Thursday, January 20, 2011

2.5 Trillion In Spending Cuts? Oh Yeah. Let'e Pass It To See What's In It! ...From Paris

According to Frank James, NPR: 
"House Republicans unveiled on Thursday a list of spending cuts they said would save $2.5 trillion over 10 years. Most of the savings, $2.29 trillion, would come from holding spending at 2006 levels on the part of the federal budget that isn't entitlement or defense spending, according to the document released by the Republican Policy Study Committee chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)."

Well... I say "Maybe we should pass this bill to see what's in it!"

Michelle "The Belle Of The Ball", Lady In Red. You've Got To Give It To Her. She Looks Beautiful In Red...From Paris


Wisdom from a great social scientist

James Q. Wilson, America's preeminent social scientist, has noted that until relatively recently, "politics was about only a few things;
today, it is about nearly everything."

Until the 1930s, or perhaps the 1960s, there was a "legitimacy barrier" to federal government activism: When new policies were proposed, the first debate was about whether the federal government could properly act at all on the subject.

Today, there is no barrier to the promiscuous multiplication of programs,
because no program is really new. Rather, it is an extension,
modification or enlargement of something government is already doing.


"There has been," Wilson writes, "a transformation of public
expectations about the scope of federal action, one that has put
virtually everything on Washington's agenda and left nothing off." Try,
Wilson suggests, to think "of a human want or difficulty that is not now
defined as a 'public policy problem.'"

Obama strangles California’s farmers

As the great Milton Friedman famously observed, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand." Likewise, excessive rain is no cure for drought with Big Government at the helm. From Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA):

California's precipitation this season has gone off the charts. Statewide snow water content is 198 percent of normal; in the all-important Northern Sierra snowpack is 174 percent of normal. This is not only a wet year — it is one of the wettest years on record.
Yet [Tuesday], we have this announcement from the Department of the Interior: that despite a nearly unprecedented abundance of water, the Bureau of Reclamation will only guarantee delivery of 45 percent of the California Central Valley's contracted water supply south of the Delta. This is the same percentage they received last year with barely average rainfall.
This is of crucial importance to the entire nation, since the Central Valley of California is one of the largest producers of our nation's food supply. California produces half of the U.S.-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables on the nation's grocery shelves and the prices you pay are directly affected by the California harvest.
The deliberate decision by this administration in 2009 and 2010 to divert hundreds of billions of gallons of water away from the Central Valley destroyed a quarter million acres of the most productive farmland in America, it threw tens of thousands of families into unemployment and it affected grocery prices across the country.
At the time, the administration blamed a mild drought, but never explained why a drought justified their decision to pour 200 billion gallons of water (that we did have) directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Political Cartoon

Does it strike anyone as morally bankrupt for the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 09 to toast the man imprisoning the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?

Obama: 'We Welcome China's Rise'...
Careful to avoid criticism...
Throws lavish state dinner; Lobster, jazz, Streisand, Jackie Chan!

Serves $199-per-bottle wine...

Irony anyone? Two of the most trusted men in the country to be investigated by this guy?

Holder Asked to Investigate Justices Scalia and Thomas

Well said.


“In general, I think we put too much weight on things like Chinese dollar reserves, or the fact that the global oil trade is conducted in dollars, and the like.

Our real economic problems are far simpler: We spend too much, borrow too much, carry too much debt, have a poorly structured tax system and an overextended national-defense presence, are governed by a Congress of children, and refuse to believe that the laws of supply and demand apply to U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasury bonds.”

Bachmann: ObamaCare is crown jewel of socialism

“We won’t stop until we repeal this President.”

There is an important sub point here. Even among the most ideologically committed, dialogue is important because in the end truth will prevail.

Greenpeace Founder Questions Manmade Global Warming

Maybe the birthers are on to something.

Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate...

Says record 'exists in archives' but can't produce the vital document...

Dems abandon the border so illegals get American's jobs.

Over a million immigrants land U.S. jobs in 2008-10

  • A group of immigrant day laborers stand near a street corner waiting for work in the Staten Island borough of New York August 3, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

A group of immigrant day laborers stand near a street corner waiting for work in the Staten Island borough of New York August 3, 2010.

