Friday, January 21, 2011

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CNN’s impossible leap. How can what happened in 1963 be caused by something said today.

Amanpour Links JFK/RFK Assassinations to Today’s 'Political Atmosphere'...

4 times more likely

Antioxidants May Improve Male Fertility

NEW YORK –  Couples who struggle to conceive could find baby-making help from antioxidants such as vitamin E and zinc, hints a new review of more than 30 studies.

The researchers focused on men who were subfertile — less fertile than average but still capable of making a baby — and found that those who took antioxidants were more than four times as likely to get their partners pregnant than subfertile men who did not take the supplements.

Darwin Awards material

Want To Die? Restart Your Engine Like These Idiots

Want To Die? Restart Your Engine Like These IdiotsThree people were seriously burned attempting to restart their van by pouring gas from a bucket into a water bottle directly into the van's carburetor. The van started but soon exploded. The flaming motorists then ran... into a gas station.

Darwin's unsuccessful van explosion occurred yesterday in Bellevue, Washington outside of Seattle. There are so many levels of poor thought in this it's a wonder anyone survived. First, the people involved didn't have a gas can so they used an open bucket to store the fuel. Then, After carrying the bucket to the van they filled a water bottle with fuel and poured it directly in the carb. To do this they removed the engine cover in the passenger compartment.

Somehow they managed all of this without setting the van on fire and were able to drive a short distance. Then the van stalled again. On their next attempt to restart it the large amount of fuel vapors within the interior conspired against them and the entire thing blew up.

Where the action is

New Navy Jammer Could Invade Networks, Nuke Sites

When China’s stealth-fighter prototype took to the air two weeks ago, it intensified what was already a heated debate in Washington over which, and how many, new fighter planes to buy.

Lost in all this noise was the U.S. Navy’s real plan for winning any future air war with China or another big baddie. Rather than going toe-to-toe with J-20s and other enemy jets, the Navy is planning to attack its rivals where they’re most vulnerable: in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The frontline weapon for this electronic war is a new airborne jamming system currently in development. The Next Generation Jammer should allow the Navy to blind the enemy’s radars, disrupt its communications and slip malicious code into computer networks.

California thinks you are going to bail them out.


Related: Facing $360 million deficit, San Francisco pays city workers $170 million in bonuses.

GE Becoming Official Arm of Obama White House

Obama Brings Good Things to Light at G.E.

"Jeff Immelt's experience at G.E. and his understanding of the vital role the private sector plays in creating jobs and making America competitive makes him up to the challenge of leading this new council."

-- Statement from President Obama announcing that G.E. CEO Jeff Immelt will lead the new President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

When Democrats said President Obama was "pro-business," we didn't know they meant one business in particular.

There are a few companies on the Obama corporate A List - Democratic patrons Google and Goldman Sachs both turn up again and again at White House functions and for special recognition - but no company seems to get the VIP treatment that General Electric receives.

Obama will announce today on a visit to a G.E. plant in Schenectady, N.Y. that G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt will lead his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. The panel replaces the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker.

Volker, who helped President Ronald Reagan whip inflation and launch two decades of growth, will be replaced by Immelt, who has often spoken of his desire to put G.E. on the inside track for government subsidies and incentives in the Obama era.

Whether it is pushing the president's plan for global warming fees in order to create demand for his "Ecomagination" line of windmills, solar panels, etc., boosting the president's national health-care law as part of an effort to sell more medical equipment, or enthusing over the Obama strategy of making loans available for industrial exporters, Immelt has been an Obama stalwart all along. Immelt has also consistently argued to shareholders that there is big money to be made in advancing the Democratic agenda.

My theory on why liberals’ speech is so hateful. The core of a liberal is emotional. Hence the hate, anger and spite is a manifestation. ( I know many will disagree, but listen closely to liberals when they speak unguarded. The word “feel” and “care” are used frequently and those that disagree are disparaged in negative emotional terms.)

Where Was the Media When Bush Was Being Called Hitler?

