Monday, August 16, 2010

Changing of the guard in Venice

Giorgia Boscolo

Giorgia Boscolo To Become Venice's First Female Gondolier

He wasn't retired for very long

CS - McChrytsal Goes to Yale
J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Former General Stanley McChrystal has accepted a teaching position at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, which opens this fall. He’ll be one of four senior fellows appointed to teach at the center. McChrystal was forced to retire as commander of troops in Afghanistan in June after a Rolling Stone profile in which he disparaged members of the Obama administration.

Inappropriate...From Paris

Poor Sasha. Can't you hear her complaining "Another trip? I'm tired. Do I have to go?"
One thing I have grown to respect about the Clintons was the fact that they never trotted Chelsea out for the cameras. Contrast this with the Obamas who trot Sasha out like a show pony. "Eat ice cream. Smile now. Pretend like you're have a great time."
I think this photo demonstrates a certain level of inappropriateness that is covering this President like oil. The fact that he and Michelle raced down to 'vacation' on the gulf is so staged and silly, no is taking that serious. The fact that he knows no boundary for protecting his daughter is like building a Mosque at ground zero. It's inappropriate. Period.

A defensive move

Robert Gates to leave post by end of 2011 - FOX News

The Defense Secretary has said previously that he would leave before the end of President Obama's first term

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33 years ago ... WOW!

You know who kicked the bucket in his toilet at Graceland!

Elvis Presley

15 years – Wow!

Internet Explorer Turns 15 Today

Internet Explorer Turns 15 Today

15 years ago today, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0, the first version of a browser that would eventually command nearly 95% market share. Happy birthday to the browser that has been around for hyperlinks, hash tags, and everything in between

Political Cartoon by Glenn Foden

For Lisa

It's been three years since our last Heavy-Duty Shootout, but in that time there has been tremendous change in the pickup truck segment. The Ram trucks' looks and interiors have been redesigned, Ford and GM have introduced new diesel engines, and Ford has also introduced a new gas V-8. Ford and Chrysler have made major exterior and interior changes, and GM has given its trucks all-new chassis and suspensions.

The Winner is?

2010 HD Best Overall One-Ton Diesel Truck (DRW)


The best overall one-ton diesel is the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD.

This is going to confuse Libs to no end. Rightwing group to sponsor Homocon. So many assumptions, so many myths going down in flames (OK, bad pun.)


Right Wing News is the first sponsor of Homocon. We're going to be supporting the event, promoting it, and encouraging Republicans in New York to attend. Thanks to GOProud for giving us the opportunity and thanks to Ann Coulter for creating what's sure to be a memorable event that people will want to attend.

How the pencil changed the world – again.

The graphene revolution is here

A discovery made from pencil lead is promising to change the future of the electronics industry. In 2004, Andre Geim at the University of Manchester made a pencil scrawl on a sheet of paper, then used a length of Sellotape to pull off the graphite deposits. They came off as sheets of carbon atoms linked together in a hexagonal array, rather like microscopic chicken wire. Tests have shown that these "graphene" sheets have extraordinary properties. Graphene is ten times stronger than steel. Where copper wire and semiconductors lose a lot of electrical energy as heat, resulting in the average computer chip wasting 75 per cent of its power, graphene conducts electricity with little loss of energy.

Researchers have now refined the production technique and are busy turning graphene into low-power electronic components such as transistors. It gets better: graphene's optimum electronic performance comes in the high-frequency range. This has phone manufacturers, eager to squeeze ever more information through their circuits, falling over themselves to get graphene components into handsets. And, as if its future wasn't bright enough already, graphene is also transparent to visible light. That makes it the ideal material for transferring information between optical fibres and the electronic devices they link. Because of this, graphene-based telecommunications devices are already on the laboratory bench, as are graphene-based TV screens and high-efficiency solar cells. The humble pencil just made good.

Not really, I think they will find an error in the initial calculations which will show the matter is about right for the gravity.

