Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Power ...From Paris

Ann Althouse has a fabulous blog.  If you go to Ann's blog you'll see "Ann Althouse: I'm a law professor... and sometimes I write about law." Ann is beautiful; articulate; cool.  SUPER cool.    

If you go to Ann's blog, you'll see her favorite links.  One of her links is The Sartorialist.  A great fashion blog with photos of New York street fashion; voted one of Time magazine's 100 most important fashion influences.  The Sartorialist is a collection of fashion forward  moments.  

Blogs share critically important information.  They also share fantastic frivolous moments. 


Fabulously Frivolous Fashion (The Sartarialist) ...From Paris


Gov Chides Dems in Budget Standoff

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker calls on 14 Senate Dems to do their jobs after they flee the state instead of voting on bill that would end collective bargaining for most public employees to help close state's $3.6 billion budget gap.

That is two governors.

Alaska Governor Says He Won't Enact the Federal Health Care Overhaul; Says it Would Violate His Oath

The don’t want cuts, they don’t want to give up power.

DNC Caught Organizing Wisconsin Protests

AWOL Wisconsin Dem Calls into CNN with List of Demands

AWOL Wisconsin Dems Found at Illinois!

Union Violence in Wisconsin, Arrest Made

Goals have been met with 10% unemployment and inflation. Plus O’s budget is unsustainable – Geithner.

Carney: Stimulus 'Goals Have Been Met'...
GALLUP: Unemployement hits 10%...
Inflation Continues to Creep Higher; Jobless Claims Up...

Geithner: Obligations in President's Budget 'Unsustainable'...

Bad moms

Children of Working Moms Face More Health Problems, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Feb. 16, 2011) — Children of working mothers are significantly more likely to experience health problems, including asthma and accidents, than children of mothers who don't work outside the home, according to new research from North Carolina State University.

The study looked at the health of school-age children who have at least one younger sibling. When a mother works, the study found, it leads to a 200 percent increase in the child's risk of having each of three different adverse health events: overnight hospitalizations, asthma episodes, and injuries or poisonings.

When you lose the MSM…

ABC News Calls Obama Budget Claim 'Factually Incorrect'


ABC News' Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller report: In an interview with ABC News’ Cincinnati affiliate WCPO-TV WednesdayIn an , President Obama said that his “budget freezes spending for five years, and what that does is it solves the short-term problem by saying, we’re not going to spend any more money than we’re taking in.”

That is factually incorrect. Even after the president’s proposed budget – with its optimistic prediction of 3.9% growth – achieves a point, in 2017, when spending is roughly equivalent to taxes coming into the government, the U.S. government will continue to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars a year to pay for interest on the national debt accrued until that point – including debt racked up during the Obama presidency.

Wisconsin becomes the center of the storm

Missing in Wisconsin: Dems Disappear, Not Showing Up to Vote

Elites vs the people

New Gov. takes on State Employees Unions...
Madison schools, others closed amid call for demonstrations...
1,100 teachers call in 'sick'...
Obama: 'Assault'...
Rep.: 'Like Cairo Moved To Madison'...
PAPER: 'Unions want to overturn election result'...


Don’t know about “never” but certainly in our life time. Project weakness and this is what happens.

TYRANTS TAKING HOSTAGES: “It’s never been more dangerous to be an American abroad.”

Jobs – where are they?

IS YOUR JOB AN ENDANGERED SPECIES? “So where the heck are all the jobs? Eight-hundred billion in stimulus and $2 trillion in dollar-printing and all we got were a lousy 36,000 jobs last month. That’s not even enough to absorb population growth.”

Inconsistency explained.

Reader Dave Gamble notes an inconsistency in terms of how the politico/media establishment deals with the budget crisis — certain to come — versus global warming — a possibility:

“Somehow protecting future generations from possibly having to endure the hardship of an extra tenth of a degree over the next century is a high moral calling, while fighting against the certainty of mortgaging their financial future with trillions in government debt is the work of the devil. Odd.”


Not so odd when you realize that “climate change” measures increase the power of the political class, while budget cuts reduce it.

Why is every increase “much larger” than expected?

Unemployment Benefits Jump to 410,000


WASHINGTON (AP) - More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, one week after claims had fallen to the lowest level in nearly three years.

The Labor Department says 410,000 people sought unemployment assistance last week, a jump of 25,000 from the previous week. The rise was much larger than economists had expected.

Business News. European do seem to be buying up American alcohol companies, Miller, Budweiser and I believe the Bacardi brand as well.

Diageo and Pernod line up for Fortune Brands's $10bn spirits business

Diageo and Pernod Ricard are vying to buy the $10bn (£6.3bn) spirits business of US listed Fortune Brands, in what will become one of the biggest consolidating moves in the drinks industry for the past decade.

