Monday, March 22, 2010

Georgia Under Water...From Paris

Oh. Now. Come on! You'd be disappointed if I didn't have a Georgia O'Keeffe comparison for you once in a while.

Taking the Constitution Seriously...From Paris

The 10th amendment limits the power of the Federal Government to only those granted to it by the Constitution.

We need Divine Help


High School Lessons...From Paris

At dinner this evening, my daughter said that her History teacher conducted an experiment in her class today. Allow me to set the stage for you. Her history teacher has a Master's Degree from Columbia. My daughter's HS is one of the most prestigious high schools in America. It was recently ranked the number one HS in all of Montgomery County, Maryland, for academics and arts. The students from this school go on to Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, The Naval Academy, Boston College, yada yada yada. My daughter's History professor asked members of the class to repeat the second amendment of the Constitution. Very few (none) could. He then asked the class to repeat the names of the cast of 'Jersey Shore'. Nearly all of the class could name the cast, including (to my dismay) my daughter! Of course I asked her the same question all of your are asking. "Why don't kids today watch classic TV like 'The Munsters?"

Nancy's Nose...From Paris

Here's an example of Nancy's humility spelled a-r-r-o-g-a-n-c-e. It's as plain as the nose on her face.
Nose in the air humble Nancy. Can't you just hear the cackle laugh and the sniff of arrogance? Me too.



Blood, Sweat and Photographic Tears

Greg du Toit contracted several diseases and parasites while spending months half-submerged in a Kenyan watering hole. But he also captured a rare and stunning look of the wildlife he encountered nose-to-lens.

Obama Care

All Americans Now Await Lower Premiums Promised by Obama; Save '$2,500 per family' per year...

Bonds Show U.S. Losing AAA...

POLL: 11% rate Congressional performance good...

'Cold Fusion' Moves Closer to Mainstream Acceptance

A new "calorimeter," shown immersed in this water bath, provides the first inexpensive means of identifying the hallmark of cold fusion reactions: the production of excess heat

A potential new energy source so controversial that people once regarded it as junk science is moving closer to acceptance by the mainstream scientific community. That's the conclusion of the organizer of one of the largest scientific sessions on the topic -- "cold fusion" -- being held here for the next two days in the Moscone Center during the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Seaweed to a thinner tomorrow

Seaweed to Tackle Rising Tide of Obesity

ScienceDaily (Mar. 22, 2010) — Seaweed could hold the key to tackling obesity after it was found it reduces fat uptake by more than 75 per cent, new research has shown.

Fight Club:Day by Day Cartoon