CHRIS WALLACE,:Charles, "The New York Times" noted today that most of the provocative and inflammatory language came from the Democrats most likely because they were on the losing side so all they have is rhetoric. Is all of this attention to words sensible?
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it's a bogus issue that was concocted, particularly after Tucson shooting. It's a continuation of what we heard from Cohen and Jackson of the liberal hypocrisy on this.
The worst, uncivil discourse in the last decade occurred in the Bush years when the president was vilified and attacked and demonized, compared to Nazis. He was called Hitler. There was the article in "The New Republic," a leading liberal magazine that began, by an editor, "I hate George Bush. There I said it."
Howard Dean, a not insignificant Democrat, a former head of the Democratic National Committee, said openly, "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for." That is literally hate speech. I do not remember times when the main stream media wagging a finger and pulling a chin about the rise of uncivil discourse at the time. So I don't take any of this seriously.

My garage is so passé.

Robotic Garage Worthy of a Bond Villain

12 Robotic Garages Worthy of a Bond Villain Got a couple fancy cars and a couple million dollars to burn? If you do, you could probably use a robotic garage to store them in style. If not, just ogle these mechanical marvels our friends at Oobject found.

Even with O’s help

Labor union membership declined again in 2010:

The nation's labor unions saw another sharp decline in membership last year even as the economic recovery began and job losses slowed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says unions lost 612,000 members in 2010. That drops the unionized share of the work force to 11.9 percent from 12.3 percent in 2009.

In the private sector, union membership is down to 6.9 percent, "a low point not seen since the infancy of the labor movement in the 1930s." Unions continue to thrive only in monopoly environments, like professional sports and government.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics site contains more detail. Most notably, a majority of all union members are now in the public sector--7.6 million out of 14.7 million. It is also significant that union membership is highest among older workers and lowest among the youngest.

First-Grader Suspended for Brandishing Finger Gun

Once again we see that zero tolerance = zero intelligence:

OKLAHOMA CITY - The mother of a first-grade boy disciplined after making a gun gesture with his fingers while at school says the district overreacted.
Lydia Fox says the principal at Parkview Elementary called her earlier this month to say her 7-year-old son had misbehaved during a school assembly by pretending he was shooting a gun.
Fox says the principal told her the boy would be placed in in-school suspension for the rest of that day and threatened a longer suspension if it happened again.

At least the boy has learned a valuable lesson — that the grownups are insane.

Why England is doomed…

Insanity of Britain's Equality Act Continues to Unfold

If you want to work in Britain's public sector, it helps to be a pervert. Naturally Muslims and those of non-British origin are favored too:

Millions of teachers, nurses and policemen could be asked to disclose their sexuality, religion and race as part of a new Coalition equality drive.
Lib Dem equalities minister Lynne Featherstone says all public sector organisations should consider sending 'diversity monitoring forms' to staff to prove they are treating all sections of society fairly.

That is, to prove they are discriminating against normal British people.

If the numbers don't meet with Miss Featherstone's satisfaction, de facto quotas will inevitably follow. Job-seekers are advised to consider sex change operations:

Miss Featherstone supports sending staff a questionnaire about their sexuality and even whether they have had a sex change.

GE was a huge contributor and NBC and MSNBC did all they could, so this is the payoff

CLOSE TIES: Administration approves GENBCCOMCAST merger AND makes CEO Immelt part of Administration -- in same week!

Lessons from Tunisia

Tunisia is a predominantly Arab Muslim country, which make Ben Ali's skedaddle a bit unusual. Middle Eastern wiseguys used to claim that an Arab dictator departed in only one of two ways: by natural death or assassination in the wake of a coup d'etat when another faction of the ruling class decided to place its own strongman in power.

Tunisia 2011 offers another model. Ben Ali faced a popular national uprising spurred by mass anger at his two decades of misrule. He tried to suppress the revolt, and several dozen demonstrators were killed. Instead of dispersing in fear, however, the courageous crowds swelled. In an echo of Eastern Europe 1989, security forces were reluctant to fire on the demonstrators. Tunisian street police and soldiers identified with their grievances: contempt for Ben Ali, his brutal secret police and his regime's systemic corruption.

The regime also failed to suppress the demonstrators' political and operational communications. Credit digital technology. The demonstrators used the Internet to promote their cause and cell phones to coordinate their protests.

Tunisia's North African neighbors are worried. The strongmen and monarchs running Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Morocco fear that discontent may spread. Why? noted in a report issued after Ben Ali's exit that, "In most Arab countries, a group of able politicians makes deals with the wealthier families and agrees to run the place for their mutual benefit ... with the rest of the population considered ignorant peasants, to be manipulated and taxed indefinitely." With the Internet, however, the manipulated classes are no longer so ignorant. The authoritarians know they confront a social and political time bomb.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

WH caught in two large lies.