DALLAS (Reuters) - Over the past two years, as U.S. unemployment remained near double-digit levels and the economy shed jobs in the wake of the financial crisis, over a million foreign-born arrivals to America found work, many illegally.

Those are among the findings of a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data conducted exclusively for Reuters by researchers at the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston.

Often young and unskilled or semi-skilled, immigrants have taken jobs Americans could do in areas like construction, willing to work for less wages. Others land jobs that unemployed Americans turn up their noses at or lack the skills to do.

With a national unemployment rate of 9.4 percent, domestic job creation is at the top of President Barack Obama's agenda and such findings could add to calls to tighten up on illegal immigration. But much of it is Hispanic and the growing Latino vote is a key base for Obama's Democratic Party.

Something is going on. These are from yesterday. After Tucson this is startling. Why are the Dems so inflamed?

Weiner Gets Nutty: 'Take a Shot Every Time a Republican Lies'

Civil? NBC News' Matthews Says Rep.Bachmann 'Close to a Nutcase'

NBC News Anchor: GOP Has 'Pre-Civil Rights Attitude'

New Tone? Democrat Congressman Compares Republicans to Nazis

NPR Celebrates Pakistani Lesbians With Your Tax Dollars

Umm… Not that attractive.

Sources: Ferrari's New Supercar A Shooting Brake

Sources: Ferrari's New Supercar A Shooting BrakeFerrari's upcoming 612 replacement debuts Friday, and designer Jon Sibal assembled this rendering of the new supercar (hit his site for a high-res version). Is it really a shooting brake? A source who's seen it tells Jalopnik yes.

How the Strongest US Rocket Compares to a Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

How the Strongest US Rocket Compares to a Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

Today's one-ton Ram Heavy Duty 3500 has a gross combined weight rating (GCWR is the maximum allowable weight for a pickup pulling a trailer, including cargo and passengers, that the truck can handle without risking damage) of 24,500 pounds, though that number is going to be bumped to 25,400 pounds when a new Max Tow Package option becomes available, according to Chrysler.

Coincidentally, the maximum payload that the Delta IV Heavy, set to become the largest rocket ever launched from the West Coast of the U.S. on Thursday afternoon, can lift to geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above Earth is 28,650 pounds, just 3,250 pounds more than the Ram 3500's GCWR. So, if you ever had a need (and the money!) to put your truck, trailer and payload into space, the Delta IV Heavy would be just the ticket.

The GCWR for the Delta IV, by the way, is 1.71 million lbs.

Who Knew? People Love to Drink at Sporting Events

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have completed the world’s most definitive study on sports and alcohol consumption, and we just can’t bottle up the results any longer.

Shockingly, these intrepid social psychologists led by Darin Erickson found that sports fans don’t like to drink during games. No, they love to drink during games, with a full 8 percent of tested fans having BACs above the driving-legal .08 limit.

And while those who chose to tailgate were in the minority (only 18 percent), those who did drank way more than fans who limited their imbibing to within the stadium walls

This is how Obama polices the border.

Border Patrol Reduced to Picking Up Trash

National Border Patrol Council Local 2544: — picking up trash:

Teams of uniformed Border Patrol agents from the Casa Grande [AZ] station are being ordered to spend their duty shifts cleaning up trash on the Tohono O'Odham Indian reservation instead of performing the police work they were hired for. This is outrageous. Border Patrol agents are not dumping trash on the reservation, nor are we responsible for cleaning up the mess. Illegal aliens, smugglers, and reservation members are dumping trash on the reservation. For example, there are thousands upon thousands of empty quart beer bottles strewn about the reservation, dumped there by tribal members. Many tribal residents dump household trash wherever it's convenient. And as we all know, illegal aliens and smugglers could care less about littering in this country. Littering by tribal members and illegal aliens on the reservation has been going on for decades.

