Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Wally...From Paris

I appreciate your comments Wally, and I salute you for making a good argument. It is difficult to argue that overburdened emergency rooms can continue without any change and that people who make bad decisions about home owners insurance, shouldn't be encouraged to make better ones.

In my opinino, the problem is that 56% of Americans were in opposition to the 3,000 page health care bill, and it STILL passed. Would you say it is fair to suggest that 56% is a majority? Would it also be fair to suggest that a minority opinion won?

One other little teeny tiny problem with the new health care legislation. There aren't enough doctors to support 30 million new patients. Smart talented people are NOT going into Medical School. Medical school and residency take too long, the personal risks are too high, and the financial rewards are not certain. My father was and is a very smart talented physician. Although his practicing days have long been retired, he represented the fundamental backbone of medicine: he delayed his financial gratification for years. He went to college and medical school. He graduated from LL Medical School in 1947. From there, he went on to serve as a physician in the Korean war. He returned to LA for a double residency. My father did not start practicing 'real' medicine until 1960. No one I know is willing to delay their financial gratification for decades, just to be met with an unappreciative entitled clientele who yell and demand care, calling it a 'right'.

Un-ringing A Bell...From Paris

They say you can never 'un-ring' a bell. I say, 'they' are probably correct. The mere suggestion of behavior that smacks of violence or hatred brings out the reasonable rational reflection of most. Who would want to be associated with mindless idiots who spit and can not make their point through careful, considerate reason? No one I know. No one I know would support spitting or swearing in public or racially charged remarks, or anything that does not resemble confident calm intelligent argument. I respect the right of people to protest. So what's the problem? The soft dripping assault of the left is so subtle, it is almost unnoticeable. Who would deny an innocent sick baby the right to treatment and insurance? No one I know. Who would deny people with pre-existing conditions the right to treatment and insurance? No one I know. Who denies that the current state of health care doesn't need some reform? No one I know. There is a deliberate soft, mind-altering assault being waged by the oh-so-smart powerful left, on the well intentioned middle and right. Paris was duped. Sadly, it won't be the last time.

Paris was duped... Bill was duped too...From Paris

Steve McQueen did NOT turn 80 today. He died in 1980, when he was the tender age of 50. Yes. In his day, he was very cool. He was a conservative Republican. Steve McQueen was the epitome of 'swagger cool.'

At 80 Years Old, Steve McQueen is Still Cooler Than You

 Terrence Steven McQueen

was born eighty years ago today

Curves Like These Inspire Poetry


"The 1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. Timbs is a muse in the world of classic cars, an automobile from a time when curvy was most desirable in the eyes of men."

Left Lane Rules. For Lisa who hates slow driver in the left lane.

Left-Lane Passing Laws: A State-By-State Map

Left-Lane Passing Laws: A State-By-State Map

Driving slowly in the fast lane is more than just annoying, it's also illegal in many states. Wanna know if your 45-mph, Buick-borne grandma is breaking the law on the interstate? Just consult our handy map.

The most popular law follows the Uniform Vehicle Code, which says a car driving below the "normal speed of traffic" should be driven in the right-hand lane. Because it indicates "normal speed" instead of saying "speed limit" a driver going above the speed limit but slower than most traffic is still in the wrong.

The states indicated in green dictate that the left lane should be used exclusively for passing or turning left, though most of these limit enforcement to multi-lane highways. The simplest and best laws simply state drivers in the left lane must always yield to faster traffic regardless of the passing car's speed or other factors.

Unfortunately, most of these laws are only enforced as a way of pulling over suspicious vehicles or passengers. This is why Georgia is in the process of passing a tougher "Slow-Poke Law" with real penalties for drivers.

Interesting thought

Will the bond markets stop Obamacare?

So here’s a prediction for you: Obamacare is not going to happen, regardless of the fact that the president is going to sign it into law today, regardless of what happens in the 2010 and 2012 elections, and regardless of any speech given anywhere in Washington. The government’s ability to simply say “Make it so!” and ignore economic reality is coming up against its limit. If Nancy Pelosi thinks the Republicans are obstructionists, wait until she wants to borrow money from people who don’t want to lend it to her and don’t have to run for reelection.

Dems caught lying about Tea Partiers, again

How much do the Democrats need a racist Tea Party moment to stop it in its tracks? That’s why on Saturday they used the Congressional Black Caucus to try to manufacture the false appearance of one. And when they didn’t get it, they did what they always do: they lied.”

Different Rules for Them than Us.