 Seattle Times: China’s “New” Jet Orders Anything But.
The claim: A White House fact sheet released Wednesday to coincide with the state visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao said: “In preparation for this visit, several large purchases have been approved including for 200 Boeing airplanes. … The approval, the final step in a $19 billion package of aircraft, will help Boeing maintain and expand its market share in the world’s fastest growing commercial aircraft market.”
What we found: The deal President Hu signed does not include any new jet orders.
Delivering the formal approval during Hu’s visit is designed to make the Chinese government appear responsive to U.S. concerns about the balance of trade.
However, all of the airplanes in the sale were announced and booked by Boeing as firm orders over the past four years. Chinese airlines had already paid nonrefundable deposits and signed contracts for the jets, most of them as far back as 2007.
Plus this: “The White House announcement said the total value of the orders was $19 billion. But that’s the list price, which airline customers never pay. Based on market data from aircraft-valuation consultancy Avitas, the actual price for those 200 planes is about $11 billion.”

The Adults began to fix healthcare.

House GOP begins long drive to dismantle Obamacare. “Everyone knows House Republicans (along with three Democrats) voted Wednesday to repeal Obamacare. But fewer people know what those same House Republicans — this time, with 14 Democrats — did Thursday. By a vote of 253 to 175, the GOP directed key House committees to report on ways to lower health care premiums, allow patients to keep their current health plans, increase access to coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and decrease the price of medical liability lawsuits. In other words, the committees are beginning work on replacing the House-repealed Obamacare with Republican health policies.”

Wetter is better than warmer, it appears.

Plants Moved Downhill, Not Up, in Warming World

West coast mountains. Researchers challenge a widely held assumption that plants will move uphill in response to warmer temperatures.

Between 1930 and 2000, instead of colonizing higher elevations to maintain a constant temperature, many California plant species instead moved downhill an average of 260 feet, said Jonathan Greenberg, an assistant project scientist at the UC Davis Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing.

"While the climate warmed significantly in this period, there was also more precipitation. These wetter conditions are allowing plants to exist in warmer locations than they were previously capable of," Greenberg said.

That is close. They only have to get lucky once.

Al-Qaeda plane bomb 17 minutes from going off

One of the al-Qaeda plane bombs from the Yemen discovered by security services was disarmed just 17 minutes before it was set to go off, it has been claimed.

Anwar Al-Awlaki: Al-Qaeda plane bomb 17 minutes from going off

Anwar Al-Awlaki; America and the war on Yemen - talking about Omar Farooq

Scotland Yard explosives officers found a device hidden in a printer cartridge at East Midlands Airport around 2pm last Friday and another device was found in Dubai.

The race against time to disarm the bombs was revealed by Brice Hortefeux, the French interior minister, who told French TV: "One of the packages was defused only 17 minutes before the moment that it was set to explode.”

Something about building your house upon the rocks and not upon the sand comes to mind.

The World is sinking: Dubai islands 'falling into the sea'

The islands were intended as the ultimate luxury possession, even for Dubai.

The World is sinking: Dubai islands 'falling into the sea'

"The islands are gradually falling back into the sea," Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, for Penguin Marine, said. The evidence showed "erosion and deterioration of The World islands", he added.

Breakthrough Laser Could Revolutionize Navy's Weaponry


The Navy has passed a major milestone in its quest to build an incredibly powerful new anti-aircraft gun.

Scientists with the Navy's Office of Naval Research have demonstrated a prototype system capable of producing from thin air the electrons needed to generate ultrapowerful, "megawatt-class" laser beams for the agency's next-generation system.

"The injector performed as we predicted all along," said Dinh Nguyen, senior project leader for the Free Electron Laser (FEL) program at the Los Alamos National Lab, N.M. "But until now, we didn't have the evidence to support our models. We were so happy to see our design, fabrication and testing efforts finally come to fruition."

He said the group is hoping to set a world record with the futuristic new weapon -- which could be the Holy Grail of military lasers.

FEL technology generates powerful laser beams by passing a stream of electrons -- those tiny, charged particles of matter -- through magnetic fields. Using electrons means avoiding the hassle of chemical fuels that are required for ordinary gas lasers, and bypassing the heating issue of electronic lasers. rcraft purposes, the Navy said, to adjust for precipitation, cloud cover, or humidity.

