Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Business Proposal For TSA Guy...From Paris

What is this TSA "don't touch my junk" passenger-pat down guy waiting for?  Time to take a lesson from the singing fish plaque and the rent is too damn high doll.

Can't you just see it?  A Ken doll with a pull cord that says "Don't touch my junk."

There is a novelty business lurking around every invasion of privacy moment.  Time to make some money, buddy.  Go quickly.  The clock is ticking on your 15 minutes.

How About The "Rent Is Too Damn High" Gubernatorial Candidate?...From Paris

Just in time for a Christmas stocking stuffer--the now infamous, flamboyant "Rent Is Too Damn High" New York gubernatorial candidate.

Remember The Singing Fish?...From Paris

The Memory Of Diamonds, Touching My Junk, And Labor Are Forever!...From Paris

Let's see.  Where were we?  Ah yes.  Labor and delivery.  The year was 1991.  I can still hear the screams.   The screams?  ALL mine.

No TSA pat down-grab-frisk-invasive-body cavity-junk-touching memory could eclipse the memory of  giving birth to my first child.

Paris gave birth to her beautiful daughter, without the benefit of an epidural.

Yep. That's right.  No drugs for Paris.  Just invasive body searches by complete strangers (sort of like the current TSA screening process).

Why did Paris give birth naturally, you ask? NOT because she didn't want drugs.  She wanted them.  Big time.  ("Where are my DRUGS?  I want drugs RIGHT NOW!  GIVE ME MY DRUGS!!" she screamed repeatedly at Mr Paris).  I think we can now safely conclude the epidural didn't take.

Alas. Although Paris's epidural didn't take, her beautiful diamond-daughter arrived, safe, sweet and sound. 

All's well that ends well.


Diamonds...From Paris

I've seen this 'diamond' before...the year was 1991.

Celebrating Her Crowning Achievement. She's Proud! ...From Paris

Life. Happens. Quick. Celebrating Prince William and Lady Diana... From Paris

"It's My Way Of Making Sure"...From Paris

(regarding the ring): "It's my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today."--Prince William

Moslem Murder

The daughters of Asia Bibi pose with an image of their mother while standing outside their residence in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Their mother has been sentenced to death for blasphemy, the first such conviction of a woman.


Student Senate Takes On Illegal Immigration

Texas A&M University's student Senate approves bill that would no longer allow illegal immigrants attending the school to be eligible for in-state tuition rates

Who are you loyal to? The 120,000 a year union members or the public?

Federal Payroll Looms Over Obama as GOP Looks to Cut Gov't

  • Reuters

  • Obama may have to choose between satisfying his union base or placating independents as House Republicans unleash proposals to reduce the size of government.

Another Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama Leaves

The midterm staff turnover hits the First Lady's office: Michelle Obama's second chief of staff, Susan Sher, is returning to Chicago after the first of the year, the White House announced on Tuesday.

Ms. Sher, whose husband Neil Cohen is a Cook County circuit court judge in Chicago, began in the White House Counsel's office after President Obama took office in January 2009. About six months later she moved to the East Wing after Mrs. Obama's first chief of staff, Jackie Norris of Iowa, quit.

Different Rules for Muslims than US.

Nuns who don't want to pose naked for sniggering bureaucrats are left with the option of a public groping, but the Muslims who instigate this insanity with their terror attacks can't be expected to endure such indignities. They're special, after all.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued a travel warning to Muslim airline passengers on U.S. aircraft in response to the Transportation Safety Administration's "enhanced pat down" policy that went into effect in late October.
CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, including asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a "special recommendation" for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.
In the "special recommendations for Muslim women who wear hijab," it states: "Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down."
It also states: "Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area, and have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands."

CAIR, the Islamic version of the ACLU, is like virtually everything Islamic closely affiliated with terrorists, who often include Muslim women.

nun groped tsa

At least TSA is keeping us safe from nuns.

As one would expect after a major drubbing.

The Democrat Party in Turmoil

It's Democrats, not the GOP, at each other's throats.

Why do we pay gov’t employees $120,000 a year?

