Saturday, April 2, 2011

For those with time on their hands or for the dreamer in all of us

Buccament Bay: St Vincent hits the big time

 Baccament Bay in St Vincent, the most talked-about new resort in the Caribbean.

Buccament Bay: St Vincent hits the big time

The white sand beach at Buccament Bay Resort - the first such development on St Vincent

A quite revolution continues

GM cows produce 'human' milk

Scientists have created 300 genetically modified dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk, in a bid to make cows' milk more nutritious.

Moslems throw a temper tantrum. To the US Media it is the fault of a book burning 4 weeks ago and has nothing to do with our bombing.

How the Dept of Labor cooks the unemployment numbers.

 Our Workforce Lost 2.33 Million People in One Year? “If you remove 2.33 million people from the labor force within one year, that will indeed help lower the unemployment rate.

Another example of the Left lying and covering up, but with a twist. The truthful prof gets fired.

On Thursday, I wrote about Dr. James Enstrom, an environmental sciences professor and researcher at UCLA who blew the whistle on a fraud at the California Air Resources Board. Enstrom started looking into what he thought was a less-than-rigorous study that attempted to link fine particulate emissions from diesel engines to 2,000 “premature deaths” in the state, and discovered that the lead author, “Dr.” Hien Tran, had received his diploma from Thornhill University instead of UC Davis, which Tran’s CV had claimed. The school colors of Thornhill University, as it turns out, are brown and brown — UPS brown, because the entire school fit into a mailbox in one of their stores. Tran, it turns out, bought his PhD from a diploma mill.
Enstrom blew the whistle on Tran, but Mary Nichols, chair of CARB and a UCLA law professor, hid the fraud from the board until after the regulations had been approved. Enstrom also pointed out that John Froines, another environmental sciences professor at UCLA, had served on the scientific advisory panel for far longer than the charter allowed, where members were supposed to serve for short periods of time to avoid dogmatic thinking. When the dust had settled, everyone kept their jobs — except for Enstrom, whom UCLA fired for a changing set of reasons.

It is surprising how often special interests will falsify data to make a point. GW, employment and guns in Mexico are all examples

Of course, we’re still trying to figure out just how many of the weapons that do reach Mexico via the United States get there with the connivance of the ATF.

More OCare waivers. If it is such a good law, why do so many cronies need exemptions?

AP File

The number of waivers the Obama administration has awarded for a provision of the year-old healthcare reform law grew by 128 in March.
With the new waivers, that means 1,168 businesses, insurers, unions and other organizations have received one-year exemptions from a healthcare reform provision requiring at least $750,000 in annual benefits.

Ponce de Leon discovers Florida on this date in 1513

Much to the amusement of Native Americans already living there.
______________________________________ Near present-day St. Augustine, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon comes ashore on the Florida coast, and claims the territory for the Spanish crown. Although other European navigators may have sighted the Florida peninsula before, Ponce de Leon is credited with the first recorded landing and the first detailed exploration of the Florida coast. The Spanish explorer was searching for the "Fountain of Youth," a fabled water source that was said to bring eternal youth. Ponce de Leon named the peninsula he believed to be an island "La Florida" because his discovery came during the time of the Easter feast, or Pascua Florida.

Democratic Party Dirty Tricks

The 'Chicago Way' is being used in Massachusetts by Democrats as they attempt to get the Brown family medical records. This isn't politics as usual, this is an attempt to violate the family's privacy. The head of the state agency in charge of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s old medical records yesterday shot down national Democrats’ claim that the health-care provider misunderstood an opposition research request for his family’s private information. “Our attorney feels very strongly that the original letter did in fact have possibility of revealing personal information,” said Dolores L. Mitchell, executive director of the Group Insurance Commission, a quasi-independent agency that administers health insurance for state employees and their families.

Kudlow: Thank Republicans for better employment news.

Dems will take credit, but Kudlow is right: tax cuts, not government spending, improved the employment picture. "So, did the big March jobs report put President Obama back on the road to reelection? Well, if so, guess who he has to thank — the GOP, whose tax cuts saved him from himself,” Kudlow said. “At this rate, nearly 2 million jobs are going to be created in 2011. So, the White House has got to be very happy. But here’s the sublime irony: The wake-up in job creation is a function of Republican policy. After all, for two years the Obama Democrats spent themselves into oblivion. Over trillion dollars of so-called big-government stimulus – it didn’t work. It was replaced, however by Republican tax cuts that the president signed only after a shellacking at the polls.”

'Tiger Mom' gets last laugh

Her daughter gets accepted into Harvard.

Southwest grounds 81 jets.

Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV), the world’s biggest operator of Boeing Co. (BA) 737 jets, grounded 81 aircraft after a hole developed in a plane during flight, forcing an emergency landing. Flight 812, with 118 passengers and five crew, was en route to Sacramento from Phoenix yesterday when a loss of cabin pressure caused oxygen masks to deploy and prompted a landing in Yuma, Arizona, Dallas-based Southwest said in a statement today. One passenger and a flight attendant were injured.

One more reason to keep your seatbelt on during flight.

Federal officials said it was a "fuselage rupture" — a large hole on the top of the Boeing 737 — that led to a loss of cabin pressure on Friday and a terrifying but "controlled descent" from 36,000 feet to an emergency landing at a military base in the Arizona desert. No serious injuries were reported among the 118 aboard, according to Southwest Airlines, and the FBI said it was a "mechanical failure," not an act of terror or other foul play. The cause of the hole was not immediately known.

Yellow And Gray Look Fresh For Spring ... From Paris

Professor Thomas Sowell on Obama's Libya Strategy:

"The most charitable explanation for President Obama’s incoherent policy in Libya — if incoherence can be called a policy — is that he suffers from the longstanding blind spot of the Left when it comes to the use of force. A less charitable and more likely explanation is that Obama is treating the war in Libya as he treats all sorts of other things, as actions designed above all to serve his own political interests and ideological visions. Whether it does even that depends on what the situation is like in Libya when the 2012 elections roll around". _________________________________________________________________

Innocent people murdered after Koran burning.

Some idiot burns a Koran in Florida, and then even bigger idiots kill 8 innocent people they don't know ten thousand miles away in retaliation.
This is clearly NOT the Age of Enlightenment.

Docs are changing their work hours.

More are stopping to smell the roses. Good for them...
... many other young doctors are taking salaried jobs, working fewer hours, often going part time and even choosing specialties based on family reasons. The beepers and cellphones that once leashed doctors to their patients and practices on nights, weekends and holidays are being abandoned. Metaphorically, medicine has gone from being an individual to a team sport.

Lord Of The Ring ...From Paris

The really big story this morning?  Prince William isn't going to wear a wedding band.

Women from around the world are expressing their collective outrage; roaring disappointment, like caged lionesses.

I say, it's refreshing that HRH is breaking with tradition.  He has declared his undying affection for his lovely Kate.  If she's okay with it, no other opinion matters.