Friday, April 8, 2011

Anarchists plan to disrupt royal wedding

I see this as an opportunity for sharpshooting practice by British Special Forces. Anarchists are plotting to occupy tall buildings and use smoke bombs and flares to cause chaos during the royal wedding. Activists claim up to 1,500 hardcore militants plan to storm buildings around Trafalgar Square and The Mall, displaying obscene banners and obscuring the London skyline with billowing smoke as images of the wedding are beamed to millions of viewers around the world.

Classic Camel Coat ...From Paris

This photo was recently posted on 'The Sartorialist.'

In my opinion, this classic camel coat is gorgeous.  Love the politically incorrect fur collar.  Love the classic brass button details.

Who ever she is, she's perfection all wrapped up in pale pink lipstick, perfectly in sync with her pale pink nail polish that matches the pale pink tie clasp of the envelope she carries as an accessory.  Even her Ray Bans are a perfect complement to her hair swept perfectly off her face.

Ms Pelosi?

Boehner to Return Pay if Government Shuts Down


House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, will return any pay made during a federal government shutdown.

"In the event of a lapse in appropriations for fiscal year 2011 causing a government shutdown, I will return any and all compensation that I would otherwise be entitled during such a lapse in appropriations," Boehner wrote.

Interesting insult. Hard to believe that $1 million dollars can buy the entire democratic party, but Planned Parenthood is more important than Armed Forces to Dems.

Group spent more than $1 million electing Democrats last cycle...

White Powder Sent to Office of GOP Congressman...

The Tortoise And The 'Fur'...From Paris

"The Sartorialist" is a fantastic fashion blog.  You can count a fun romp of caught-on-the-street moments; very fashion forward trend watching.

This photo caught my eye. Notice her sunglasses?  Tortoise shell ( recently predicted here on DB as a fashion trend).  Grey and yellow?  Also, noted as trends to watch.

Her fur coat is a little 'ghetto', but her skirt is beautifully cool, and her classic black pumps are always in style.

In my opinion, her overall look is Jackie O with a funky twist.

Follow the Money

Planned Parenthood gets $330 million from the federal government and spends $1 million helping supportive Dems in their election campaigns. Taxpayer money is laundered to pay for Democratic election campaigns. Wisconsin unions spend $11 million since 2000 trying to elect supportive Dems. Taxpayer money is laundered through state employees to the Democratic election campaigns. Anybody seeing a pattern here?

Planned Parenthood Spent More Than $1 Million Electing Dems Last Cycle


Here's something to keep in mind as Democrats risk a government shutdown in order to preserve federal subsidies of Planned Parenthood. From the Center for Responsive Politics:


  • Harry Reid Holding Troop Pay Hostage for Planned Parenthood Lobbyist Money

  • RAMclr-040811-hotairibd.jpg.cms.jpeg

    Ejection Seat Test Video

    BAE Systems tested a new ejection seat that will be deployed on over 3,000 F-35 Lightning II combat jets around the world, using a 600-mph rocket car, a battery of sensors and one lucky mannequin. They captured it on video — but don't blink or you'll miss it:

    The Violent American Left

    Brian Becker heads the Party of Socialism and Liberation. His group's main goal is to vanquish capitalism--by any means necessary. At the 0:42 mark of the YouTube video he links Marxism, Socialism and Progressivism. The current occupant of the White House is a Progressive. At the 1:43 mark Becker advocates violence to reach the stated goal of ridding the world of capitalism, he says: "we recognize that violence is not only necessary, but necessary to bring liberation of human beings."

    The Abortion Industry

    Reports continue to come in that Liberal support of Planned Parenthood is the major hangup preventing the budget bill from being passed. Kudos to the Conservatives who are staying strong against the abortion industrial complex, i.e., Planned Parenthood. Kathryn Jean Lopez on NRO: "For decades, pro-life activists have been on to Planned Parenthood, its eugenic roots, and its abortion business, but finally, its well-protected spin has been penetrated. Its untouchable status as a beacon for women’s health has been revealed to be but a pink cloak covering a darker underbelly." Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director: Johnson, who writes about her journey in her book, Unplanned (which she talks about at length here), began to realize these things after her own second abortion. She began to connect the dots, as she saw so many women come to her clinic for multiple abortions, despite using contraception (it’s not foolproof, contrary to the message we’re so often told to give kids). She began to realize that, as she — a clinic director — was given increased abortion goals. So much for the “rare,” in Bill Clinton’s infamous “safe, legal, and rare.”