The EPA Thinks This Rolls-Royce Is A "Small Car"

Click here to read The EPA Thinks This Rolls-Royce Is A "Small Car"

I just realized the EPA classifies the 5,798 lb. Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe as a "small car." Just to put that in perspective, the 3,217 lb. Honda Accord is classified as a "large car." This is ridiculous.

We noticed

Emanuel: I never believed in bipartisanship...

Proud...From Paris

Ah yes. 

Where were we?

The year was 1981.  The exact month July.  The exact date July 7, 1981.
The occasion was the marriage of Paris to Mr Paris.

Naturally, Paris demanded to hustle home quick, ending a two week honeymoon in Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket, so that she could awaken at 3am to see the wedding the century:  Princess Di to Prince Charles.  Mr. Paris, always the gentleman, quickly acquiesced.

Today, Lady Di's handsome, lovely son, is engaged to marry a lovely girl; his beloved mother's engagement ring reappears, poignant and beautiful. 

Lady Di would be proud.  May she rest in peace.

The Year Was 1981, And I've Seen That 'Ring' Before...From Paris

Muslims Exempt from TSA Security Measures!

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which is frequently tied to domestic terror plots — has been guaranteed that TSA officials will only pat down Muslim women in the head and neck area.

CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, including asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.

“Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down.”

Muslim women will likely opt for the not-very-invasive security pat-down, because most consider airports’ high-image body scans a violation of Islamic Shari’a law. CNS News adds, “In February, the Figh Council of North America, a group of Islamic scholars, issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, that full-body scanners violate Islamic law.”


'If people want to travel by some other means...'

This is the largest contributor to Dems.

Soros: China has better government than America...

Pretty Cool

If the wound has become infected, the innovative dressing material indicates this by changing color: the yellow plaster turns purple.

New Bandages Change Color If Infections Arise

Wounds have to be regularly checked, to make sure any complications in the healing process are detected at an early stage. A new material will make it possible to check wounds without changing the dressing: If an infection arises, the material changes its color.

The Ring


Holden and the political part of DoJ or the Former US Attorney for NJ?

Daily Caller: Justice Dept. Targeting Christie

According to the DOJ report, Christie - favored by many conservatives to run against President Obama in 2012 - spent a total of about $2,000 more than his budget allowed on 23 trips he took between 2007 and 2009. Almost immediately after the report's release, conservative media and the blogosphere lit up with accusations that the report was politically motivated and meant to malign a rising star in the Republican Party.

The Daily Caller has learned that the author behind the recent report from the Department of Justice that targeted five former U.S. attorneys for excessive travel expenses has had, according to our sources, a troubled history in the DOJ and attempted in the past to use her position to smear conservatives.

Getting interesting.

Murkowski leads by 1,706 - 7,601 ballots challenged by Miller...

One of many


Political Cartoon by Jerry Holbert

DC is just out of touch

Stunner: DC elites see more possibility for Obama re-election than everyone else


The wealthiest employees not paying their taxes.

Government Employees Owe $3 Billions in Delinquent Taxes

Need a quick three billion dollars, Uncle Sam? How about looking in your own pockets?

Uncle Sam taking money out of your wallet

Deficit cutters struggling to make ends meet in Washington are eyeballing an unusual pot of potential revenue: back taxes owed to the government by federal employees themselves.

The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders

A newspaper seller in Dublin on Monday

Survival crisis? A newspaper seller in Dublin on Monday

The entire European Project is now at risk of disintegration, with strategic and economic consequences that are very hard to predict.

In a speech this morning, EU President Herman Van Rompuy (poet, and writer of Japanese and Latin verse) warned that if Europe’s leaders mishandle the current crisis and allow the eurozone to break up, they will destroy European Union itself.

“We’re in a survival crisis. We all have to work together in order to survive with the euro zone, because if we don’t survive with the euro zone we will not survive with the European Union,” he said.

Well, well.  

