Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waking up with him...From Paris

Although I can't say this about that many men, Doug was one of the few men I woke up with every morning. Of course he may not remember those mornings as well as I do, as he was on TV, and I was putting my make up on, watching him; amused by his gentle calming voice at 5am. He was a real man. He talked about his kids, his wife and he brought me the news in a voice that I learned to trust and value.
They fired Doug for his comments about the oil spill? Guess what WJLA?
There is NO reason for me to wake up with YOU anymore.

Soup to 'nuts'...From Paris

Speaking of 'nuts', all in favor of Nancy and Nancy boys exiting out the rear door, say "I'm going to vote and I'M going to change everything!"

Come on, man!...From Paris

Dear Reader from Delaware:
I appreciate and value your opinion, however, let me get this straight. You're concerned that Christine is a 'nut'? I'm afraid that there are more than a few people who might argue THIS man is a 'nut'.
Come on, man!

Waves or Camel


Denmark's Wave Building Is the Camel's Humps

The architects of this "Wave" building in Denmark describe it as resembling waves during the day, and mountains in the evenings. Me? I think it looks like a camel caught in quick-sand, with only its two humps poking through

Rule 13

James Taranto:

It looks to us as though the left is applying Saul Alinsky’s Rule 13 to Christine O’Donnell: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” It may or may not work–but even if it does, it leaves other GOP senate candidates unfrozen, depersonalized and unpolarized. Wouldn’t it be something if Delaware’s Chris Coons ended up being the only freshman Democrat in the next Senate?

Asian 'Unicorn' Photographed for First Time in Over 10 Years

This is a saola, which was captured by villagers in Laos

ScienceDaily (Sep. 18, 2010) — For the first time in more than ten years, there has been a confirmed sighting of one of the rarest and most mysterious animals in the world, the saola of Laos and Vietnam. The Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (also known as Laos) announced on September15 that in late August villagers in the central province of Bolikhamxay captured a saola and brought it back to their village. The animal died several days later, but was photographed while still alive.

Ruling Class Strikes

DC TV station fires veteran anchor who mentioned BP's contributions to Obama...

 WJLA-TV's Doug McKelway

WJLA-TV's Doug McKelway

This is why …

Audit: $2 million per stimulus job...

This won’t make the Ruling Class happy

O'Donnell hits the 'ruling class' in speech...

Religion that seeks to kills

UPDATE: 6 suspected Islamist terrorists arrested over Pope plot...

Political Cartoon by Bob Gorrell

Political Violence: The Left keeps looking for it in the Tea Party movement and it is not there. Indeed, the little violence there has been has been almost exclusively on the left. I expect this to continue for a simple reason. The Tea Partiers are on the assent. The Left is watching their dreams crumble into delusions and ruins. That will cause lashing out.

This from a reader I have known for years. He lives in Delaware and is not overly political. O’Donnell does seem to bring out strong feelings.

This girl is a nut.  The republican party is finished in Delaware.  “Masturbation is the same as adultery…….”  Come on.