Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not So Funny Shoes...From Paris

At the liberal gay rights site Americanblog, blogger John Aravosis was "so mad he sounded like a hawk," as he described Mohammed al-Modadi-I'm trying to light my shoes on fire funny guy.
John said "What the hell is an Arab diplomat doing making jokes about blowing up US planes?"
The Qatari ambassador responded "avoid reckless judgement or speculation."
The MSM is avoiding this story. Bloggers of all persuasions are all over it. F-16 fighters were scrambled. Air Marshalls were jumping this clown. Terrified passengers were not laughing.
Bloggers are on it and we'll stay on it.

Red Hot Lust... From Paris

Bill's version of red hot lust? A car.
Paris's version of red hot lust? A Vermeer painting.

AAA...From Paris

I was listened to Liz Cheney this afternoon. She's so cool. She's so smart. I really like Liz.
Liz stated that President Obama has "apologized for America"; he's "appeased our enemies" and he's "abandoned our friends."
Liz punctuated the fact that President Obama is a triple "A" threat to America.

A Frigid Woman...From Paris

To quote Nancy Pelosi: "It's like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest. All you need to know is you open the door. The light goes on..."
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! You're one of the wealthiest women in congress (worth 50 million, give or take a few). Although I've never seen your house (houses?), I'm willing to bet you have a fantastic refrigerator that doesn't have any "wires" on the back. I'm also willing to bet that you have servants, I mean staff, who open the door of the refrigerator for you.
Nancy Pelosi. The new face of 'frigid'.

Interesting Chart. Keep attacking the Tea Parties.


Not sure I would be hungry, knowing you have to go back down

World's Remotest Restaurant Only Reachable Via Scariest Walking Path EverWorld's Remotest Restaurant Only Reachable Via Scariest Walking Path EverThis is supposedly the world's most remote restaurant; if you make it there you get to eat lunch for free. On the one hand, what a deal! On the other, HOLY ----- LOOK AT THIS PATH:

World's Remotest Restaurant Only Reachable Via Scariest Walking Path EverUnless this place is serving the best food in the entire world, there's no way you could get me to make that trek.

O and the Jews, cont.

BREAKING: Obama Administration Denies Visas to Israeli Nuclear Scientists. “This could be yet another flashpoint in the increasingly sensitive relations between the administration, the American Jewish community, and Israel.” Face it, Israelis — he just doesn’t like you that much.


Poll: 55% say media bias is a bigger problem than money in politics.

Proof of the above from an unexpected event.  Toyota had the worse press month imaginable in March with unintended acceleration.  The press was in lock step and bashing.  Toyota’s sales went up 30%

If you ever start to think you have done something hard (and why are there no locals in these photos?).

The Marathon des Sables across the Sahara desert in Morocco

A competitor freshens up under taps in the El Maharch oasis

The Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) is one of the most gruelling sporting events in the world - a six-day, 255km (155-mile) ultramarathon across the Sahara desert in southern Morocco in temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Competitors walk through a sandy valley

The winner of the 2008 Marathon des Sables completed the race in 19 hours and 28 minutes - that's 12.6 km per hour

An unidentified competitor walks through an erg (a sea of sand)

Top Ten for speeders, or another reason to think DC is full of crooks.

1. Washington, D.C.
Population: 553,523

It's not really a state per se, but the District of Columbia takes the crown as the location with the most citations per capita. The capital of our nation boasts an astounding 553,523 residents with 434,301 tickets. That means a full 78.5 percent of the population has at least one traffic violation to their name!

2. Wyoming
Population: 506,529

Commuters looking to get to their home where the buffalo roam have nabbed a serious number of infractions. At only 506,529 people, there are 46,366 citations on the book right now, or around 9.2 percent of Wyoming's population.

. Vermont
Population: 631,394

Next up is Vermont. Despite only having 631,394 residents to watch over, Vermont police have doled out 52,269 traffic violations. That makes up 8.4 percent of the population.

4. North Dakota
Population: 634,366

Things must have really picked up since the high plains drifter made his way through these parts. North Dakota boasts a population of around 634,366, and the state's law enforcement was happy to hand out 45,510 tickets in '09. That number represents 7.2 percent of the state's population, or just shy of the total number of people in Bismarck.

5. Mississippi
Population: 2.9 million

Proving there's nothing slow about the South, Mississippi takes the number five slot. The state is home to over 2,902,966 residents, and there are 197,434 tickets on record for 2009. At 6.8 percent of the population

6. Maryland
Population: 5.5 million

You can add speeding alongside football and crab cakes to the list of things that Maryland does well. The state's 5,558,058 citizens carry a ticket load of 349,921, or about 6.3 percent of the population.

7. New Mexico
Population: 1.9 million

Holding down the Southwest, New Mexico lays claim to the seventh spot on our list. With the area's gorgeous scenery and rich history, it's hard to see why anyone would want to fly through it. (How about the vast expanses of open road and unpopulated space? —Ed.) That hasn't stopped the state's 1,903,289 residents from racking up 117,303 speeding violations –- an impressive number considering the 75-mph speed limit on most New Mexico interstates.

