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Building A Classic Wardrobe ...From Paris

The secret to building a classic wardrobe is Audrey Hepburn.  Follow her lead. You'll need a great pair of black cigarette pants, a man tailored white shirt, several stands of faux pearls, black patent leather high heels, a little black dress and a khaki rain coat.  Finding a handsome man to share it all with you is important too.  

You lie about winning the Medal of Honor--no problem to the 9th Circuit Court

The 9th Circuit is to law what the Detroit Lions are to professional football: losers.

"Saints may always tell the truth, but for mortals living means lying."

Those were the words of Chief Judge Alex Kozinski in Monday's decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that the Stolen Valor Act is an unconstitutional restraint on free speech and a threat to all citizens who fib to embellish their image, avoid embarrassment or perpetuate a child's belief in Santa Claus.

The court struck down both the 2005 act of Congress and the fines and sentence meted out to a Pomona man convicted on criminal charges for falsely claiming to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The 29th of 30 World War II 'Code Talkers" dies.

A funeral is set for Saturday on Arizona’s Gila River reservation for a member of an elite group of Marines who developed a code based on their native language during World War II.

Lloyd Oliver’s death Wednesday means only one of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers survives.

Oliver’s wife says he was 88, but military records put his age as 87.

Oliver’s nephew, Lawrence, says his uncle died at a hospice center in the Phoenix suburb of Avondale, where he had been staying for about three weeks.

Hundreds of Navajos followed in the footsteps of the original 29, sending thousands of messages without error on Japanese troop movements, battlefield tactics and other communications critical to the war’s ultimate outcome.

Vegetarian Angst

A vegetarian passenger aboard a Continental Airlines flight apparently was so disgusted by the meal she was served that she threw her tray at a flight attendant, the New York Post reports.

"She said she was a vegetarian and she didn't like what she was being served," an airline official told the newspaper. "So she threw the food tray — and the food — at the attendant."

More on the 400 pound man running a marathon

Running a marathon is a monumental feat for anyone, but for one runner in this year’s Los Angeles Marathon, pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles was more than that – it was a record breaker.
That’s because Kelly Gneiting is a former sumo wrestler who weighed in at 400 pounds just before the race, the Los Angeles Times reported. Because of his size, Gneiting most likely established a Guinness World Record for the heaviest person to complete the grueling race. He finished Sunday’s race in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds.
"I did it, but it was hell," Gneiting told the newspaper shortly after crossing the finish line. "Pure hell."

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7 British missiles were aimed at where CNN was standing.

Fox News claims airstrikes on Qaddafi’s compound called off when CNN reporters were used as human shields


Just wanted to show the Danes are involved

An F-16 taking off with afterburners
in full flame is a beautiful thing. I'm not sure where this Danish General
Dynamics product is heading, but I am happy the Danes are on our side.

No cheap shots on this one, it speaks for itself

Former Neo-Nazi Becomes Leftist After Sex Change

AP File
Before undergoing a sex change to become a woman, Monika Strub was a member of Germany's neo-Nazi NPD party. But ten years later, she is running for Baden-Württemberg's state parliament for the socialist Left party.
"I have completely broken with the NPD," Strub told German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung this week, referring to the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NPD). "I am a true socialist."

Biden channels Ayn Rand

by John Stossel

Joe Biden Railroad

It's amazing how modern politics resembles scenes of Ayn Rand's best-seller Atlas Shrugged.
Like the one in which a high-ranking government official pumps millions of dollars into a failing railroad company.  The grateful railroad CEO rewards the government official by renovating his hometown train station and naming it after the government official. The renovation costs $5,700,000 more than expected.
Then comes the ribbon cutting ceremony.   The CEO gets on one of his trains to go to the ceremony, but it breaks down. No surprise there: One out of every four trains his company runs is late. The CEO, chuckling at the irony, abandons the train and takes a car to the ceremony.
Unfortunately, that wasn't a scene in Atlas Shrugged. It happened this weekend.
By the way,  the first of three Atlas Shrugged movies opens next month, appropriately on April 15th.

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Moslems cover up Gisele

A tipster at La Moda Dubai pointed out that Gisele Bündchen‘s spring campaign for H&M looks just a little different in Dubai. The site ran the campaign and then one of their Facebook followers pointed out that the ads were different from the US campaign. "Perhaps some changes were made to better align the campaign with the sensibilities of the GCC market," the site mused (GCC is the Gulf Cooperation Council countries which are: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE).