Quentin Saulter, FEL program manager for the Navy's research arm, said the implications of the FEL's progress are monumental. "This is a major leap forward for the program and for FEL technology throughout the Navy," Saulter said. "The fact that the team is nine months ahead of schedule provides us plenty of time to reach our goals by the end of 2011."

South Korea shows strength. We have not with these “pirates”

SKorea storms Somali pirates to rescue ship crew

Jan. 21: South Korean naval special forces prepare to rescue crew members from Somali pirates on cargo ship Samho Jewelry in the Arabian Sea.


Jan. 21: South Korean naval special forces prepare to rescue crew members from Somali pirates on cargo ship Samho Jewelry in the Arabian Sea.

SEOUL, South Korea –  South Korean special forces stormed a hijacked freighter in the Arabian Sea on Friday, rescuing all 21 crew members and killing eight assailants in a rare and bold raid on Somali pirates, South Korea said.

The military operation in waters between Oman and Africa, which also captured five pirates and left one crew member wounded, came a week after the Somali attackers seized the South Korean freighter and held hostage eight South Koreans, two Indonesians and 11 citizens from Myanmar.

"We will not tolerate any behavior that threatens the lives and safety of our people in the future," South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said in a brief televised statement, adding that the rescue was a "perfect operation."

I thought the entire Birther thing was, well crazy. But this is extraordinary. It exists but he can’t produce it?

Hawaii Governor Claims Record of Obama's Birth 'Exists in Archives' But Can't Produce the Vital Document


Pressure was mounting on Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie today amid increasing confusion over whether President Obama was born there.
Abercrombie said on Tuesday that an investigation had unearthed papers proving Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.
He told Honolulu's Star-Advertiser: 'It actually exists in the archives, written down,' he said.

Not a chance.

FNC Screen Grab

The Left Gets Vicious Over Obamacare Repeal ... Will the President Condemn Them?

American ingenuity has no match

Beer-Dispensing System Will End Ballpark Lines


For anyone who has ever waited for what seems like hours while concession workers laboriously fill plastic cup after plastic cup with delicious, overpriced ballpark beer, the geniuses at GrinOn Industries have unveiled their Bottoms Up system, which revolutionizes the process. The gimmick? Beer that flows into the cup from the bottom.

It’s all based on magnets — how do they work? — that open up a valve on the underside of the cup when it’s placed on the Bottoms Up beer-dispensing unit. Once the beer (flowing in at a tremendously faster pace than scientists or drunk ballpark patrons ever assumed possible) fills the cup enough, the valve closes and all you have to pop the cup off the stand and off you go, legal drinker.

Media continues to catch up to the DailyBrisk

2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Hosts the Man Who Has Imprisoned the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

The American media has no moral compass at all.

Shackleton's 100-year-old whiskey unearthed in Anarctica, soon to be drunk

Shackleton's 100-year-old whiskey unearthed in Anarctica, soon to be drunk

Historians brought three bottles of hundred-year-old whiskey back from a cache of supplies left during one of famed explorer Shackleton's expeditions to Antarctica. A whiskey manufacturer vows to open and taste them - for science, of course.

Sir Ernest Shackleton spent a lot of time in the Antarctic in the early part of the twentieth century, and he left a lot of stuff behind. On one infamous mission in 1914, he left an entire ship behind, albeit only in wreckage. Shackleton's ship, The Endurance, was trapped in the Antarctic ice, and crushed between floes. Amazingly, despite being trapped in ice, and later on the uninhabited Elephant Island for a year, every member of the party survived.

Now some of the things Shackleton left behind on an earlier mission are being brought home. In 1908, a younger Shackleton was racing to get to the South Pole. He and his crew landed in Antarctica and set up a little hut to shelter the group and store supplies. Beneath the floor boards of the hut, they placed two crates of whiskey and two crates of brandy, neither of which they took back with them. Three bottles of the whiskey were found last year, and recently have been returned to Whyte and Mackay, the original manufacturer of the whiskey. Whyte and Mackay will give the bottles over to their master blender to be sniffed, tasted and tested. The bottles are over a hundred years old, manufactured in the late 1890s, and its makers believe that seeing how it held up after around a century at below 30 degrees celsius will be of great informational value.