JOHN STOSSEL: They Fly First Class: “Will you and your family put off a vacation this year because you can’t afford it? Too bad, because you have paid for some terrific trips — for government bureaucrats. The Washington Times reports that last year $13 billion in tax dollars was spent to pamper ‘public servants’ on trips that double as vacation junkets.”

A year ago Obama claimed that Social Security was going to be positive until 2017. It has already gone negative.

Economic News

Gas price up $1 a gallon on Obama's watch; Pressure rises for exploration...

Majority of Homeowners With Loan Modifications -- Defaulted Again...

MSNBC Host: Time For 'Socialism' In Talk Radio...

Old and Tired Solution Saluted by Castro



A 250-Foot Whirlpool That Has Existed For Hundreds Of Years Off The Coast Of Maine

A 250-Foot Whirlpool That Has Existed For Hundreds Of Years Off The Coast Of Maine

For hundreds of years, people off the coast of Maine have noted a large whirlpool known as "Old Sow." It's the biggest whirlpool in the western hemisphere, and exhibits a lot of weird behaviors (including making pig noises).

According to Atlas Obscura:

The whirlpool is caused by the enormous tides and bathymetry of the ocean floor in the area, and while it is one of the largest in the world with a diameter of around 250 feet, however the speed of its vortex does not come close to being one of the fastest.

How $2,500 a person in savings became $2,100 a person in cost.

John Boehner begins his Des Moines Register column on Barack Obama's visit to Iowa with the observation: "It's fitting that President Obama returns to Iowa City today to sell a skeptical public on his massive government takeover of health care."

It was here in May 2007 that President Obama promised his health-care plan would lower premiums by up to $2,500. But now the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warns that premiums in the individual market will actually rise by as much as $2,100 under the law he signed this week.

Alternative Medicine has been preaching this for years, turns out they were right.

That bracing morning shower and soothing bedtime soak in the tub are potentially important but until now unrecognized sources of the hormones, antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals that pollute the environment, scientists have reported

Bathing and Showering: Under-Appreciated Sources of Water Pollution from Medicines

ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2010) — That bracing morning shower and soothing bedtime soak in the tub are potentially important but until now unrecognized sources of the hormones, antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals that pollute the environment, scientists reported at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco on March 24. The first-ever evaluation, they said, could lead to new ways to control environmental pollution from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which has been the source of growing concern.

ObamaCare Adds Even More Taxes

The Heritage Foundation, Reconciliation Bill Adds Even More Taxes:

By signing the legislation, Obama already broke his campaign promise not to raise “any form” of taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year. The reconciliation bill adds even more taxes for Americans — an estimated $52.3 billion over 10 years, according to a new analysis from Americans for Tax Reform. ... Heritage’s Robert Book, Guinevere Nell and Paul Winfree have been documenting these tax changes, noting how the legislation imposes new taxes on employers, the sick, and low-income and moderate-income workers.

Below is a table showing taxes that apply to everyone regardless of income.

As predicted, the coffin story was a fake. It was not the Tea Partiers. Just more false planted stories.

Stunner. Politico Changes Their Bogus Coffin Story …

Update: Democratic Underground Retracts Story.

Moe Lane to Politico: “Guys? Unquestionably and uncritically reprinting Democratic party press releases like this is not going to be a viable business model, come January 2011.

CABLE NEWS RACE. Note only one CNN show in top ten

TUES., MARCH 23, 2010
FOXNEWS BECK 2,574,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,831,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,457,000
CNN COOPER 884,000

Well, the violence comes from the left, one assumes.

Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at Wednesday night. He is the No. 2 Republican in the House

New Human Species Discovered: Mitochondrial Genome of Previously Unknown Hominins from Siberia Decoded

Archaeologists in the Denisova Cave in August 2005 where the tiny piece of finger bone was found.

An international team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig has sequenced ancient mitochondrial DNA from a finger bone of a female found in southern Siberia. She comes from a previously unknown human species, which lived about 48,000 to 30,000 years ago in the Altai Mountains in Central Asia.

Sounds like Washington under Clinton or Nixon

VIDEO: Clyburn (D) says Republicans 'aiding and abetting terrorism' against Dems...

Republican Lawmaker Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate White House...

From Wally, who's opinions I respect. I don’t disagree that changes were needed. I do disagree with one party ramming it thru to benefit its constituents and not the country. I also believe that Federal control is a last resort, not a first.

