Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Fashion Police...From Paris

Usually, I'm a big fan of Michelle's fashion and style. Whoa Nelly! What happened here? It appears that Michelle has demonstrated her poor taste in not only her trip to Spain, but her fashion choice to meet the Spanish royal family. OUCH, that skirt and top are bad! Michelle looks oddly mismatched, casual and rumpled.
Notice the gorgeous white dress with the jewel embellished neckline? Respectful perfection. Note to DB readers--watch for white dresses and jeweled necklines.
For $300,000, you'd think that Michelle's stylist could step it up a notch.

Her Reign In Spain Stays Mainly On The Plane?...From Paris

From what I hear, Air Force II was a bit crowded with the Queen's friends. Her stay in Spain was punctuated by a private dinner with the King of Spain, King Juan Carlos. Although there are differing total costs being bandied about for Queen Michelle's Spanish vacation spin, any way you slice it, $250,000-$400,000 does seem an excessive vacation for "two" people during an economic downturn.

A true house of books


Matej Kren built a folly, entirely out of books, in the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. Named "Scanner," the installation is designed to create a destabilizing individual experience.

The narrow inside space, multiplied and complicated by mirrors, evoke a sensation of sublime terror, an alteration referring to a puzzling infinity itself created to destabilize conventional spatial habits. Mirrors become an instrument to create illusion and, at the same time, to unmask it. Since the public can easily see themselves reflected in a false infinite - thus discovering the illusion - the problem becomes the latency of perception.

The 50 top charities in the US

Android a boon for smartphones

Android fever: A tester unboxes the Droid Incredible, an Android-powered phone manufactured by HTC. (Newscom)


Android has helped smartphone market double, study shows

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the country, according to a report released earlier this week. Now, a second study is showing that Android sales have buoyed the smartphone market to its best ever Q2.

Day by day


I'm surely not the first to suggest that he may need to find a new hooker to get back in winning form

Yesterday, he was 78th out of 80 players in Akron

Will likely lose his #1 ranking in the world to Phil Mickelson

Talk about putting some skin in the game ...

From bare knuckle to bare everything: 102 thrillseekers strip off to break the naked rollercoaster world record

Naked rollercoaster

That's ironic because SHE said she was leaving because of Larry Summers

Gibbs: White House economic team exhausted - The Hill

Gibbs dismissed reports that Christina Romer was leaving because of conflicts with Larry Summers

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Excuse me, but have you not heard the judicial expression, "I recuse myself for these reasons ..."

Judge's personal life debated after gay ruling - AP

After Chief U.S. Judge Vaughn Walker struck down the voter-approved ban known as Proposition 8, he became a gay activist

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Why didn't he take Air Force One?

Obama takes helicopter 6 miles to speech - CBS News

The President made remarks at a factory in Washington, a location that would have taken only 20 minutes to drive to

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Another Chelsea Morning...From Paris

Front page news: People mag has 'exclusive photos' of Chelsea's wedding (no surprise to DB readers)
Bristol is "done with Levi" (shocking!)
Chelsea's cake wasn't vegan after all (mercifully the guests didn't have to eat tofu and flour)

Pouring In Like Butterscotch...From Paris

"The sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses."--Joni Mitchell