Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vive la diff'erence ...From Paris

When Carter says we have to respect North Korea, he means it.  When Sarah stumbles "we gotta stand with our North Korean allies", it was a gaffe.

Vive la diff'erence.


Pakistani Christian's date with the hangman

The death sentence on a Christian woman in Pakistan called Asia Bibi for blasphemy has set off a storm of debate about her fate.

The death sentence on a Christian mother in Pakistan for blasphemy has set off a storm of debate about her fate.


One in Three South African Men Admit to Committing Rape

JOHANNESBURG -- A new survey says more than one in three South African men admit to having committed rape.

A 2010 study led by the government-funded Medical Research Foundation says that in Gauteng province, home to South Africa's most populous city of Johannesburg, more than 37 percent of men said they had raped a woman. Nearly 7 percent of the 487 men surveyed said they had participated in a gang rape.

The Left is really over the edge. From MSNBC.

Left Wing Kook Predicts Obama Coup

This is how they think

Jimmy Carter: North Korean Regime Deserves Our Respect

No truer words

NOONAN: Obama needs to hear voice from outside presidential bubble...

Not until Fidel is gone


As Fidel Castro and his Cuban revolution fade, a revolution of reform is afoot in Cuba. Manuel Fernandez is a retired state employee who won a rare private business license 20 years ago to operate a repair shop on his front porch in Havana. The government is now pushing as much as 10 percent of its employees into such entrepreneurial work. (Staff)

As Fidel Castro and his Cuban revolution fade, is Cuba rising?

Seismic changes in the communist economy built by Fidel Castro are enriching some Cubans, scaring others, and sparking imaginations: Will the Caribbean gem shine again?

Call it like it is

Black Friday fails to capture attention of all


Fade to Black

[A boy in Florida catches a nap as his parents—and tens of millions of other Americans—descended on stores Friday in search of "Black Friday" bargains. Photo via Getty Images]

Optical illusion?

Start your engines!!!!

Amazon sets the elves to work as Christmas rush begins in giant warehouseThe online retail giant came under fire for its 'lightning sale' promotion this week but new pictures show preparation is well underway for Christmas shoppers.

"SinCerealy yours" ...From Paris

The new man in my life, designed a cereal and a container which can be personalized.  His company (me & goji) sells cereal--all natural, customized by the buyer, and sent to your door in a 'cereal capsule').  Described as 'easy' and 'mess free'.  His clean, uncluttered web site tells his compelling story.  He and a college friend took  America's favorite breakfast food (cereal) and added better ingredients, "giving you power." 

(I love power.  I like healthy cereal.  I wanted to know more).

When he said "we want you to experiment, learn and discover new things.  If you don't like it, we'll cover those pesky shipping costs."

He's thoughtful, brilliant and his all natural cereals are created by you in a 'virtual' bowl, so you can click and drag your way to bliss. 

His personal message is signed  "SinCerealy yours,"


When GM ruled the planet


The Height of the Fin

Harley Earl created the first concept car, conceptualized the Corvette and authorized the first tailfin ever put on a car during his time at GM. The 1959 Cadillac was his swan song, and remains one of his most iconic designs.

3 of the top 10 Movie Spaceships


Greatest Movie Spaceships - The Last Starfighter

Gunstar - The Last Starfighter


Greatest Movie Spaceships - Day the Earth Stood Still

Klaatu's Ship - The Day The Earth Stood Still


Greatest Movie Spaceships - Star Wars Super Star Destroyer

Super Star Destroyer - Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Hanged For Blasphemy – Your Tax Dollars At Work


Pakistan, which receives $7 billion of your tax dollars every year, is about to hang a Christian woman for blasphemy, based solely on the testimony of witnesses who hate her religion. What a wonderful use of your money!

Season's Greetings From the Religion of Peace

In Portland, 19-year-old college student Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested last night as he tried to detonate a car bomb in a crowd at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. As federal and local agents closed in on him, he shouted "Allahu Akbar!" This was the scene at Pioneer Courthouse Square:


Mohamud was born in Somalia but is an American citizen. Apparently a rather typical home-grown jihadist, he became a radical several years ago and tried to connect with Islamic terrorists in Pakistan. Reading between the lines of news accounts, it appears that his email communication with a real jihadist was intercepted by federal intelligence agents--that would be the Bush-era NSA program that was denounced by liberals, I assume--who responded in the guise of a fake jihadist. From then on, Mohamud's efforts to commit mass murder were closely monitored. In the end, the feds supplied him with a fake detonator so that his car bomb would be harmless.