Bill when I was an army officer the leaders who knew what they were talking about  had a phrase…..”The amateurs study tactics, the professionals study logistics”.  Since I started volunteering with the fire department, I was overwhelmed with the people, including the middle class, or what used to be the middle class, who were without insurance and without doctors/dentists.  The burden put on the fire department and emergency rooms is incredible.  I believe that healthcare change had to occur, we were at a tipping point.  Health Insurance companies running the system may not be better than the government running the system.  I wish the NURSES ran the system.  The real problem that we face is the fact that more Social Security money is going out the door this year than is coming in the door.  Whether it is “change we can believe in” or conservative change, change has to occur on health care, social security and medicare.

I believe that most people in this country are middle of the road what we need in Congress, in Austin, and at city hall is the two sides discussing the issue and finding common ground in the middle, which will satisfy the majority.  In a democracy the majority rules and not everyone is satisfied and we need to accept that not everyone is satisfied.

There will be more headlines like this ...

Social Security Payouts to Exceed Revenue This Year By MARY WILLIAMS WALSHThe system is expected to pay out more in benefits this year than it receives in payroll taxes, a tipping point toward insolvency.

From TaxBlog: First two tax changes in ObamaCare

Does New 10% Tanning Tax Discriminate Against Whites?

It strikes me that the health care bill which requires that indoor tanning salons will charge customers a 10% tax beginning in July will necessarily only impact tanning salon customers. I have never been to a tanning salon, but since their purpose is to turn light skin darker, I can only assume that the overwhelming majority, if not totality, of customers are white. Does Adarand apply to taxation decision as it does to spending decisions like the Section 8(a) program, but what about taxing decisions?

'Medicare Tax' in Health Bill Changed to ‘Unearned Income Medicare Contribution’

Pro Publica, ‘Medicare Tax’ Now to be Called ‘Unearned Income Medicare Contribution’:

The payroll tax increase that was formerly known as “Medicare tax” in both President Obama’s health care reform reconciliation proposal and the original House reconciliation bill is NOT A TAX. Repeat: NOT A TAX.

Sure, individuals with earnings over $200,000 and couples with earnings over $250,000 will have to fork over 3.8% of their capital gains (which were not formerly subject to Medicare taxes) to Medicare, in addition to .9% more of their earned income.

But among the 15 pages of changes to the Reconciliation Act included in the manager’s amendment released over the weekend was a wee name change: references to ‘Medicare tax’ were deleted, and replaced with the much gentler, and voluntary-sounding, ‘unearned income Medicare contribution.’

Dems cry violence and even Paris falls for it. But watch what they do. If the threats are real they will stay away from the cameras

Today's big news story, along with the epic debate on health care taking place in the Senate, is the Democrats' claim that some of their Congressmen have been threatened with violence after voting for the government's takeover of health care. Steny Hoyer claims that more than ten House members "have reported incidents of threats or other forms of harassment." He also admits that figure is "just an estimate," which I guess means he made it up. Nor is it clear what "other forms of harassment" means; angry phone calls from constituents, perhaps.

As for the threats, we will take them more seriously if they result in the cancellation of a public appearance by a liberal due to security concerns. But that never happens to liberals


Uncle Sam will need to hire an additional 17,000 IRS agents or so just to enforce the coverage mandate.

Dems tried to smear tea partiers as racist, when was proven to be a false allegation, today's headlines of violence, a coffin was left on a lawn. It will turn out to be like many of the flair ups on campuses, someone seeking attention, but not the bread and butter of America, which is what the Tea Parties are made of. PS: no out cry when Leftiest fired guns at offices or vandalized offices.

JOHN HINDERAKER: “In large part, the current focus on threats of violence is aimed at the tea partiers, just as they were accused, apparently falsely, of racism. It is not hard to understand the Democrats’ motives; the tea parties are the most vital force, and likely the most popular force, in American politics, so smearing them is mandatory. But anyone who has attended a tea party rally will consider laughable the idea that the movement somehow tends toward violence. . . . The fact is that, unlike conservatives, modern liberals have had little quarrel with political violence. This is best demonstrated by their support for card check legislation, the entire point of which it to abolish the secret ballot so that union goons can use the threat of violence to extend union power and thereby enrich the Democratic Party. . . .

REMEMBERING WHEN G.O.P. Offices Were Vandalized: “An apparent mob of vandals attacked the North Carolina Republican Party headquarters, causing minor smoke damage, breaking windows and leaving vulgar messages, police said.” I don’t remember a national panic over this, or over the bullet-riddled Bush/Cheney headquarters.


He was notably silent when it was President Obama making pitchfork threats, and when his political ally ACORN was busing mobs to executives’ homes

Waking Up

Sarkozy: France to ban the veil...