Dems and O

Democrats Abandon Obama on War...


Obama '07: 'President Does Not Have the Power...To Unilaterally Authorize a Military Attack'

Dem Congressman: 'We're In Libya Because Of Oil'...

Kucinich uses Obama's own words to slam him now...

The Hobbit

'The Hobbit' filming begins - BBC

After months of delay, filming of the two Hobbit movies has commenced in New Zealand

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President "Present"

More than 60 senators call on Obama to make deficit reduction a priority 

Senators signed a letter Friday urging Obama to prioritize deficit reduction and entitlement reform

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Porsche 918 - green super car

Porsche's plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder - ready to order

Anyone ordering the firm's new hybrid supercar also gets the privilege of being allowed to splash out on a limited edition version of the Turbo S... for a further £125,000.

Porsche's plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder - ready to order
Image 1 of 4
The 918 Spyder is said to be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 199mph 
With a total of just 918 models being produced (and of course the small matter of the price, a cool £672,000), exclusivity is pretty much guaranteed too.
Porsche has announced that production of the car will begin on September 18 2013 - 9/18 in US date convention - at the firm's main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, with first deliveries planned for November 2013.
Porsche says that thanks to its hybrid technology (its batteries can be charged from a normal household plug in around three hours), the 918 Spyder will achieve 94mpg - despite offering 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 199mph.

What is it with these senators? Kerry's boat, now McCaskill airplane.

TAXES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Breaking: Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Failed to Pay $287,000 in Property Taxes on Aircraft.

Invisible to radar...and carries 45, 2000lb bombs.

American B-2 bomber pilots flew 25 hours on the 12,000 mile round trip to bomb Libyan targets. Assessments of their bomb delivery skills are mostly very positive.

Palin does the international trip, with bluntness

Palin to Israel: 'Why are you apologizing all the time?'...

Visits Western Wall; will dine with Netanyahu...

Commander "Present"

Obama will punt on Social Security reform

From the strategists at the firm of Hedge, Dodge, & Spin.

Used Libyan Tank for Sale

$2000/OBO--only used once or twice to fire on rebel forces. Owner has original paperwork. Some minor dents and dings. Recently modified to open and airy convertible design by some allied fighter jocks.
Call M. Gaddafi at...well, just show up at vehicle--the price is negotiable.

This electronic cube will soon cut your cell phone bill

As mobile data usage skyrockets, wireless companies are spending billions each year to maximize capacity, and consumers end up footing the cost in the form of higher cell phone bills.

But a cube that fits in the palm of your hand could help solve that problem.

When conceiving of lightRadio, Alcatel-Lucent's engineers stripped out all the heavy power equipment that controls modern cell towers, and moved them to centralized stations. That allows the lightRadio cubes to be made small enough to be deployed virtually anywhere and practically inconspicuously: Atop bus station awnings, on the side of buildings or on lamp posts.

Their small size and centralized operation lets wireless companies control the cubes virtually. That makes the antennas up to 30% more efficient than current cell towers. Live data about who is using the cubes can be assessed, and the antennas' directional beams can be shifted to maximize their potential. For instance, radios may be pointed in one direction as people are coming to work in the morning and another direction as they're leaving work at the end of the day.

All of lightRadio's smart technology and power efficiency can help cut carriers' operating costs in half, Alcatel-Lucent believes.

Is a Florida judge using Sharia law or American law?

No. 1 is hard to read, it says: "This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law".
Both opposing parties in this litigation are Islamic.

Tiger Woods new girlfriend

Tiger Woods scores a new girlfriend - TheDC

Pro-golfer Tiger Woods takes another shot at dating with a woman thirteen years his junior

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DoJ use to be respected

Selective Justice

Critics contend Assistant AG Loretta King guided more by racial politics than the law

 Eric Holder may be the face of the Justice Department, but behind the scenes, a little-known assistant attorney general named Loretta King (no relation to Martin Luther King, Jr.) has been the driving force behind the DOJ’s recent, most questionable racially motivated decisions.
Neck-deep in the more divisive civil rights cases of the past several years — most notably the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and the recent Dayton, Ohio police department’s testing standards issue — the Obama appointed assistant attorney general has many wondering whether her guide is the law or racial politics.
“Some of the most outlandish policies of the Holder Justice Department over the last two years flow directly from Loretta King’s worldview,” J. Christian Adams, who worked with King while serving as a voting rights attorney at the Justice Department, told The Daily Caller.

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