Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wasn't it BHO who talked about lipstick on a pig?

Perhaps we use analogies such as these because they are too close to home ... maybe

If we take his analogy at face value, someone has to apply the lipstick to the pig to try to dress up the pig. Regardless, it is still a pig, right? That's what BHO would have us believe.

Well, I submit that you can elect a significant neophyte as president, have loads of sychophant assistants like Rahm, Gibbs and Axelrod applying the lipstick, but you still have a significantly inexperienced political neophyte in the Oval Office. As his voting history would indicate, I'm surprised that more Dems are not talking about voting "present" on the health care reform legislation.

And, Mr. Neophyte, just a reminder that we have an economy that is in the tank.

Bye, bye CNN, hello ABC

MEDIA: IT'S OFFICIAL: Christiane Amanpour To Host 'This Week'

Christiane Amanpour

Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee ...

My childhood hero, Fess Parker, who was larger than life as Davy Crockett, dies

Fess Parker

Whether it was watching him battle Mexicans at the Alamo, or riding keel boats down the river, Fess Parker as Davy Crockett ranked right up there with Howdy Doodie, Cowboy Bob and Clarabell the clown as childhood heroes.

Anyone who got to wear a coonskin cap was someone to idolize. Later in life, he became widely known for his gourmet wines.

So long, pardner, a part of me is going with you.

Confessions...From Paris

I look forward to finding out what I really need to know by checking in with DailyBrisk. Bill does an excellent job of sifting through multiple sources of information, and posting it throughout the day.

I'm not Bill. I'm just a contributor. When Bill goes on vacation, his absence is felt quickly. Trust me. I feel it too. I did tease him recently about the sad fact that his readers will be stuck with Paris and her obsession with Audrey Hepburn, art, flaming political opinion and not much else.

Bill will return to you soon. I promise. Until then, did I mention that Audrey...

Whine and Dine...From Paris

What do you do when you don't have the votes you need? You promise a ride on Air Force 1. Maybe you throw in a drink or two. For all of those Congressman and Congresswomen who can be 'bought' with a drink, I say, make it a good one. You won't be getting second trip after November 2010, and you'll guarentee your own job loss.

Belated Pickleback...From Paris

I promised you something on St Patrick's Day, and I got caught up with Nancy, and whips and health care, and I promptly forgot. Here's what I was going to say. I read recently (WashPost-Jason Wilson) that "holidays are pushing the limits of absurdity and good taste." How? Novelty drinks. A 'pickelback' is a shot of Irish whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice. "Brine and whiskey make one of those mysteriously wonderful combinations, and it doesn't hurt that pickle juice is second to none in preventing dehydration..."
Thanks Jason. A pickleback sounds perfectly absurd and hideous. Taking something bitter and making it worse? Say, I'll bet Nancy would love one!