8. South Carolina
Population: 4.19 million

Continuing along the East Coast, South Carolina also has its own share of speedy drivers. The state may be famous for its sandy beaches and a laid-back attitude, but its 4,198,068 citizens racked up 228,363 tickets in 2009.

9. Delaware
Population: 830,364

The tiny state of Delaware can hold its own in the title fight for quick drivers. The first state to ratify the United States Constitution is also the ninth speediest state in the country. With a population of just 830,364, Delaware hit 44,551 tickets last year. That's 5.4 percent of the population.

10. Massachusetts
Population: 6.4 million

Massachusetts's 6,416,505 residents kept law enforcement busy with 337,103 tickets last year. Hey, they have to pay for that great education and health care system somehow. Why not with speedy dollars?

O and the Jews: 6 hypotheses on Israel.

Israel is an American ally and therefore subject to the same shabby treatment accorded other prominent American allies by the Obama administration. But there is something distinctive about the shabby treatment accorded Israel by Obama. I offer six related hypotheses in the spirit of inquiry.

First, Obama doesn't like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Among other things, Obama would prefer to deal with another Israeli leader who would be more pliable on issues of Israeli national security. He feels free to treat Netanyahu with extraordinary hostility.

Second, Obama -- how shall we say it? -- also really doesn't like Israel very much. He conceives of it as a Western outpost superimposed over a native Arab population to right a historical wrong. He does not acknowledge the deep historical roots of the Jewish people in the land of Israel. He seems to buy the Arab narrative regarding Israel.

Third, Obama simply doesn't assent to the strategic interest of the United States in Israel. He's not particularly big on the defense of the United States to begin with.

Fourth, Obama conceives of Israel as a strategic detriment to the United States. Unlike most of the other American allies that toward which Obama is hostile, in Obama's eyes, Israel is an inconvenient ally. It is an impediment to his grand vision of a post-American world.

Fifth, Obama thinks that he could befriend the Arab/Muslim world if only a Palestinian state were to be created. Of course, he also needs to wean Americans from the perception that Islam is associated with jihadi terrorism, but that too would be easier, in his view, if the problem of the Palestinian Arabs were resolved. Obama means to oversee the creation of a Palestinian state come hell or high water.

Sixth, Obama thinks both extraordinarily highly of himself extraordinarily poorly of those who beg to differ with him. He conceives of himself as a world-historic figure.

Lust, pure lust


Ferrari 599 GTO: The Fastest Street-Legal Ferrari Ever

Halfway between the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the track-only Ferrari 599XX is Maranello's latest prancing stallion — the Ferrari 599 GTO.

Enzo-derived 6-liter V12 will let the 599 GTO take to the streets with 670 galloping horses and 457 lb/ft of torque to motivate its svelte 3,296 lb body. That means this latest V12 berlinetta delivers a 0-to-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.35 seconds and a max speed of over 208 MPH. But, just as importantly, a Fiorano lap time of just one minute and 24 seconds — making it the fastest road-going model in the history of Ferrari.

More news you will not see on MSNBC

MORE “TEA PARTY VIOLENCE:” Union Protester Attacks Tea Partier at Fort Lauderdale Townhall Meeting.

Now he is attacking one of the protestors . . .

Now he is attacking one of the protestors . . .

He is attacking the guy in the green shirt while another man (grey hair) tries to pull him off . . .

He is attacking the guy in the green shirt while another man (grey hair) tries to pull him off . . .

Traitor to his race. From WSJ

It is Democrats, not Republicans, who hold this race-based assumption. And it doesn’t actually go both ways. No white American today suffers the indignity of being labeled a “traitor” to his race; the supposedly liberal assumption is that blacks, and only blacks, are expected to think a certain way because of the color of their skin.

Following our story line of what the next Crises will be…

RECORD HEAT IN NEW YORK CITY. It’s obviously proof of global cooling. Hey, if cold weather can be proof of global warming . . . .


NANCY PELOSI: Don’t worry your pretty little heads about Health Care Reform. “It’s like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest. All you need to know is, you open the door. The light goes on.”

What a great idea: if gov’t spends too much, its employees must take pay cuts. (Ireland did between 4 and 7.5%) Might really help.

How to Cut Government Pay: All the U.S. has to do is follow Ireland’s example.
Government employees on average have higher pay and bigger benefits than the private-sector employees who support them with taxes. This has become a well known fact.
When private firms run extended losses—spending more money than they take in—their employees must share in the necessary adjustments. But how about when governments spend much more than they take in, running huge and extended deficits? What should happen then? This is something Americans who work in private companies might consider while they file their tax returns over the next week.

It is worse than you think

New Jobless Claims Rise

New claims for jobless benefits rose last week, while total benefit rolls dropped, the Labor Department reported Monday.

Yesterday in Washington: Rates & Taxes to Soar, Census is a mess (but don’t worry they can run healthcare) and cows don’t cause GW.


Bernanke sounds warning on growing deficit...
...says USA faces 'difficult' tax choices

Census Bureau concerned about head count problems...
Possible debacles could derail...

'Cows don't cause global warming'...

Sounds Like:Day by Day Cartoon