This is how the Portland Oregonian described the genesis of the case:

According to the FBI affidavit, the case began in August 2009 when Mohamud was in e-mail contact with an unindicted associate overseas who was believed to be involved in terrorist activities. In December 2009, while the unindicted associate was in a frontier province of Pakistan, Mohamud and the associate discussed the possibility of Mohamud traveling to Pakistan to participate in violent jihad.

The associate allegedly referred Mohamud to a second associate overseas and provided him with a name and e-mail address. In the months that followed, Mohamud made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the second associate.

Ultimately, an FBI undercover operative contacted Mohamud in a June 2010 e-mail under the guise of being an associate of the first unindicted associate.

How does the gov’t seize private property without due process?

Feds shut down 75+ web sites...


HOMELAND SECURITY is seizing Internet domains left and right. It’s not clear what protecting fatcat entertainment folks’ copyrights has to do with homeland security, though.

UPDATE: Protecting Rappers instead of the border. “What the devil are these idiots doing? . . . This is a case for the music industry’s lawyers — not the $35 billion-a-year Department of Homeland Security.” Well, to be fair, the entertainment industries make a lot of political contributions to Democrats.

He's My New Lucky Charm(s) ...From Paris

(continuing from yesterday)  He knew me.  He targeted me with his first person flirt, writing to me, using words I love ("artisanal, custom, personalized, exceptional").  He offered me thoughtful design, and impetuously ran straight into my current obsession of modern minimalism--less is more.

Artisanal.  He used the word artisanal.  When he coupled that word with couture, I started screaming "Who are you, and where have you been all my life?" 

Can you guess who the new man in my life is?  (coming up next)


Starbucks will be happy

Coffee and a Sweet Treat to Think Better? Caffeine and Glucose Combined Improves the Efficiency of Brain Activity

ScienceDaily (Nov. 24, 2010) — The combination of caffeine and glucose can improve the efficiency of brain activity, according to a recent study in which functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to identify the neural substrate for the combined effects of these two substances.

Krugman calls for death panels to make OCare work.

KRUGMAN:  They should have said, "Okay, look, Medicare is going to have to decide what it's going to pay for. And at least for starters, it's going to have to decide which medical procedures are not effective at all and should not be paid for at all."

Christiane Amanpour: "Look, what's gonna happen? I mean are you clear on where a compromise is gonna be?  It's gotta be discussed before the end of the year, no?"

KRUGMAN:  No. Some years down the pike we're gonna get the real solution, which is gonna be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.  It's going to be that we're actually gonna take Medicare under control and we're gonna have to get some additional revenue, probably from a VAT.

What does this have to do with Homeland Security?

Music sites, among those shut down...


Homeland Security seizes domain names

The investigative arm of the Homeland Security Department appears to be shutting down websites that facilitate copyright infringement.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seized dozens of domain names over the past few days, according to TorrentFreak.
ICE appears to be targeting sites that help Internet users download copyrighted music, as well as sites that sell bootleg goods, such as fake designer handbags.

Germany gets it; Obama does not

President-elect Barack Obama, January 7, 2009: “Well, yeah, I don’t have a crystal ball. But I–here’s what I’m confident about. If we do nothing, things will get much, much worse. With the plan that we have, we will do better than we would otherwise have done. And I do feel confident that we can create or save three million jobs. We’ve already lost at least two. We’re going to get a jobs report at the end of this week which probably will indicate we’ve lost at least another half million jobs. And, you know, if we start seeing three, four, five million additional jobs lost next year, that’s going to be a crisis that we haven’t seen in a very long time, and we’ve got to nip that in the bud.”

A Democratic Congress gave him a blank check.

$787 billion.

Nearly double the annual discretionary budget spending in the federal budget.

“Nip that in the bud”?

President  Obama shot unemployment up from 7.6% to 10.3% in just 6 months.

Germany did not try to buy prosperity.




From the BBC: “Germany’s economy minister Rainer Bruederle has given an upbeat assessment of his country’s recovery, including the assertion that full employment will soon be possible. He said that Germans were doing well and spending again, and that domestic consumption was strong. Data released this week showed German business confidence at a 20-year high.”

East Germany tried Obamanomics from 1945-1989.

The return of the adults, cont…

HOUSE MAY BAN honorific resolutions. “Celebratory bills — honoring historical figures, or a town’s anniversary, or a major local attraction — are a big part of House business. Incoming Republican leaders say they’re a waste of time.” What, no more National Goat Week?

