Friday, February 4, 2011

Quote Of The Day...or... Biting the Hand That Feeds You ...From Paris

"After taxes, energy royalties are the Governments biggest source of revenue."--Senator David Vitter of Louisiana

An Approving Queen...From Paris

Reported today on Drudge: "The Queen has enjoyed a private screening of the film and was said to be touched by Firth's portrayal of her late father.

Firth has the starring role in the film about the King's attempts to overcome his acute stutter in the lead up to his coronation in 1936. Queen Elizabeth features in the film as a young girl and is played by Freya Wilson.  Palace sources said the current monarch found the portrayal 'moving'.

'The Queen loves a good film,' the source told The Sun."

Beautiful movie.  Beautiful preformances.  Don't take Paris' word for it.  You now have the Queen's stamp of approval.

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You won't find a more naked example of the corruption inherent in crony capitalism than Comrade Obama's symbiotic relationship with GE, which used its control of MSNBC to create a pro-Obama megaphone conspicuous even among the liberal media for the servility of its partisan propaganda. The devotion of GE/MSNBC talking heads and executives has been reminiscent of groveling toadies in fascist and communist regimes.

In return, Obama has pushed green energy boondoggles from which GE stands to make massive fortunes at the cost of affordable energy for the public. He has appointed CEO Jeffrey Immelt head of his economic advisory board. Now this:

Last month, the Obama EPA began enforcing new rules regulating the greenhouse gas emissions from any new or expanded power plants.

Nasty Pelousy managed to ram these new rules through the House as Cap & Trade. But they are so onerous, pointless, and economically destructive that they couldn't get through the Senate, despite Democrat control. So Obama is imposing them through the unaccountable EPA bureaucracy instead.

However, as the unions granted exemptions from ObamaCare can tell you, rules don't apply to Obama's friends. The Washington Examiner quotes subscription only Environment & Energy News:

The Obama administration will spare a stalled power plant project in California from the newest federal limits on greenhouse gases and conventional air pollution, U.S. EPA says in a new court filing that marks a policy shift in the face of industry groups and Republicans accusing the agency of holding up construction of large industrial facilities.
According to a declaration by air chief Gina McCarthy, officials reviewed EPA policies and decided it was appropriate to "grandfather" projects such as the Avenal Power Center, a proposed 600-megawatt power plant in the San Joaquin Valley, so they are exempted from rules such as new air quality standards for smog-forming nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Why the sudden reasonableness toward Avenal Power Center, despite Obama's promise to make energy prices skyrocket by choking off supply? Probably because it plans to use turbines purchased from GE.


No reason not to do this for the whole country.

Christie vetoes Planned Parenthood funding


Winston Churchill was interested in intelligence back in 1909.

But this was because he was intelligent. Intelligence helped Churchill figure out what was going on in the world. The intelligence had to be good. And it was.

No point being wrong about Iranian nuclear bombs or surprised by rioting in Cairo or many other life and death issues.

Finest Hour, The Journal of Winston Churchill, Number 149, has just arrived from Chicago, and inside is a piece on Churchill's intelligence apparatus, which famously kept him informed about Nazi Germany during the 1930s and on Soviet spies in Europe after the war. One of the countless telegrams Churchill received read:


Clear as glass to Churchill. David Stafford explains the telegram and the intensity of Churchill's influence on Britain's infant secret service and subsequent development.

Intelligence personnel have been given the mission of keeping us safe. One of them, Stella Riminto, former Director General of MI5, was also a defender of liberty.

She famously said that our elected representatives should be "recognising risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state".

China is not as strong as you have been lead to believe.

Underground world hints at China's coming crisis

To understand how far ordinary Chinese have been priced out of their country's property market, you need to look not upwards at the Beijing's shimmering high-rise skyline, but down, far below the bustling streets where nearly 20m people live and work.

There, in the city's vast network of unused air defence bunkers, as many as a million people live in small, windowless rooms that rent for £30 to £50 a month, which is as much as many of the city's army of migrant labourers can afford.

In a Beijing suburb, beneath one of the thousands of faceless residential tower blocks that have carpeted the city's peripheries in a decade-long building frenzy, one of Beijing's "bomb shelter hoteliers", as they are known, agrees to show us his wares.

Dems do not want to cut spending

Harkin Calls On Lobbyists To Fight Spending Cuts.

Part of New Zealand's Submerged 'Pink Terraces' Found

ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2011) — They were called the Eighth Wonder of the World. Until the late 19th century, New Zealand's Pink and White Terraces along Lake Rotomahana on the North Island, attracted tourists from around the world, interested in seeing the beautiful natural formations created by a large geothermal system. But the eruption of Mt. Tarawera on June 10, 1886, buried the terraces in sediment and caused the lake basin to enlarge, engulfing the land where the terraces stood. For more than a century, people have speculated whether any part of the Pink and White Terraces survived the eruption.

Cool and surprising

Glass jar. Researchers have determined that it's possible to melt glass -- not by heating it, but by cooling it to a temperature near absolute zero.

Scientists Use Quantum Mechanics to Show That Glass Will Melt Near Absolute Zero

ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2011) — Quantum mechanics, developed in the 1920s, has had an enormous impact in explaining how matter works. The elementary particles that make up different forms of matter -- such as electrons, protons, neutrons and photons -- are well understood within the model quantum physics provides. Even now, some 90 years later, new scientific principles in quantum physics are being described. The most recent gives the world a glimpse into the seemingly impossible.

