Thursday, February 10, 2011

Babies ...From Paris

By Amy Keyishian

"We're sure you've seen the Anne Geddes baby images: A preternaturally tiny infant lays nestled in a leaf, a pod, or cupped hands, looking lush and mysterious.

The unusual surroundings somehow look hyper-natural, the delicate baby flowering like a bud, begging you to reach out and stroke that super-soft skin.

Whether you love them or find them deeply creepy, you've got to admit -- Anne Geddes' baby photographs are effective and oddly sensual.

But I'd never stopped to think what it'd be like to be one of those babies till I spoke to Maneesha, who has been photographed by Geddes at least four times: at birth (that's her, above!), at age 4, 12 and now at 17, holding another tiny baby."...(to be continued)

Death Knell For Multiculturalism?

Today French President Nicolas Sarkozy joined Germany's Angela Merkel and Britain's David Cameron in pronouncing multiculturalism a failure:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

"We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him," he said in a television interview in which he declared the concept a "failure."

This is one more area in which the United States under the Obama administration is behind the curve

DoJ just gets worse and worse

At Obama's Department of Justice, It Is Politics First

The Department of Justice under Barack Obama and Eric Holder has been politicized to an alarming degree, as we have noted on many occasions. Today Chris Adams at Pajamas Media revealed another bombshell: the DOJ is systematically discriminating against "unfriendly" sources in responding (or not responding) to requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Adams spells out the pattern in specific detail; here is the conclusion:

Eric Holder's Justice Department has even politicized compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. According to documents I have obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if they are fulfilled at all.

At Barack Obama's Department of Justice, it is politics, not justice, that comes first.

Deanell Reece Tacha Named Dean at Pepperdine School of Law


Judge Deanell Reece Tacha of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, former Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at Kansas, has been named Dean at Pepperdine, effective June 1. From the Pepperdine press release

Judge Tacha’s appointment follows a nine-month national search to replace former Dean Kenneth W. Starr who was named President of Baylor University in June of 2010.

It has been a great two days at Pepperdine: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke yesterday at the law school on Foreign Policy in a Post-9/11 World.

Yesterday she wanted to outlaw the word HATE. Today she believes…well not exactly sure what she means, but does seem a bit over stated.

Pelosi Says GOP Believes 'All Engagement Has to Result in a Child'


Pelosi vows huge fight against GOP over abortion

Nancy Pelosi's extremely blunt assessments of the true motives of Republicans are why her supporters love her and her enemies hate her with equal passion, and on a conference call with bloggers just now, she unleashed a slashing attack on the House GOP's new anti-abortion push that may churn up emotions on both sides.

What? They want more unemployment?

CBO Director: Obama Health Law Will Cost 800,000 Jobs


Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000.

Not sure why the View is bring up the question. But whether someone lies to get elected would matter to most.

  • Obama Rumors Throw 'View' Ladies Into Frenzy: 'It Doesn’t Matter If He’s a Muslim



Mubarak says sorry to victims, amends constitution...
...will not accept foreign dictation whatever the justification
Will delegate 'powers' to Vice President Omar Suleiman...
Witnesses in Tahrir Square wave shoes in dismay at speech...

CIA Panetta Confused: Said Strong likelihood Mubarak would step down tonight...


Even MSNBC could not swallow this.

U.S. Director of National Intelligence: The Muslim Brotherhood is … “largely secular”; Update: Video added; Update: MSNBC analyst in disbelief

US Intelligence got this wrong, as well as the MSM


URGENT:Mubarak to Stay for Now, Passes Authority to Vice President

Why do we give money away when we are going broke? They just don’t get it.

U.S. Footing $100M Bill for U.N. Security Upgrade

United Nations headquarters in New York.

Months after top New York City officials expressed intense behind-the-scenes frustration at the security vulnerabilities at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, the U.N. is now planning to spend $100 million -- donated by the U.S. -- on the upgrade.

That has created a new controversy: critics want to know why the U.S. is footing the entire bill, and why that money is not being credited against U.S. dues for the following year.

Broiled Pizza


A REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY: BROILED PIZZA: “The only equipment you’ll need is a cast-iron skillet and your oven’s broiler. You’ll preheat the skillet on the stove over the highest possible heat for 20 minutes, then put the pan under the broiler upside down. A pizza slides on top of the pan’s underside, and goes under the broiler for just 1 minute and 35 seconds. It comes out cooked through and bubbling, with artfully charred edges and crust (right) and a chewy inside. And you’ll be amazed.”

Oh boy! They are getting ready to sell out. This is like saying Hamas pursues secular ends.

Obama's Intel Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Non-Violent, 'Secular' Group


During a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Egypt's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement "largely secular." 

"They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera.....In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally."

Why England is doomed….

Muslim Students in UK Taught to Chop Off Hands of Thieves, Hate Jews


Islamic schools across Britain are reportedly teaching their students how to cut off thieves' hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world.

One textbook given to 15-year-old students outlines physical punishments for violating Shariah law, according to BBC.

