Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Famous and furry

Gee, I thought Michael Jackson had died. Then, who's the ringer for him in the pix below?

And, that Spock guy ... creepy with the eyebrows

teNeues introduces a kind of bizarre line of notebooks featuring animals dressed up as celebrities, designed by Takkoda. The most literary celebrities so far are Che and Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” costume, but if they’d like to expand on the genre, we could help them out. A sampling:

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  • Audrey.
  • Chedog.jpgChe.
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Other voices, other rooms

Morocco: “My Summer With a Book”

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In a world steeped in digital technology, and where tablets and e-book readers are getting cheaper and more accessible to a larger public every day, will there be a place left for good old printed books? For some Moroccan bloggers the answer is yes and technology is there to prove them right.

Goodbye, Dan

Dan Rostenkowski: a Washington giant, a casualty of scandal

Dan Rostenkowski, once called one of the nation's most power politicians, died Wednesday. His lengthy political career in Washington began in 1958 and ended amid scandal in 1994.

Some slide down the chute of an airplane, others, well ... make a STATEMENT!

Wayward bus driver William Cimillo

Before Steven Slater, A Busman Took a Holiday

By Steve Huff | August 11, 2010 | 4:59 pm

Long before Steven Slater's wild ride down the escape chute, there was bus driver William Cimillo. Cimillo, as the Times tells us, made Slater look like a rank amateur: A Bronx bus driver fed up with the daily annoyances and nonsense of it all, Mr. Cimillo, 38, climbed behind the wheel of his bus one morning in 1947 and took a 1,300-mile... MORE»

Hard to see how he can smile with a foot firmly planted in his mouth

Joe Biden's Rampage Continues Apace

The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, is kind of dangerous. He seems to leave a path of minor destruction wherever he goes. The most recent incident occurred this morning at a Long Island air field. Air... MORE >

Blagojevich Jury DEADLOCKED, Cannot Reach Unanimous Decision On All Counts


Third world America

Tens of thousands show up for housing relief

Sooner or later we'll see some good economic news

By Ed Carson
Wed., Aug. 11, 2010 12:38 PM ET

June’s trade deficit swelled 18.8% to $49.9 billion, the highest since October 2008. That was much worse than Wall Street predicted — or what the Commerce Department estimated in the recent Q2 GDP report. The new report, along with recent inventory data, suggest Commerce will revise down Q2 economic growth from the already-sluggish 2.4% annual rate to about 1%, according to Action Economics. Action Economics is looking for stronger retail inventory figures later this week that would imply a 1.4% GDP pace.

Go to the link below to see what your fellow folks are saying about this latest blow to the economy.

Way to go, W!

Nice, welcome home touch

I believe there are "people" who coach these folks on how to speak to the public

Maybe he just plain flunked the course

Lots more red unfortunately ... frankly, hemorrhaging

The U.S. government spent itself deeper into the red last month, paying nearly $20 billion in interest on debt and an additional $9.8 billion to help unemployed Americans.

Federal spending eclipsed revenue for the 22nd straight time, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. The $165.04 billion deficit, while a bit smaller than the $169.5 billion shortfall expected by economists polled by Dow Jones Newswires, was the second highest for the month on record. The highest was $180.68 billion in July 2009.

Dems Lining Up To Blame Bush...From Paris

"Congressional Democrats lining up to blame Bush"--Mr Paris

Feeding Frenzy II: The World Could Use More Ledo's Pizza, Thrasher's French Fries And Fisher's Carmel Corn...From Paris

Feeding Frenzy...From Paris

Gisele Bundchen offered her opinion in a recent interview with the UK edition of Harper's Bazaar. What did she suggest that garnered a little attention, and most men nodding in unified agreement?
There should be "Worldwide law requiring mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first six months of life."
What? Some of the boys are disagreeing? What's wrong?
(boys perspective)"The only thing wrong with that proposed law is that Gisele doesn't go far enough. Her law should require she breast feed. In public. In a city near me."