The Great Repudiation


Professor James Ceaser's essay on the meaning of the mid-term elections. The morning after the elections I referred to them as "a stunning repudiation" of President Obama; Professsor Ceaser describes them as "The Great Repudiation." Professor Ceaser writes:

2010 is the closest the nation has ever come to a national referendum on overall policy direction or "ideology." Obama, who ran in 2008 by subordinating ideology to his vague themes of "hope" and "change," has governed as one of the most ideological, partisan presidents. Some of his supporters like to argue in one breath that he is a pragmatist and centrist only to insist in the next that he has inaugurated the most historic transformation of American politics since the New Deal. The two claims are in tension. Going back to 2009's major political contests, beginning with the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey and the Senate race in Massachusetts, the electorate has been asked the same question about Obama's agenda and has given the same response. The 2010 election is the third or fourth reiteration of their negative judgment, only this time delivered more decisively. There is only one label that can describe the result: the Great Repudiation.

For many Republicans, and especially the Tea Party movement, the economic issues were linked to a deeper concern. The size of government and the extent of the federal debt represented not only a burden on future generations and a threat to American power, but also a violation of the spirit and letter of the Constitution.

A stubborn Texan.

Willie Nelson, 77, busted for pot posession -- again...

More on the Moslem Terrorist in Oregon.

Somali-born teen planned car bomb at Christmas tree ceremony...
Yelled 'Allah Akbar!'


The AF has success with the X-37B and now NASA brings back two abandoned X-34

The Real Story Behind NASA’s Resurrected Space Plane

Why did NASA quietly move two long-grounded X-34 space planes for inspection? Did they want to see if they could fly? Were they eyeing a return to space via reusable, airplane-style vehicles? Here's what they were doing and why.

The aviation and space press buzzed last week with the news that NASA had quietly moved its two long-grounded X-34 space planes from open storage at the space agency's Dryden center - located on Edwards Air Force Base in California - to a test pilot school in the Mojave Desert. At the desert facility, the mid-'90s-vintage, robotic X-34s would be inspected to determine if they were capable of flying again. It seemed that NASA was eying a dramatic return to the business of fast, cheap space access using a reusable, airplane-style vehicle - something the Air Force has enthusiastically embraced with its mysterious X-37B spacecraft.

Read the rest at:

NSA at play

Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions

An aerial view of Iran's nuclear facility in Natanz.

An aerial view of Iran's nuclear facility in Natanz.

In the 20th century, this would have been a job for James Bond.
The mission: Infiltrate the highly advanced, securely guarded enemy headquarters where scientists in the clutches of an evil master are secretly building a weapon that can destroy the world. Then render that weapon harmless and escape undetected.
But in the 21st century, Bond doesn't get the call. Instead, the job is handled by a suave and very sophisticated secret computer worm, a jumble of code called Stuxnet, which in the last year has not only crippled Iran's nuclear program but has caused a major rethinking of computer security around the globe.
Intelligence agencies, computer security companies and the nuclear industry have been trying to analyze the worm since it was discovered in June by a Belarus-based company that was doing business in Iran. And what they've all found, says Sean McGurk, the Homeland Security Department's acting director of national cyber security and communications integration, is a “game changer.”
The construction of the worm was so advanced, it was “like the arrival of an F-35 into a World War I battlefield,” says Ralph Langner, the computer expert who was the first to sound the alarm about Stuxnet. Others have called it the first “weaponized” computer virus.
Simply put, Stuxnet is an incredibly advanced, undetectable computer worm that took years to construct and was designed to jump from computer to computer until it found the specific, protected control system that it aimed to destroy: Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

read the entire story at:  It ends with this:

There is one clue that was left in the code that may tell us all we need to know.
Embedded in different section of the code is another common computer language reference, but this one is misspelled. Instead of saying “DEADFOOT,” a term stolen from pilots meaning a failed engine, this one reads “DEADFOO7.”
Yes, OO7 has returned -- as a computer worm.
Stuxnet. Shaken, not stirred.


Somali-Born Teen Arrested After Attempting to Detonate a Car Bomb in Oregon

Mohamed Osman Mohamud

“…it’s in Oregon; and Oregon like you know, nobody ever thinks about it.”

Mohamud was not aiming for a couple dozen victims, but hundreds and perhaps thousands and his motivation was “violent jihad”.

For the last 2 years this column has repeatedly said any 12 Americans chosen by lot could do a better job than Congress. Guess Iceland will be the test case.

Populism fee-vah: Iceland to draft ordinary citizens to write new constitution

Yesterday we ran a piece about how Palin dominates the headlines like no other VP candidate. Here is another example. Kids are off limits by unspoken agreement – same Palin’s.

Sandra Bernhard: Bristol Palin is such a hooker