Sunday, December 12, 2010

Political Cartoon by Steve Kelley

“Mancession” Threatens American Dream

Some statistics bear that out. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when the labor market deteriorated in 2009, men felt the brunt of it. Some 3.1 million jobs held by men were lost last year compared to only 1.6 million jobs for women.

Cold, very cold

The roof of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis has apparently collapsed like Favre's season

What happens next in the tax-cut standoff: Three scenarios

If the Bush-era tax cuts are going to be extended beyond Dec. 31, someone is going to have to blink.

Most political insiders believe it will be Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her House Democrats. Liberals who believe Obama caved to Republicans say there is no chance that Pelosi will bend.

Pelosi has been careful not to publicly criticize Obama for the tax deal, preferring to attack the GOP provisions in the pact that the president endorsed.

Scenario No. 1: The Senate passes deal, the House amends the measure and sends it back to the upper chamber, which approves it. Obama signs it into law.

Scenario No. 2: The Senate approves the deal, the House amends it, and gridlock ensues.

Scenario No. 3: Senate passes the deal, House Democrats bend and agree to vote on the legislation, and it is signed into law.

Most aides, lawmakers and lobbyists believe this is the most probable scenario.

Where you spend your food dollars depends on how many you have to spend.

British Royal Couple Release Engagement Pictures


Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton

This is one of two official portrait photographs taken on Nov. 25, 2010 in the Council Chamber in the State Apartment in St James Palace, London and released by Clarence House Press Office on Sunday Dec. 12, 2010 to mark the engagement of Britain's Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

No, not Texas, but Delaware


It Costs $82,000 to Light the One Million Christmas Lights at this House

The Faucher Family in Delaware have built extravagant Christmas lights setups for 25 years now. How extravagant? They use 1,000,000 lights. So how much does it cost them to run the lights for a month? $82,320

Well, I’ve got the older part down.

The George Clooney Effect – High-Earning Women ‘want Older, More Attractive Partners’, Research Finds

ScienceDaily (Dec. 10, 2010) — Psychologists have found that George Clooney may be even luckier than previously thought…Research at the University of Abertay Dundee discovered that as women become more financially independent, they want an older, more attractive male partner.

Remember China has a real estate bubble

China's inflation highest in over two years

A worker pushes empty shopping carts into a supermarket in Beijing, China. -- PHOTO: AP

BEIJING - CHINA'S consumer price index of November rose by 5.1 per cent year on year, the fastest clip in 28 months, giving rise to greater concern over tightening measures from both consumers and analysts.

History I did not know.

HISTORY: Muslims Save Jews in Untold WWll Story. “A wealthy man who worked in a tobacco factory took in the Colonomos family. Unlike many Jews in other parts of Europe who survived the war in cellars and attics, Jews in Albania were given Muslim names and treated as honored guests. Colonomos explains that under Besa, Albanians put their guests before their own family.”

That is a big bite

Blue whale-sized mouthfuls make foraging super efficient.

Blue Whale-Sized Mouthfuls Make Foraging Super Efficient

ScienceDaily (Dec. 12, 2010) — How much can a blue whale eat in a single mouthful and how much energy do they burn while foraging? These are the questions that Bob Shadwick from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and his colleagues have asked. They discovered that blue whales can swallow almost 2,000,000kJ (almost 480,000kcalories) in a single mouthful of krill, and eat 90 times as much energy as they burn during a dive.


Sweden says Stockholm blasts were 'terror crimes'...
Bomber is only one killed; 2 injured...

Swedish police investigating two blasts that rocked central Stockholm on Saturday, killing the suspected bomber and wounding two, said on Sunday they had good leads into what they said were "terror crimes."

Before the explosions, the Swedish news agency TT received a threatening letter about Sweden's military presence in Afghanistan and caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad drawn several years ago by a Swedish cartoonist.

Winter comes

Blizzard Blankets Midwest...
Minnesota Metrodome Collapses...
Louisville To Get Snow!
Storms Bring Floods To Northwest Rivers...