Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trump is not letting up on Obama

A lot of snow

Sierra snow so deep 'we can't even find the houses'...

Good News for Fellow Fans of Internal Cumbustion Engine

Energy Output From Shale Rock Could Match 20th Century Oil Boom Energy analysts, and even President Barack Obama, believe that the potential oil and gas production from shale rock could match America’s total hydrocarbon output during the 20th century, which began famously with the Texas ‘Gusher Age’. Removing the gas and oil from shale rock takes new technology such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Fracturing, using fluid to crack the rock and unlock the hydrocarbons, could pollute drinking water. On the cost side, the price of natural gas needs to stay high enough for energy companies to spend the money to make this process clean and still turn a profit.

My Cheerios Are Glowing

Low Levels of Radiation Found in American Milk Tests of milk samples taken last week in Spokane, Wash., indicate the presence of radioactive iodine from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, but at levels far below those at which action would have to be taken, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Wednesday.

Celebrating 1971 ...From Paris

Where were you in 1971?  I remember bell bottom jeans, and Frye boots.

America's fabulous 'Ventura Highway' is celebrating an anniversary.  Their 40th!

America, Hits: 40th Anniversary Edition (America Records, 2011)

1.A Horse with No Name

2.I Need You


4.Ventura Highway

5.Tin Man

6.Sister Golden Hair

7.Daisy Jane

8.The Border


10.All My Life


12.Chasing the Rainbow

A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy

PETA Launches Program to Reduce Human Population

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"A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," PETA President Ingrid Newkirk informs us. That means that since dogs get neutered, people should too:
The Norfolk, Va.-based group is offering a free vasectomy to the winner of its "Why should PETA neuter you?" campaign. Applicants enter the contest by getting their cat or dog spayed or neutered and submitting an essay to PETA.
The group says human overpopulation contributes to animal suffering by draining water and land resources and causing pollution.

My, my, my

Obama 2002: Toppling a Brutal Dictator Is 'A Dumb War'...

$50,000 Steering Wheel

McLaren Mercedes MP4-26.


Steering wheels of an F1 car are the only pieces of instrumentation inside the vehicle, and as safety and racing technology has advanced, they've become overgrown with controls.

'Alien" Earths less common than expected

At 2 billion per galaxy, Earthlike worlds are "relatively scarce"

Still from video: An illustration of an Earth-like planet.
Artist's rendition of an "alien" Earth

Don't start your colonization plans yet ...

First photo of Mercury from orbiter Messenger

This image of Mercury is the first ever obtained from a spacecraft in orbit about the Solar System's innermost planet. The dominant rayed crater is Debussy and is near theSouth Pole of the planet closest to the sun.

Father lives, but breaks every bone in fall from 9th story apartment

Decides 1st floor apartment is better for him

Angelo Nicotra preview

Ant caught in natural "snow globe"

Rain drop captures minuscule ant


The unlucky insect is unable to escape after being caught
in a heavy downpour in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia.

Find "could be" bigger than Dead Sea Scrolls

Books found in Jordan are tied together with wire

books found in Jordan

Remember when the Left said 'Bush's War' in Iraq was about oil?

Liz Peek: "Is there something that President Obama is not telling us? Is it possible that we have a greater vested interest in squashing Gaddafi’s belligerence than we are letting on? Could it be that Gaddafi’s reported threats to bomb his country’s oilfields lit the fuse under the leaders of France and Britain who all but shamed us into climbing aboard? Or was it Gaddafi’s prediction that a flood of immigrants would “swamp” Europe that aroused Sarkozy’s energies? It is possible that the U.S. is more vulnerable to chaos in Libya than is generally known. Our economic recovery is hanging by a thread — a thread which weaves through the EU and also through Asia. Our modest recovery has been threatened repeatedly — by the government debt crisis in Europe last year and more recently by the tsunami in Japan. Rising oil prices and the prospect of more wide-spread inflation appears to be taking a toll. The recent swoon in consumer confidence presages a fall-off in all-important spending while the housing numbers continue dismal."

Victor Davis Hanson on the Obama Doctrine

"The Obama Doctrine is simple: Proclaim a utopian policy, and then pray that most of the people who hear it are Neanderthals who will ignore it. Having said one thing, doing quite another is not only thereby okay, but also absolutely essential. Keep that paradox in mind, and almost everything the president does makes sense."