Most of the universe is missing

Ninety-six per cent of the universe is in a form we can't fathom. Observations of galaxies show they are rotating too fast to hold all their stellar material in place: the outer stars should be flung out. The only explanation is that there is an extra gravitational pull from something unseen, holding them in place. The unseen stuff is known as dark matter, and accounts for just under a quarter of the mass in the universe. Around three-quarters is "dark energy", which creates a force that is speeding up the expansion of the universe. Physicists have yet to come up with a plausible explanation for the source of either of these dark entities. Dark matter requires the existence of particles with properties unlike anything else we have discovered. We are looking for what they might be, and the Large Hadron Collider might even create some. Dark energy is even more of a challenge: it comes neither from known particles nor from the empty space between them. Researchers are literally clueless about its source.

Reading God out and an untestable theory in. This is called fitting reality into your bias.

This is one of many universes

Physicists like to know why things are as they are. Which makes it frustrating that some facts about the universe appear inexplicable. There are certain constants of nature - the numbers that determine how strong forces such as gravity are - that seem to be "just so" for no good reason. That wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so exquisitely perfect for allowing life to develop in our universe. Naively speaking, it looks as if someone designed the universe. That doesn't seem like a satisfying explanation to most physicists, so they have come up with a better one: that there are many universes, all with different properties. It is impossible to move from one to another, so we can't test this idea, but it does take away the "specialness" of the conditions we find ourselves in. Of course the universe is perfect for us: if it were any different we wouldn't be here to observe it.

Click on Yahoo. They are good reasons.


Ten reasons why Wall Street is about to crash again

Morgan EvaGT: The Lust Object Redefined

Morgan EvaGT: The Lust Object RedefinedThis is the Morgan EvaGT. The gorgeous new 2+2 weighs only 2755 lbs, sports a 306-hp BMW straight six, gets 40 MPG, and has set our pants on fire. Morgan, you've really outdone yourself this time.

So let's just drop all the specs on you:

  • 2+2 seating arrangement apparently capable of actual adult usage
  • 2755 lb total curb weight
  • 3.0-liter BMW inline six, 306-hp, 295 lb-ft of torque
  • six-speed manual or six-speed automatic
  • aluminum intensive construction
  • 40 mpg fuel economy
  • 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds
  • top speed of 170 mph
  • British price - £70,000 to £85,000. Translated to USD, around $150,000

LA Times gets in trouble with Union for reporting the news.

Teachers union calls for boycott of LA Times for publishing test-score analysis

Read this NYT account closely

"President Obama delivered a strong defense on Friday night of a proposed Muslim community center and mosque near ground zero in Manhattan," the New York Times reported Saturday.

Or did he?

"Mr. Obama stepped squarely into the thorny debate," the Times reported:

"I understand the emotions that this issue engenders. Ground zero is, indeed, hallowed ground," the president said in remarks prepared for the annual White House iftar, the sunset meal breaking the day's [Ramadan] fast.

But, he continued: "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable

Birth Order Affects Child's Intelligence, Personality

Most previous studies on the influence of birth order have looked at children from different families. For instance, some studies have looked at U.S. presidents, Nobel Laureates or NASA astronauts to see whether they are mostly first-born children or later born children. U.S. presidents and science Nobel Laureates were found to be overwhelmingly first-borns, as were 21 of the first 23 NASA astronauts. However, these studies cannot take into account influences that arise from children being in the same family, such as the competition that might exist between siblings, Frank said.

In the current study, Frank and her colleagues surveyed 90 pairs of siblings in high school. Subjects were asked to report their grades and rank themselves as compared with their siblings on intelligence, work ethic and academic performance.

The researchers also obtained academic tests scores and grades to verify the students' own reports.

First-borns received higher tests scores, in math and verbal ability, while later born children had better grade point averages in English and math.

In a second experiment researchers looked at differences in personality between 76 pairs of siblings in high school. Subjects rated themselves on a series of statements designed to assess personality.

Later born siblings were found to be more extroverted (sociable, outgoing), sentimental, forgiving and open to new experiences than their older siblings. First-borns were found to be more perfectionistic than their younger siblings.

$2.4 Million

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Blue Carbon Fiber. Nice.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Blue Carbon Fiber. Nice.The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest production car ever (for now), but if the previously-shown black-and-orange paint job puts you off, fear not because now they've debuted this stunning blue-tinted carbon fiber finish. Now that's a proper color.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Blue Carbon Fiber. Nice.Now, instead of those new-money orange wheels and gauche orange highlights, a subtle blue to match the country home in the Hamptons. If you hurry, you can pick one up from Charles down at the Bugatti dealer. Only $2.4 million.