Diageo and Pernod line up for Fortune Brands's $10bn spirits business

Diageo could could leverage its immense distribution network to turn bourbon label Jim Beam into a global rival to Jack Daniels

Anytime the gov’t tries to limit your access to information, you should be very afraid. Does not matter if you are left or right on this one.

FCC's Michael Copps Demands His Critics Be Silenced

Few distinguish themselves for their open belligerence toward our fundamental liberties as Michael Copps, Obama’s Chairman of the FCC:

Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps made a case for a government hand in media policy in a speech to the FCBA [Federal Communications Bar Association] on Tuesday.
"The commission can act now. It should have acted on the media before now. I am disappointed that it has not," he said.
The decline of "real journalism" justifies federal involvement, according to Copps. …
The Democratic commissioner pointed to Fox News' Bernie Goldberg and Bill O'Reilly as examples of the problem with today's media landscape, saying the pair has taken his own words out of context.

Copps is threatening those who expose him.

The key going forward, according to Copps, is "making sure there is media about, and originating from, the local communities a station serves."

When an FCC bureaucrat uses the word "local," hold tight to your copy of the Constitution. Localism is a "Hush Rush" strategy for silencing opposition voices with national audiences.

Congress has given the FCC power to get involved in the Communications Acts, according to Copps. It may want to give the agency more power to promote media diversity and competition, he said.

"Diversity" means you have to shut up. "Competition" means if you grow too tall, you will be chopped down — unless of course your point of view pleases folks like Copps.

The commissioner also reiterated his call for a "Public Value Test" as part of the broadcasting license renewal, a process controlled by the FCC.

In a free country, public value is determined by the marketplace. Under socialism, it is determined by the elite.


Some quotes for the soul.

The soul in balance


Washington Cathedral, designed by English architect George Bodley at the end of his life. The photo is by Alexandra K. Scott from The Soul in Balance, The Gardens of Washington National Cathedral.

The world will never starve for want of wonders, but only for want of wonder. GK Chesterton (1874-1936)

Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts and no one to thank. Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Be still and cool in thy own mind and spirit. George Fox (1624-1691)

God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed it is the purest of all human pleasures. Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Prayer is not an idle occupation. It's a very powerful instrument of our work and love. Lady Julian of Norwich (1342-1416)

The new helmet

The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have found that their new Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) is even more bullet proof than expected. While testing the ECH, it was discovered that the machine firing metal fragments at the ECH (to represent shell and bomb fragments) could not fire fragments fast enough to penetrate. The ECH was supposed to be invulnerable to pistol bullets, and it was, but some types of metal fragments were expected to still be dangerous. So ECH was tested to see how well it could resist high-powered rifle bullets. ECH was not 100 percent invulnerable, but in most cases, it would stop anything fired from a sniper rifle. Overall, it was calculated that the ECH was 40 percent more resistant to projectiles and 70 percent stronger than the current ACH helmet.

The ECH is made of a new thermoplastic material (UHMWP, or Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). It is lighter and stronger than the Kevlar used in the ACH and earlier PASGT and, it turned out, provided much better protection as well. The ECH will begin replacing the current ACH later this year, with 200,000 being eventually purchased. The ECH costs $600 each, twice as much as the ACH.

Showing how it is done. If your warnings are believed…

Iran Warships Kill Plan to Pass Through Suez Canal

Iranian warships headed for Syria cancel plans to pass through the Suez Canal after Israel threatens action

The elites do not go quietly. They have to be beaten or we will become their serfs.


Thousands of Union Protesters Storm WI State Capitol; Target Homes of GOP Lawmakers


O threatens a veto of cuts, Dems say nothing can be cut and the reality is ignored.

REMEMBER, THIS IS THE ROSY SCENARIO: Washington Post: Obama Budget Plan Shows Interest Owed On National Debt Quadrupling In Next Decade. Honestly, the past couple of years have shown a degree of criminal irresponsibility on the part of our political class — and particularly of this administration and its Congressional allies — that I wouldn’t have thought possible even a few years ago, cynical as I am. It’s been a perfect storm of greed, shortsightedness, and arrogance.

TOUGH BUDGET CHOICES expose weak leaders. “Forget the Tea Party. What we need is a Whiskey Party. It’s going to take a stiff drink and stiffer spine to tackle our nation’s budget crisis. So far, we have few volunteers.”

Is it the beauty of politics or the politics of beauty?

Our greatest modern President together with a beauty queen.


One thing I've learned in my years of covering pageants is that beauty queens tend to have good political judgment; like, for example, former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela.

States continue to show responsibility, including California

Wisc gov seeks to end collective bargaining for most state workers...

Calif gov freezes hiring...
Fla gov scraps high-speed rail plan pushed by Obama...

Continuing his never ending insults to allies and siding with opponents.


It’s come to this: Dems hold presser with cartoon aardvark to protest PBS cuts.

Out: Human shields. In: Aardvark shields.