There is no word, at this time, as to how one becomes the 'master blender' of Whyte and Mackay.

Understanding China


A Portrait Of Hyper-Urbanization: Shanghai 1990 vs. Shanghai 2010

Compare these skyline views of Shanghai in 1990 vs. last year in 2010. It's amazing how quickly urban structures can evolve. (via Nils Gilman)

How Creed Saved a Norwegian Boy From a Pack of Wolves

How Creed Saved a Norwegian Boy From a Pack of Wolves

Earlier this week, in the Norwegian town of Rakkestad, 13-year-old Walter Eikrem was walking home from school when he crossed paths with a pack of wolves. With his life on the line, he had to think quick. He blasted Creed.

How Creed Saved a Norwegian Boy From a Pack of Wolves"At first, I thought it might have been the neighbor's dogs," Walter told a Norwegian TV station after the incident. In fact, all alone amongst the sloping, snowy hills that separated his school from his family's farmhouse, he was about to encounter four wild wolves.

Fearing that they were getting ready to attack, Walter remained calm, remembering his mother's exhortation not to run away if he ever encountered the animals in the wild. So he stood his ground and figured he might be able to scare the animals off with the music from his cell phone. He yanked out his earbuds. Out blared Creed's Christian rock anthem "Overcome."
How Creed Saved a Norwegian Boy From a Pack of Wolves
Walter waved his arms wildly and screamed at the top of his lungs along with the music, and sure enough, the wolves turned around and walked the other way. I'm sure Creed has saved many fans in its career but never quite like this



This Snowman Survived A Journey To The Desert—In A Cardboard Box

This cute little snowman survived a 5,314 mile journey from Japan to the desert of Bahrain without any refrigeration. The only things keeping him alive in his cardboard box were some new vacuum insulation panels designed by Panasonic

Media starts to catch up to the DailyBrisk

OUCH: “The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner hosted a dinner for the guy holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner in prison … and the media does not get the irony of this at all.”

Greg is a professor of Economics at Harvard.


I have a plan to reduce the budget deficit. The essence of the plan is the federal government writing me a check for $1 billion. The plan will be financed by $3 billion of tax increases. According to my back-of-the envelope calculations, giving me that $1 billion will reduce the budget deficit by $2 billion.

Now, you may be tempted to say that giving me that $1 billion will not really reduce the budget deficit. Rather, you might say, it is the tax increases, which have nothing to do with my handout, that are reducing the budget deficit. But if you are tempted by that kind of sloppy thinking, you have not been following the debate over healthcare reform.

Healthcare reform, its advocates tell us, is fiscal reform. The healthcare reform bill passed last year increased government spending to cover the uninsured, but it also reduced the budget deficit by increasing various taxes as well. Because of this bill, the advocates say, the federal government is on a sounder fiscal footing. Repealing it, they say, would make the budget deficit worse.

So, by that logic, giving me $1 billion is fiscal reform as well. To be honest, I don’t really need the money. But if I can help promote long-term fiscal sustainability, I am ready to do my part.

CNN continues to go south

CABLE NEWS WARS: Piers Morgan slips to third place on third night...

Wow! Who would have thought up this one?

Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyoncé In Musical Version Of 'STAR IS BORN'...

This is why the bond market is tanking.



Poll: Heavy majority says deficit needs “immediate action”

ixty-four percent say they are very concerned the deficit will create hardship in the future, and another 26 percent are somewhat concerned. Just eight percent say they are not concerned.

Interesting. Also one of the first research article to talk about the effect of porn.

Why women have trouble finding a good man

Researchers found that since women in the 18- to 23-year-old group feel they don't need men for financial dependence, many of them feel they can play around with multiple partners without consequence, and that the early 20s isn't the time to have a serious relationship. But eventually, they do come to want a real, lasting relationship. The problem is that there will still be women who will have sex readily without commitment, and since men know this, fewer of them are willing to go steady.

"Women have plenty of freedom, but freedom does not translate easily into getting what you want," Regnerus said.

The wide availability of pornography has also influenced the dynamics of relations between men and women, Regnerus said. A segment of 20-something men are content to have their sexual experiences by themselves, removing them from the pool of available partners. That means high-quality men - likely those who want monogamous, committed relationships - are still eligible for dating, but the overall dating pool has shrunk, meaning some women will be left unsatisfactorily single.