Cement Mixer Truck FAIL!

A full cement mixer crashed through an insufficiently supported ramp in Los Angeles Saturday, breaking a water pipe and spilling concrete onto the ground below. The driver escaped with minor injuries. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

ABC is still part of the MSM, as the first item shows, but with some frequency they seem willing to balance out their news productions.

Amanpour's Panel Hails Obama's 'Courage,' 'Leadership' and 'Great Global Message' on Mosque
President Barack Obama’s endorsement Friday night of building a mosque near Ground Zero has driven the establishment press corps to find nobility in pursuing conviction even in the face of public opposition, not something MSM journalists admired about the previous President, while suddenly becoming very concerned about protecting private property rights – all while hailing Obama’s “great global message.” “I thought the speech Friday night was a model of political courage, in the sense that he said what he believed knowing that it was going to cost him,” hailed Washington Post Associate Editor David Ignatius on ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour

ABC's Stephanopoulos Highlights Two Conservative News Agenda Items, Briefly
ABC News producers on Thursday night managed to sneak, into the script read by World News fill-in anchor George Stephanopoulos – ever so briefly – two news items from a conservative news agenda which were skipped by CBS and NBC: "A study from the Pew Hispanic Center found that, in 2008, one out of every twelve babies born here had parents in the country illegally." And: "We have some reassurance tonight for all of you who believe that faith and love are linked. A new study from the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples who pray together do, indeed, stay together. And they have happier marriages than those who don't. African-American couples are most likely to be on the same page when it comes to religion."

Libs will say we have to understand.

Taliban kill couple in public stoning

A man and woman have been stoned to death in northern Afghanistan after being accused by the Taliban of having an affair.

The 23-year-old woman and 28-year-old man were killed because "they had an affair," said Mohammad Ayob, the governor of Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province.

"Two people were stoned to death by Taliban in Mullah Quli village late yesterday," he said. The village is under the control of the Taliban.


Blair to give profits from book to help injured troops

Tony Blair to give profits from book to help injured troops

Former prime minister is donating £4.6million advance - plus any royalties - from his memoirs to a new Royal British Legion sports centre for injured troops, it has been disclosed.

FDA to 17,500 women, prepare to meet your maker.

It begins: FDA may pull Avastin approval over cost concerns

Welcome to ObamaCare.

Barack Obama and the Democrats spent most of a year pushing their deeply unpopular health-care system overhaul, they repeatedly insisted that government intervention in the market would not mean that treatment decisions would come down to cost issues.

However, the Washington Post reports on an effort at the FDA to decertify Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer and its implications for cost savings at Medicare


The U.S. Navy Has A Secret List
James Dunnigan
August 15, 2010

The U.S. Navy leadership, unhappy with the lack of diversity (non-white, non-male officers) in its senior ranks, is setting up a secret list of high potential junior officers who are non-white, or women. These officers would be given special attention (mentoring, influential assignments) by the senior admirals, as well as special attention when it came to promotions.

The navy is under a lot of political pressure to promote more women and non-whites to senior positions

We have more and more of this type of spying.

B-2 Secrets For Sale

August 16, 2010: Indian born American citizen, Noshir S. Gowadia, was recently convicted of spying for China. Gowadia sold China details of the B-2 bombers engine exhaust system. This technology makes it more difficult for heat sensors (like heat seeking missiles) to detect the exhaust of the B-2 engines. The information Gowadia provided would enable the Chinese to tweak their heat seeking missiles to have a better chance of hitting a B-2. Gowadia also helped Chinese engineers apply this technology to the design of a stealthy cruise missile. The secrets Gowadia sold make it easier for the Chinese to develop equipment to detect a B-2 bomber. Gowadia helped China with other matters relating to stealth technology.

Gowadia ran a Hawaii based spy ring since 1999, and made six clandestine trips to China. Gowadia worked on the B-2 project from 1968 to 1986, as one of the designers. Gowadia was arrested five years ago. He could get life in prison when he is sentenced.

From James

Your U.S.  House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.
1. They voted to not give you a S.S. cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011. clip_image002
2. Your Medicaid premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years and you will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.
Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.