    New cars from BMW and Mercedes

    New concept cars from BMW and Mercedes

    The new Concept M5 is based on BMW's highly respected F10 5-series

    New concept cars from BMW and Mercedes

    Also on display at the Shanghai motor show will be the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-class

    New concept cars from BMW and Mercedes

    The front-wheel drive Concept uses a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine

    I don’t agree with the editorial comments, but it is striking how the “peace” candidate ramped up this war and entered another in Libya. (Could not find the chart without the editorial additions)


    Not the usual real estate ad

    This is the world’s greatest driveway

    Kiwi racing champion Rod Millen does everything better than you. Your old Toyota has 130 horsepower. His old Toyota has 800. Your driveway's a cracked asphalt mess. His driveway's a mile-long, race-paved dream that mimics the best race tracks in the world.

    When Millen visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2002 he saw the event's famous hill-climb track and decided he'd do the same thing… in his front yard. It's the kind of thing that seems logical when your job involves sending insane vehicles up the sides of guard-less cliffs.

    This is the world's greatest drivewayConveniently, Millen owns a large ranch in Hahei, New Zealand with enough room to fit a mile-long racing stage, albeit one not much wider than your average driveway. After years of planning, brush-clearing, and paving the track was finally finished earlier this year.

    The track borrows here-and-there from places where Millen's raced, including the infamous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb circuit, where he set a time 40 seconds faster than anyone else who'd tackled it before in his AWD Celica. His record held for for 13 years.

    So we can name them?

    Scientists have come up with a system that can scan zebras in photographs the way cashiers scan cans of peas at the grocery store.

    What have the dems done? Where is their budget?

    Where’s the Senate’s budget?

    Where is the White House?

    Taking care of the contributors.

    DoJ rushes to approve Google’s ITA purchase before shutdown; Update: Approved!

    I knew Steven Rosenbaum at DOJ. He was a nasty ideologue that enjoyed willing power.

    MORE ON THE LEAKED REPORT ABOUT THE DOJ’S BLACK PANTHER CASE DISMISSAL: “In other words, if the New Black Panther Party says afterwards they didn’t like what happened in Philly, then they are off the hook. Take careful note folks, because Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum never do this in any other case they bring. When the Justice Department sued Adams Mark hotels, or any of the other defendants they have sued, would a renunciation of employee behavior have satisfied the Justice Department? Of course not. In fact, the very same attorney, Steve Rosenbaum, pressed a case against a defendant in United States v. Aimco Properties when the defendants said they disclaimed the actions of an individual employee who used racial slurs. In fact, Rosenbaum and King forced a defendant who was no longer in business, and disclaimed the actions of the employee, to agree to a consent decree. It is all a question of which ox is getting gored.”

    What Shutdown? Obama Set for Another Vacation this Weekend

    The leader of the free world may be coming to Williamsburg for some rest and relaxation if Congress is able to come to agreement on the budget. President Obama and the First Family are planning to visit the area this weekend ."
    But the trip might get grounded if a government shutdown can't be averted by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.
    On Thursday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration established a no-fly zone over Williamsburg that will be in place from Friday through Monday. Jessica Wharton, spokeswoman for the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, said the no-fly zone will not affect the arrival and departure times at the airport for this weekend.

    Hey Obama, You Do Realize That You’re Responsible for the Shutdown if it Happens, Dontcha?

    China's First Aircraft Carrier Near Completion

    The Chinese state news agency has posted photographs of an aircraft carrier under reconstruction that appears to show the warship near completion. Captions with the photos said that the work would end soon and that the carrier was expected to sail later this year.

    The photos of the carrier, the Varyag, which China bought from Ukraine in 1998, appeared Wednesday on the Web site of Xinhua, the state news agency.

    It was the first time that Xinhua had given visual evidence of the carrier project, which is widely seen as a linchpin of China’s military modernization and naval ambitions.

    Civility? This is not what we expect from our parties.

    Democrat Facebook Event: Let's Dump Trash at Boehner's Pad

    The entitled don’t like being challenged. Remember, you work for them.

    'Sit Down or Leave!' Democrat Explodes at Veteran for Asking About Troop Pay

    Fish Oil Boosts Responses to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen, Researchers Find

    ScienceDaily (Apr. 8, 2011) — Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, with more than 200,000 women diagnosed each year. Being exposed to estrogen over a long period of time is one factor that can increase a woman's risk of developing the disease. One way a woman can combat this risk factor is by taking the breast cancer drug tamoxifen, which interferes with the activity of estrogen. Now, researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have found that omega-3 fatty acids -- abundant in fish -- could be a safe and beneficial booster for tamoxifen therapy.

