking of weird girls, the front page of the Style section of today's WashPost has competing articles. I was struck with the similarity of the articles and wondered to myself, of these two, "Who's the weirdest girl of them all?" There's an oh-so-creepy photo of Ms Hunter with her zipper undone and her BABY! Right next to that creepy article is an equally competing creep fest article about Jessica Simpson's new reality TV show. Jess and her hair stylist roam the world in search of ...something to do! The 'show' features Jessica in her "clueless ugly American role". "Will she eat fried cockroach? Will she pass gas during a cleansing but aggressive body message in Bangkok? ..." Okay. I give up. I'm walking away. I'm in quiet search of red notes.

Experiencing Colorful Differences...From Paris

The first memory I have of my 'condition' is when I was about 7. I sat next to my mother at a musical concert. My mother inadvertently squeezed my hand at the moments when I experienced color as I heard certain notes. I thought this was normal. I thought everyone saw colors as they heard music. My mother sees color with certain notes. I do too. No one else in my family has this 'condition.' The condition? "Synesthesia". Described as the ability to 'hear color' or 'see music; experiencing two senses at once. I think it's likely the result of two senses that collide equally, and have no where to go but merge. It has been reported as 'harmless', although I will also confess to you that my daughter pokes incessant fun, going as far as blurting out Cyndi Lauper's "I see your TRUE COLORS shining through"...and then rolling her eyes snapping "That's' weird Mom. That is so very weird."

Greeting the President in the rain


My wife, Diana Price, attended the protest organized by several Ohio Tea Party Patriot and 9:12 groups. The crowd peaked at close to 12 noon with 1,500 protesters (the local ABC-TV reporter guesstimated 2,000) lining both sides of the street for the equivalent of two city blocks. The Presidential motorcade swept by shortly afterwards. Not a bad turnout for a cold, drizzly Monday morning.

Just a life time for zip

FIFTY YEARS OF searching for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, and not finding anything.

Edwards mistress crushed that GQ used racy (and kind of weird) photos which she enthusiastically posed for

Great News: Air Pollution down 60% since 1970 and down 41% since 1990

Since 1990:

Yes, I think she is right. Can’t imagine why men would think they were not being asked to notice.

Jessica Simpson says men undress her with their eyes.

Jessica Simpson

WSJ on What O is Doing

What is Obama thinking by attacking Israel?

Then again, this episode does fit Mr. Obama’s foreign policy pattern to date: Our enemies get courted; our friends get the squeeze. It has happened to Poland, the Czech Republic, Honduras and Colombia. Now it’s Israel’s turn.

They forgot the UK, but otherwise, that’s the likely answer.  Never assign to malice alone what can be explained by incompetence.

The next great 3D movie is from…NASA

Hubble 3D Review: A Gift From NASA to Us

Hubble 3D

is a pretty simple movie. It's also one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen in my life.  Two rendered space sequences that are stunning—they brought tears to my eyes more than once

We've become used to Hubble's imagery over the last couple of decades, sort of, you know, getting over being able to see into the end (or beginning) of the universe. Hubble 3D reminded me how precious our space program is and how just straight-up ass-kicking the astronauts and engineers who work at NASA really are. Hubble 3D feels like a gift from all of them to us.

Movie Numbers

Weekend Gross

Alice in Wonderland
$62.0 Mill

Green Zone
$14.5 Mill

She's Out of My League
$9.6 Mill

Remember Me
$8.3 Mill

Shutter Island
$8.1 Mill

I can still here the MI theme music in my head.


Peter Graves, 'Airplane' star, dies at 83

Square-jawed star of ''Mission: Impossible'' TV series and movies suffers fatal heart attack at California home

    Anyone Else See A Pattern Here?

    The Question was originally asked in England where the top rate was just raised to 50%the the Treasury has lost control of public finance. The same could be asked here.

    "Are we a crowd of revenue slaves?"


    Read her lips

    A NEW lipstick has gone on sale that shows when women are in the mood for sex.

    The saucy slap changes from clear to deep crimson as the wearer feels frisky.

    It works by reacting with a girl's body chemistry.

    And each £12 tube comes with a colour chart so men can work out how randy their partner is feeling.

    Read more:

    Notice a trend?

    IRS to Start Tracking Online Merchants' Sales in 2011

    Beginning on January 1, 2011, merchants receiving over $20,000 in credit card, PayPal, and other forms of third-party payment transactions in a year must report the gross amount of the payments to the IRS on new Form 1099-K:


    Add to this, national id cards as the center piece of “Immigration Reform” and you would think the Left would becoming unglued.

    Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest...

    We are sinking in our own debt. Stop spending is the cure.



    Background info

    Pelosi confident House will pass healthcare bill...
    Dem Whip: Not enough votes...
    Linsdey Graham To Axlerod: American People 'Tired Of Crap'...
    Demand for Obama wanes among Dem moderates...
    Gibbs: By next Sunday, ObamaCare will be the law of the land

    Last week it was the Europeans, this week Israel. And things are not going so well with China either.


    Officials say the Obama administration is pressuring Israel to scrap a contentious building project that has ignited the most serious diplomatic feud with Washington in decades.


    Wonder if the US Media will cover this?


    Dem’s solution explained

    Crap:Day by Day Cartoon