"For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence," the book says.

Diagrams are given to teenagers detailing where the amputations should be made, The Telegraph reports.

Good. We need more fresh, non Washingtonian, faces.

Jon Kyl, No. 2 Republican In Senate, Calls It Quits

URGENT: Three-term Senate minority whip from Arizona announces he will give up his seat

Don’t hear much about this

CUBA: In the month of January there were 268 arbitrary arrests and detentions of peaceful opposition members in Cuba by Castro State Security.

No wonder he want Olbermann

Gore's CURRENT TV averages 18,000 homes in primetime...

Current averaged 18,000 homes in primetime for fourth quarter 2010, lower than any other network measured by Nielsen.

He does not get it. Private Enterprise can do this faster and cheaper without the Gov’t. (PS, maybe GE is in this somewhere?) And Trump shows there are ways to cut spending and raise revenue without killing our economy.

Addict: Obama Wants to Spend $10 Billion on Wireless Internet

. The budget will call for $10.7 billion to be invested in developing a wireless network to support public safety agencies, the White House said.


Trump: Kill Department of Ed, Slap 25% Tariff on China Imports

Icelandic volcano 'set to erupt'

Scientists in Iceland are warning that another volcano looks set to erupt and threatening to spew-out a pall of dust that would dwarf last year's event.

Scientists in Iceland are warning that another volcano looks set to erupt and threatening to spew-out a pall of dust that would dwarf last year's event.

Lava and ash explode out of the caldera of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Geologists detected the high risk of a new eruption after evaluating an increased swarm of earthquakes around the island's second largest volcano.

Sounds like a lecture to the troops

Michelle Obama Holds 'Listen-Only,' 'Invitation Only' Conference Calls for Media...

Coldest January since 1994 in USA...Sorry Al.

Georgia eyes coldest winter ever...


More important than Repub or Dem is getting rid of the Washingtonians. We to send Americans who will come home when the work is done.

Freshman GOP to leadership: Business as usual is over

Read — and debate — the bills.

Diet Soda Bad

Drinking diet soda daily is linked to a higher risk of stroke, heart attack and vascular-related deaths, according to new research. High salt intake may double the risk of ischemic stroke, independent of sodium's role in hypertension

In findings involving 2,564 people in the large, multi-ethnic Northern Manhattan Study (NOMAS), scientists said people who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of vascular events than those who reported no soda drinking.

Works, very well.

February 10, 2011: Three months after the first five XM-25 grenade launchers arrived in Afghanistan, and after only 55 25mm rounds were fired in combat, the troops don't want to give these new weapons up. The XM-25s work as advertised, firing "smart rounds" that explode over the heads of Taliban hiding behind rocks or walls, or hiding in a cave or  room. Enemy machine-guns have been quickly knocked out of action and ambushes quickly disrupted with a few 25mm shells. Encounters that might go on for 15 minutes or longer, as U.S. troops exchange fire with hidden Taliban, end in minutes after a few 25mm, computer controlled, rounds are fired from the XM-25. While American infantry love gadgets, they are very eager about electronics that helps them in combat. The XM-25 is all that, and the troops want more. In response, the U.S. Army decided to let the paratroopers keep the five XM-25s, and to speed up construction of an additional 36. The word has gotten around in Afghanistan, and every combat units there is asking for XM-25s.

1 Dead, 5 Missing in Pa. Gas Blast

URGENT: At least one person killed after natural gas explosion destroys row of homes in Allentown, Pa.

'Lay Down Your Tools' – N.Y. Construction Worker Leads Movement Against Ground Zero Mosque

AP File

Construction worker and lifelong New Yorker Andy Sullivan has taken opposition to the Park51 mosque - slated to be built next to Ground Zero - into his own hands. Sullivan has led the call to get his fellow construction workers to lay down their tools and boycott construction of the mosque.

These were the saner ones

The world's sexiest, kinkiest and strangest hotels

The world's sexiest hotels

Pocono Palace, USA

Now you're talking. Who wouldn't be enticed by the idea of a bathing with their loved one in a giant Champagne glass?

The world's sexiest hotels

3.14, Cannes

Named after the mathematical constant pi (we've no idea why), the intimate 3.14 hotel is located in the heart of glamorous Cannes.

Its five suites are each themed around a different continent, including "Europe" (pictured), designed to represent Paris during the Belle Epoque. The room is scented with roses and cedarwood, which is supposed to transport guests "into the feverish lifestyle of the City of Light and the cabarets in Montmartre".

The world's sexiest hotels

The Hempel, London

The best room in this minimalists' paradise is the suggestively-titled "Lioness's Den". Its centrepiece is a platform bed suspended from the ceiling by metal rods and surrounded by candles.

Proud of having 12 year olds kill

Twelve-year-old suicide bomber kills 31 in Pakistan

A 12-year-old boy dressed in school uniform blew himself up killing 31 army recruits in north-west Pakistan.

Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the Pakistan Taliban, said his organisation was responsible.

“We proudly claim this suicide attack,” he told the AFP news agency by telephone from an undisclosed location.

Now if O will just stay out of the way

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US. “A new drilling technique is opening up vast fields of previously out-of-reach oil in the western United States, helping reverse a two-decade decline in domestic production of crude. Companies are investing billions of dollars to get at oil deposits scattered across North Dakota, Colorado, Texas and California. By 2015, oil executives and analysts say, the new fields could yield as much as 2 million barrels of oil a day — more than the entire Gulf of Mexico produces now.”

Oprah seems to be in free fall. Perhaps she could discover a long lost sister…or something.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Ratings Keep Falling; Now Well Below Discovery Health Women 25-54 Averages

In its fifth full week of programming (1/31-2/6), OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network was down 17% vs. last week with last week among women 25-54 in total day (40,000 vs. 48,000), and down 34% among women 25-54 in primetime (54,000 vs. 82,000).

OWN is now well below last year’s women 25-54 averages for Discovery Health . OWN replaced Discovery Health which averaged 51,000 W25-54 Total Day, and 84,000 W25-54 in Prime Time during 2010.

Not fitting the MSM narrative.

SARAH PALIN: Gays Should Be Welcome At CPAC. I don’t know why anyone’s surprised at this — her record as Alaska Governor was pretty gay-friendly.

Another day, another Moslem, trying to kill

Baltimore man accused of plotting to blow up military recruiting station in Md.

A Baltimore construction worker was charged Wednesday with plotting to blow up a military recruiting station in Maryland after the FBI learned of his radical leanings on Facebook, joined his plot and supplied him with a fake car bomb that he tried to detonate, federal officials said.

Antonio Martinez, 21, a U.S. citizen who recently converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Hussain, declared on his Facebook page that he hates “Any 1 who opposes Allah.”

DoJ use to be an institution to be proud of. Today it is corrupt. Not $$ corrupt, but politically corrupt.

BLACK PANTHER CASE UPDATE: Freedom of Information Act FlimFlams at the DoJ?

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has even politicized compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. According to documents I have obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if they are fulfilled at all.

Does Islam have much in common with religions?

Does Islam really have much in common with other religions, not just Judaism and Christianity, but Hinduism, Buddhism and others? Liberals generally believe that all religions are more or less the same, but is that really true?

This is the kind of news story that makes one wonder. In Bangladesh, a fourteen year old girl was raped, then flogged by order of Islamic religious authorities, and died:

The High Court yesterday ordered district officials in Shariatpur to explain why they failed to protect 14-year-old rape victim Hena from being whipped to death as per a fatwa on Monday. ...

The reports said Hena was raped by her 40-year-old relative Mahbub on Sunday. Next day, a fatwa was announced at a village arbitration that she must be given 100 lashes. She fell unconscious after nearly 80 lashes.

Fatally injured Hena was rushed to Naria health complex where she succumbed to her injuries.

In Islam, those who are the most devout are the most barbaric. It is inconceivable that leaders of any other religion would order a fourteen-year-old rape victim to be whipped to death

Super Food

Cocoa pods and chocolate.

Chocolate Is a 'Super Fruit': Rich Source of Antioxidants

ScienceDaily (Feb. 10, 2011) — It is widely known that fruit contains antioxidants which may be beneficial to health. New research published in the open access journal Chemistry Central Journal demonstrates that chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants and contains more polyphenols and flavanols than fruit juice.

When they compared the amount of antioxidants, per serving, of dark chocolate, cocoa, hot chocolate mix and fruit juices they found that both dark chocolate and cocoa had a greater antioxidant capacity and a greater total flavanol, and polyphenol, content than the fruit juices. However hot chocolate, due to processing (alkalization) of the chocolate, contained little of any.

From Jeff. When we were in Egypt, after the bombing but before the unrest, our Coptic interpreter would not speak about the government or religion in front of our Moslem driver. Privately he complained bitterly about religious discrimination by the Moslems. However, that would not explain why the Moslems are protesting.

The Question

Religious Undertones in Egyptian Protests?

Over the past decade, Egyptian Copts have fallen victim to increasing discrimination and persecution, most recently with the January 1 suicide church bombing that killed at least 21 people and injured dozens more. Do the current anti-government demonstrations in Cairo have religious undertones?

No comment on our shirtless wonder, but can anyone remember the Dems policing themselves?

Married Congressman sends 'Shirtless Photo' to CRAIGSLIST catch; RESIGNS...

Had Been Called Out By Boehner For Inappropriate Conduct With Female Lobbyists...


Cold Weather Could Bring Return To Rolling Blackouts For TX...
Frigid air, snow, worry ranchers in Plains, South...
Coldest January since 1994 in USA...

Inhofe tells EPA administrator global warming is a 'hoax'...

When you are weak…


Repubs falling back into their old spending ways.

Revolt” over: House GOP leadership agrees to caucus’s demands to cut spending by $100 billion