Global Warming Alarmist Senator Gets Schooled

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in February 2005:

"Global warming will only tighten water supplies further. Essentially, warmer weather will mean more rain and less snow. This will reduce our snow pack, meaning that there is less water trapped and available in spring runoff. Consider a recent report on California water and global warming: The report found that Global Warming could shrink the State's snow pack by an amount greater than the annual water consumption of Southern California's 16 million people."

Just six years later from the AP on March 22, 2011:

Near-record Sierra snow good news to parched California. More than 61 feet of snow has fallen in the Sierra high country so far this season, second only to the 1950-51 season when a total of 65 feet fell, according to records kept by the California Department of Transportation. While spring has arrived, the Sierra typically gets some snow in April, bringing the prospect of an all-time record. "I'm out plowing driveways, and we can't even find the houses," said Norm Sayler, who used to run Donner Ski Ranch along Interstate 80 and now operates a snow-plowing business near the top of Donner Summit. "I've been up here since 1954, and personally this has been the toughest winter I've ever had here."

Why the Dems failed: moving money from left pocket to right pocket

Stimulus Spending: Predictable Total Failure

After two years, let's check and see what we got for our money regarding Obama's budget-busting "stimulus" spending:
Nearly a trillion dollars have been poured into the U.S. economy, courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Result? Unemployment has barely budged, housing prices continue to fall in many markets and more mortgages slip into foreclosure.
How can this be happening when so many people in government assure us that government spending spurs the economy? Because it's not true. For government to pour money into theeconomy, it must take money out of the economy in the first place. To hand out money, government must first take money from taxpayers.
It's like moving money from the left pocket to the right pocket. It doesn't make us any wealthier. What it really stimulates is more government, not more economic activity.

Greenspan says the Dems have distorted the market.

Reuters File
LONDON (AFP) – Sweeping regulation introduced by the US to prevent future financial crises could create major "market distortions" ex-Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan wrote in Wednesday's Financial Times.
The former bank chief slammed the Dodd-Frank act, which imposes wide-ranging and strict new checks on financial institutions, for failing to "capture the degree of global interconnectedness."
"The act may create the largest regulatory-induced market distortion since America's ill-fated imposition of wage and price controls in 1971," warned Greenspan, who was Fed boss from 1987 to 2006.

People are learning

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Viewership for President Obama’s speeches keeps slipping. “The speech was down 12% from Obama’s address on Iraq last August (29.2 million), which fell 9% from his speech on the Gulf Coast oil spill in June (32.1 million), which in turn dropped 21% from his Afghanistan speech back in December of 2009 (40.8 million).”



March 29, 2011 Posted by John at 7:36 PM
CNN Money reports on a fascinating study of tax cheaters. For some reason, considerable numbers of people admit that they cheat on their income taxes. This study tried to assemble information about who they are:
The typical American tax cheat is male, single and under the age of 45. ...
These percentages were all significantly higher for the self-proclaimed cheaters than for the non-cheaters, indicating that Americans who cheat on their taxes are much more likely to fall into these three categories than those who don't, the survey found.

Headlines from yesterday

CBOCBO estimate: TARP will end up costing taxpayers $19 billion
WaPoHacktastic: NBC News not covering G.E.’s amazing corporate tax break
CNNSurprise: Assad’s long-awaited speech to Syria offers no reforms

AFPRetreat: Libyan rebels lose another town to Qaddafi’s forces

WSJNo good options on what to do with radioactive water at Japanese nuke plant

Planned Parenthood caught in a lie.

Pro-Life Group Exposes Planned Parenthood Mammogram ‘Corruption’.

It‘s become part of Planned Parenthood’s mantra as conservatives fight to take away the organization’s federal funding: doing so would strip women of vital health services like breast exams and mammograms. But what if it wouldn’t? What if breast exams and mammograms aren’t as widespread as Planned Parenthood would lead us to believe? According to a new video from the pro-life group Live Action, that may well be the case.

In a new set of recordings posted on YouTube, Live Action — which busted Planned Parenthood for supporting child sex trafficking last month — reportedly called 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 cities to see if they offer mammograms. None — not one — did.

Planned Parenthood receives $350 million per year from taxpayers.

Movie ticket sales down 20%

Movie industry hits ticket sales decline on the nose: It's put out some stinkers.
Theater owners and some studio chiefs are in agreement that the low quality of recent films is partly responsible for a 20% decline so far this year.