3. Over 2-yrs The  House & Senate each get $10,000 raises
4. Do you feel DECEIVED? clip_image001[4]

O’s encouragement to debase 9/11 site. Next a Shinto Shrine at Pearl Harbor?

  • Friday: 'Let me be clear: As a citizen and as President I believe that Muslims have the same right ... to build a place of worship and a community centre on private property in Lower Manhattan'
  • Saturday: 'I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there'
  • Hamas: Muslims 'have to build everywhere' so they can pray like Christians and Jews

Barack Obama has backtracked over his support for plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

The U.S. President was hit by a furious backlash from victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks after he backed the highly controversial plans in a speech on Friday.

The proposed site for the 13-storey building is close to where almost 3,000 people died nine years ago after Muslim hijackers flew two jet airliners into the World Trade Center.

President Barack Obama speaks in favour of the right to build a mosque close to Ground Zero at a White House dinner to mark the start of the Ramadan fast

President Barack Obama speaks in favour of the right to build a mosque close to Ground Zero at a White House dinner to mark the start of the Ramadan fast

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Political Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Victor Davis Hanson

The Enigma Of Our Age. “This is the most tolerant society in the world, the most multiracial and richest in religious diversity—and the most critical of its very tolerance and the most lax in pointing out the intolerance of the least diverse and liberal.”

Doing all they can

11 PM TO 4 AM: Michigan high school football team practicing at night; Accommodate Muslim players during Ramadan...

OBAMA FLASHBACK: Arabic call to prayer 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset'...

Hamas Leader: Ground Zero Mosque Must Be Built

Dems clobber small business

THE NEW ABNORMAL. “There’s nothing terribly mysterious about our high unemployment rate. The primary engine of job creation in the United States is small business, which is generally held to produce about 70% of new jobs. . . . This Administration has absolutely hammered the small businessman with enormous costs and mandates. Growing enough to cross the line that triggers the heaviest burdens of ObamaCare can swiftly obliterate a small business. Reckless deficit spending makes them nervous about monetary policy. Gigantic bills no one has read – or, in one especially shameful case, named – are packed with buzzing swarms of unintended consequences. It’s no coincidence that unemployment grew worse as the land mines strewn through the ObamaCare bill began detonating. Who knows what will come next? There are some blood-curdling sounds coming from the fetid swamp of that lame-duck session of Congress. It’s obvious from all the ‘unexpected’ economic news that no one in Washington knows what they’re doing.”

Miracle is right

'MIRACLE': 130 People Survive Plane Crash in Colombia

  • AP

  • URGENT: A Boeing 737 jetliner with 131 aboard crashes on landing and breaks into three pieces on Colombian island — but officials say only one passenger was killed.

Only the Liberal Elites…

EEOC: Employers can’t refuse to hire convicts

Et Tu, Harvard?

On Friday, Harvard University reported in an SEC filing that it has sold all of the shares it owned in Israeli companies. The total wasn't large, by Harvard's standards, around $39 million, and the university didn't offer an explanation. But it seems unlikely that Harvard's portfolio managers would simultaneously decide that it was time to sell all shares in five different companies, with nothing in common other than the fact that they are located in Israel. So, unless some other explanation is forthcoming, it seems that Harvard may quietly have divested its Israeli holdings on political grounds.

If this is right, it assorts oddly with Harvard's acceptance of large amounts of money from Saudi Arabian sources. Also, what are Harvard's largest securities holdings? Two ETFs, each worth $295 million, one in Chinese equities and the other in emerging markets. So Israel doesn't meet Harvard's moral test, but China does; and it would be interesting to see what countries are included among those emerging markets.

More on O’s support

Obama's Mosque Remarks Reverberate...

“I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan.”

Hamas nod for Ground Zero mosque...

Greg Gutfeld formulated a creative approach to the Ground Zero mosque. He announced that he is trying to raise money to build a (non-alcoholic) bar catering to gay Islamic men by the proposed site of the mosque. Gutfeld says that the bar will feature 72 virgin drinks.

It's a funny idea, but Gutfeld advises: "This is not a joke. I've already spoken to a number of investors, who have pledged their support in this bipartisan bid for understanding and tolerance."