An update highlights the sophisticated equipment being issued to Border Patrol agents:

Our newest information indicates that agents showed up for muster at Casa Grande station and were ordered to report to the Tohono O'odham district office at Federal Route 19 and Baboquivari Park Road. They were issued sticks with nails in them and told to pick up trash along the roadsides. This was presumably in preparation for a meeting with tribal leaders at the District office so that certain BP managers could ingratiate themselves to the tribal leaders. We are disgusted by these actions.
There is a very high unemployment rate on the reservation, and in the country as a whole. The tribe is bringing in millions of dollars in casino revenue. How is it feasible that with an out-of-control border we are assigning Border Patrol agents to do work that many states and municipalities assign prisoners to perform? It is a minimum wage job that takes almost zero job skills, and this is how management decides to utilize Border Patrol manpower?

illegal alien garbage

Illegal alien garbage gives the Border Patrol something to do.

I think that 35% of the country is off its rocker on any subject. UFO, Conspiracies or politicians.

CNN poll: Majority of Dems, 35% overall think Palin’s crosshairs map is at least partly to blame for Arizona shootings

Mafia had a bad day yesterday

FBI Rounding Up 100 Mobsters in Biggest Mafia Bust in New York History...

MOB Bust So BIG they're being held at ARMY Fort...

Law-enforcement officials said members and associates of all five New York mafia families - as well as New Jersey's DeCavalcante family - are among those being arrested.


CHANGE: Repeal Passes By Much Larger Margin Than ObamaCare Did.

Keeping their promises. (This will not be easy.)

CHANGE: House GOP conservatives set to unveil $2.5 trillion in deep spending cuts.


Chinese Motorists Are Actually Paying People to Sit in Traffic Jams For Them

Chinese Motorists Are Actually Paying People to Sit in Traffic Jams For ThemI don't know about you, but I kinda relish getting stuck in a traffic jam. Scoping people out, playing some Angry Birds, finding that perfect Phil Collins drum-solo...but not for 10hours. Figures, then, that Chinese companies are renting jam-stooges out.

So what does the driver of the car do, once they've hired someone to sit in their Honda, fiddling with all the radio pre-sets? The money-rich driver whizzes away on the back of a motocycle driven by the rental service of course, weaving in and out of the traffic to get to that all-important meeting. They may be $60 lighter, but that doesn't matter to the money-rich, time-poor Chinese who are literally lining up for this service.



Small Backyard? Betcha Ak47's Thor Fireplace Could Squeeze Right In

When the Norse god Thor rains down lightning and thunder over your abode, make yourself a hot chocolate and stoke the fire—or in Ak47's Thor fireplace's case, feed chunks of wood into the vertical tract.

From Marc on yesterday’s vote re ObamaCare

It's a start.

Now we need to convince the Senate and the President, which may take till 2012. But it can be done and it must be done. Let's get down to work explaining to our friends, our families and our patients why it must be done for the sake of preserving our freedom. A false sense of security is no substitute for real individual liberty.

"The government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you've got" Thomas Jefferson

"Eventually socialism runs out of other peoples' money." --- Margaret Thatcher

LA Anchor Baby Welfare Tab…$600 Million


Welfare benefits for the children of illegal immigrants cost America's largest county more than $600 million last year, according to a local official keeping tabs on the cost.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich released new statistics this week showing social spending for those families in his county rose to $53 million in November, putting the county government on track to spend more than $600 million on related costs for the year -- up from $570 million in 2009.

Study confirms that college is pretty much a total waste of time

“These are really kind of shocking, disturbing numbers.”

Nearly half of the nation’s undergraduates show almost no gains in learning in their first two years of college, in large part because colleges don’t make academics a priority, a new report shows.

Instructors tend to be more focused on their own faculty research than teaching younger students, who in turn are more tuned in to their social lives, according to the report, based on a book titled Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses. Findings are based on transcripts and surveys of more than 3,000 full-time traditional-age students on 29 campuses nationwide, along with their results on the Collegiate Learning Assessment, a standardized test that gauges students’ critical thinking, analytic reasoning and writing skills.

After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.

Students also spent 50% less time studying compared with students a few decades ago, the research shows.