Friday, April 16, 2010

Booze, Bacon, BMWs and Chocolate?...From Paris

What do booze, bacon, BMWs and chocolate have in common with this picture?
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O and the Jews: The Why?

The Bush administration pursued a dual policy toward Islamic terrorism. In the short term, it relied on vigorous military and covert action against the terrorists and their allies. In the long term, it sought to drain the swamp that breeds terrorism by bringing democracy (and, thereby, modernity) to the Arab world. That second strategy was controversial, among conservatives as well as liberals. But, as I wrote in a series of posts going back to 2003, I supported it in part because no plausible long-term alternative was on the table. This post, for example, was written in March 2005:

The Bush administration believed that if the door to democracy and reform were opened in Iraq, much of the Arab world might follow. This was always a big gamble--one that we supported in part because, as we've often said, no one has proposed a competing plan to deal, long-term, with the problem of Islamic terrorism.

As we have also noted repeatedly over the years, to the extent liberals have articulated an alternative strategy, it always comes down to the same thing--sell out Israel. I wrote this, for example, in October 2005:

When pressed for an alternative to President Bush's policy of vigorous military action against Islamic terrorism, the suggestion most often given by those on the left is to sell out Israel. They blame the terrorists' antipathy toward the U.S. on our friendship with Israel, and argue that if America pursued a more pro-Palestinian policy, the terrorists would leave us alone. We have always thought this was folly, for a number of reasons.

We have consistently said that we oppose the Democrats' Plan B because 1) it is dishonorable, and 2) it won't work, any more than persuading the crocodile to eat the other guy first will work.

Here is my point: the "new policy" that President Obama is pursuing toward Israel is nothing more than an implementation of the alternative to the Bush administration's policies that liberals have been promoting at least since 2003.

There were a lot of tea parties yesterday. This is a sample of one report. I like that they are keeping their distance from the Repubs.

TEA PARTY ORGANIZERS snub Republican leaders.

A REPORT FROM A TEA PARTY in Schoharie County New York. “The meeting room was packed, dozens were standing in the back of the room and dozens more were listening in from outdoors.”

Cincinnati Tea Partiers.

SPEAKING AT THE CINCINNATI TEA PARTY, Sonja Schmidt just called Barack Obama a “one-term President,” to thunderous applause.

So how are they going to do when O adds policing the medical world?

IRS Filing Season -- Pays More in Phony Credit Claims, Delays in Processing Returns

TIGTA auditors analyzed 2010 filing season results as of the first week of March, 2010. As of that time, the IRS had paid some $24.2 million in erroneous Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits and improperly awarded some $4.7 million in erroneous Plug-in Vehicle Credits. The IRS estimates that 50% of the individuals claiming the First-Time Homebuyer Credit will not attach the required documentation this year.

Yesterday in D.C.

'CAP AND TAX' IS BACK! Senate climate bill to be unveiled April 26...

Ex-NSA worker charged for leaking classified info to unspecified newspaper...(read NYT)

Foreclosure rates surge, biggest jump in 5 years...

White House complains about CBSNEWS post saying possible Supreme Court nominee is gay...

DOJ wants to read email without warrants...