    The Obamas do what they do best, vacation.

    FAA sets 'no-fly zone' over Williamsburg...
    'Rest and relaxation'...

    Easy to see the Dems talking points. Boehner asks the real question.

    Pelosi calls GOP plan 'war on women'...
    Dem: Shutdown 'equivalent of bombing innocent civilians'...
    Jesse Jackson compares to Civil War...
    Negotiators differ by $6.5 billion...
    REID: GOP wants shutdown to keep 'women from getting cancer screenings'...

    BOEHNER: 'When will the White House and Senate Democrats get serious about cutting spending?'


    Democrats not terribly impressed with presidential leadership on budget

    Finally — a bipartisan consensus emerges!  Last night, CNN’s Dana Bash reported that Democrats on Capitol Hill have begun grumbling about the last-minute leadership of President Obama on the budget, having been less than impressed with his involvement until the moment of greatest media interest.  Bash says that the strategy of keeping Obama “above the fray” leaves them holding the bag for failure — or worse, having a compromise forced down their throats. Anderson Cooper pronounces himself less than impressed

    Budget Impasse centers around Planned Parenthood funding

    One of the original founders of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger. Sanger was involved in the Eugenicist Movement in the 1920's. Eugenics was a racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all humans it deemed "unfit". The picture shows Sanger speaking to some like-minded KKK women's group.

    It is no wonder why Conservatives on Capitol Hill and elsewhere do not want to have taxpayer money funding a group whose origins are rooted in racism and xenophobia.

    Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

    Scientists from the School of Pharmacy at Queen's University Belfast and Almac Discovery Ltd have developed a new treatment for cancer which rather than attacking tumours directly, prevents the growth of new blood vessels in tumours, starving them of oxygen and nutrients, thereby preventing their growth. Professor Tracy Robson and her research team at Queen's, in collaboration with researchers at Almac Discovery, developed a new drug to disrupt the tumour blood supply. They have demonstrated that this leads to highly effective inhibition of tumour growth in a number of models as reported this month in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Almac Discovery is developing the drug candidate and expects to start clinical trials within the next year.

    The Power of One Woman with a Shovel

    A Shovel Cuts Off Armenia's Internet Georgia has arrested a 75-year-old woman who, with her shovel, left all of Armenia without access to the Internet for half a day, according to Georgian police. Aishtan Shakarian, who lives in a small village near Georgian capital Tbilisi, was scavenging for scrap metal on March 28 when she damaged an international fiber-optic backbone cable that connects much of the southern Caucasus to Europe, a police spokesman said.

    France resurrects border with Italy

    The migration wave unleashed by North African unrest has prompted France to resurrect its border with Italy—a barrier that was supposedly consigned to history's dustbin with Europe's unified economy. The operation is part of France's attempt to stop a wave of North African migrants who, having fled violence back home, regard Italy as a way station as they travel by boat, train and foot toward jobs and family in French cities. More than 700 migrants who have crossed into French territory via Italy have been detained by French police and escorted back, Italian officials said.

    Thank You Canada

    My three favorite Canadian exports: oil, hockey and Sarah McLachlan.

    It might surprise many to learn that America's largest oil supplier is not located in the Middle East. It is actually Canada, which supplies the United States with more than two million barrels of the 11 million barrels of oil it uses each day.

    11 schoolchildren killed in Brazil

    Killer references Islamic fundamentalism in his last communication.

    Brazilian school children seen running for their lives.

    Police Col. Djalma Beltrami said the killer used two handguns and a lot of ammunition. The suspect left behind a letter, in which he anticipated committing suicide after the attack. Beltrami, however, gave no details of any possible motive. Beltrami described the letter as “the words of a person who no longer believes in anything, full of sentences that made no sense and references to Islamic fundamentalism.”

    DNC operatives threaten Boehner's home.

    Dems to dump trash at Boehner's House. The trash-a-thon is scheduled for Saturday and apparently will last through June 30. Organizers of the event - Jonah Goodman and Nolan Treadway - write on the page that even if the government shutdown doesn't occur, they will "move forward with this event, we'll provide details on location(s) and we'll make sure it's done in a sanitary and respectful way. Please don't list any personal addresses for members of Congress on this page." Goodman is listed in the Democratic National Committee network. Treadway is the political and logistics director for the liberal group Netroots Nation.