From Andy. Shows the lack of seriousness

The President ordered the cabinet to cut a whopping $100 million from the $3.5 trillion federal budget!

I'm so impressed by this sacrifice that I have decided to do the same thing with my personal budget. I spend about $2000 a month on groceries, medicine, bills, etc., but it's time to get out the budget cutting ax, go line by line through my expenses, and go to work. 

I'm going to cut my spending at exactly the same ratio -1/35,000 of my total budget. After doing the math, it looks like instead of spending $2000 a month; I'm going to have to cut that number by six cents!

Beyond Hollywood

One Gurkha, 40 Bandits, No Contest

February 3, 2011: For the last five months, India has been celebrating and honoring a retired Gurkha soldier (Bishnu Shrestha) who, singlehandedly killed three bandits, wounded eight and drove off another 30. Snce then Shrestha has been given medals, cash and accolades for his outstanding valor and prowess. The Indian Gurkha regiment he recently retired from persuaded him to return to active duty so he could receive a cash award and a promotion. Bishnu Shrestha's father had also served with the same unit, and retired from it 29 years ago.

All this occurred because Bishnu Shrestha was on a train where about forty bandits, pretending to be passengers, suddenly revealed themselves, and, armed with knives, swords and pistols, stopped the train in the jungle, and proceeded to rob the hundreds of passengers. When the bandits reached Shrestha, he was ready to give up his valuables, but then the 18 year old girl sitting next to him was grabbed by the robbers, who wanted to rape her. The girl, who knew Shrestha was a retired soldier, appealed to him for help. So he pulled out the large, curved khukuri knife that all Gurkha soldiers (and many Gurkha civilians) carry, and went after the bandits. In the narrow aisle of the train, a trained fighter like Shrestha had the advantage. Although some of the bandits had pistols, they were either fake (a common ploy in India), inoperable, or handled by a man who didn't want to get too close to an angry Gurkha. After about ten minutes of fighting in the train aisles, eleven bandits were dead or wounded, and the rest of them decided to drop their loot (200 cell phones, 40 laptops, lots of jewelry, and nearly $10,000 in cash) and flee

The Reagan Recovery is in Blue, The Obama record in Red


Has he ever been ahead of the curve?

CIA Official: Obama was Briefed on Egypt Instability Late Last Year

He is making it worse, but this problem goes back to Enviros who have been against not just coal plants, but nukes and natural gas plants as well. It is the result of a long successful effort to cripple the power industry. Even if we green lighted today, it will take years before we can have the power we need. Simply put, 310 million Americans need more power than 200 million.

PoliticsObama’s Blocking of New Power Plants Triggers Nationwide Blackouts?

The rolling blackouts now being implemented in Texas and across the country as record cold weather grips the United States are a direct consequence of the Obama administration’s agenda to lay siege to the coal industry,

The dirty secret: Dems do not want to cut gov’t spending.

CHANGE: Senate Dems Reject GOP Budget Proposal, Warn Against Government Shutdown.

If they think that cutting a mere $74 billion out of the bloated federal budget is “draconian,” they’re really out of touch with reality.

It is also PC that keeps the gov’t from calling this what it really was: Islamic Murder.

SHOCKER: Report: Political Correctness Prevented FBI, DoD from Stopping Maj. Hasan. Well, if by “shocker” you mean “yeah, everybody already figured this out, but thanks.”

Is the Gov’t cooking the numbers?

HMM: UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS BUT WITHOUT NEW JOBS: “The unemployment rate dropped sharply last month to 9 percent, the lowest level in nearly two years. But the economy generated only 36,000 net new jobs, the fewest in four months.” Does this mean that most of the “fall” came from discouraged workers dropping out of the workforce? That would explain the difference between this and the Gallup survey, which showed unemployment rising to 9.8% instead of falling.

this day in tech – Not long at all.

Feb 4, 2004: You've Got a 'Friend' in TheFacebook

We need a lot more of this


Gov. Christie to State Workers: 'The Party Is Over'

This was always high on the BS meter.


Cell Phones Don't Crash Airplanes

No one wants their plane to crash, and no one wants to cause a scene during a flight. So, diligent passengers that we are, we turn off our gadgets when we're told to. But no one's dying if you don't.


A Perfect Definition of Facebook


Obesity Has Doubled Since 1980, Major Global Analysis of Risk Factors Reveals

ScienceDaily (Feb. 3, 2011) — The worldwide prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled since 1980, according to a major study on how three important heart disease risk factors have changed across the world over the last three decades. The study, published February 4 in three papers in the Lancet, looked at all available global data to assess how body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol changed between 1980 and 2008.

Corruption and racial spoil system did more than Katrina.

Census: A third of New Orleans population lost in past decade...

Where not drilling, not building, leads.

NM declares state of emergency over natural gas shortage...
TX residents asked to limit use...
Outage in AZ...
San Diego shortage...
Usage at record high in UT...
CA utility told to cut pipeline pressures...
SHELL oil postpones drilling in Arctic; Dem Sen. blames White House...
Mexico cancels offer to send electricity...
Obama's Blocking Of New Plants Triggers Nationwide Blackouts?

9.0% +36,000 JOBS
[CANADA +69,200]