He is admitting that the gamble of launching a premature and dysfunctional currency without a central treasury, or debt union, or economic government, to back it up – and before the economies, legal systems, wage bargaining practices, productivity growth, and interest rate sensitivity, of North and South Europe had come anywhere near sustainable convergence – may now backfire horribly.


Pure BS. 400 years ago it was: we have to kill you to save your soul. Today’s mantra is: Global Warming causes colder temperatures.

Colder winters possible due to climate change-study

* Colder winters possible in northern regions

* Finding does not conflict with global warming

BERLIN, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Climate change could lead to colder winters in northern regions, according to a study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research on Tuesday.

It is items like this that make me embarrassed to be a lawyer.

This farce is what passes for justice

David Weaving, who is serving a manslaughter sentence for striking and killing a 14-year-old boy with his car, is suing the victim's parents, accusing them of being responsible for their son's death because they allowed the boy to ride his bike in the street without a helmet.
Weaving was carelessly passing another car at about 83 mph in a 45-mph zone when his car struck Matthew Kenney in the Waterbury suburb of Prospect, about 30 miles outside of Hartford, Conn., on April, 27, 2007.

Weaving wants the parents to compensate him for having endured "great mental and emotional pain and suffering" as a result of being blamed for their crime of not making the boy he killed wear a helmet, as well as for the loss of his "capacity to carry on in life's activities" — such as driving drunk, for which he has been convicted multiple times.

Even if our legal system is still sane enough not to find in Weaver's favor, Matthew's parents will still have to pay lawyers a fortune to defend them from this absurd insult. Weaver on the other hand is a convicted criminal, so he gets everything for free. A judge even waived the $500 fee you or me would have to pay to file a claim.


Matthew Kenney, RIP.

You don’t make the worse schools in the country better by dummying down. You do it be raising expectations and standards.

D.C. area school eliminates failing grades

Muslims Torch Christian Homes in Southern Egypt

CAIRO-- Muslims set fire overnight to at least 10 houses belonging to Coptic Christians in a village in southern Egypt over rumors that a Christian resident had an affair with a Muslim girl, security officials said Tuesday.

The officials said security forces have sealed off the village of al-Nawahid, in Qena province some 290 miles south of Cairo, to prevent the violence from spreading to neighboring towns. They said several people were arrested.

The attacks started after locals spotted a young Copt and a Muslim girl together at night inside the village cemetery, the officials said. They added that both were put under police custody as authorities investigate.

Response from England.

Prince William to marry Miss Catherine Middleton next year



Christmas is coming


Baby Pouch

This low-cost sleeping-bag keeps infants warm for between four to six hours, and once it cools down it can be plugged in or submerged in water for 20 minutes to heat up again. Not while the baby's still inside, mind.

Slowly, slowly we are getting out there

Good Morning, Earth

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson lounges in the recently-added cupola of the International Space Station, gazing at her home planet below. I'll think of this image the next time I complain about things not being futuristic enough

Not an unbiased source, but does fit in with what the Politico reported last week

Sean Hannity claims he is advised by Democrats in a position to know "that the feeling among some people in the White House is that this president is unhinged, that he's detached, that he's losing it, he's obsessed with critics, very specifically obsessed with Fox News, he can't stand Biden, he hates the Clintons, the Clintons hate him."

“HE CAN’T STAND BIDEN.” Oh, come on. Don’t be ridiculous. This is unsupported rumor-mongering without a shred of evidence.

IBD is slow to publish and seldom gets it facts wrong.

Chavez's war

When the folks at Investors Business Daily checked into the news about Chavez and his druggy generals, they were startled to find a growing linkage among Chavez, drug lords, Chavez's military, and the ever growing nightmare in Mexico. Hugo Chavez is the real Doctor Evil who's fueling the mayhem across our border. Destroying Mexico serves his interests, so he's encouraging the drug trade and getting very brazen about it with his latest promotions of drug-addled generals. IBD delivers the news in the reported editorial "A gangster with oil."

This is what a TSA scanner shows.

BIG SIS 'If people want to travel by some other means...'

Dem’s Morning After Reality


The end of my little girl’s dreams

Waity Katie Gets Her Wills