Friday, May 13, 2011

Too OLD For Mini-Skirts? I Think Not ...From Paris

By Hillary Moss, Stylelist:

"Over 35? Boy, do we have some news for you.

A recent survey out of Britain revealed that no one wants to see you in a miniskirt. Period.
More than 2,000 women took the poll, which administered by Diet Chef, some sort of self esteem-boosting prepared-meals site. The findings show that age 47 is the cutoff for wearing a bikini, 61 for swimsuits altogether, and at 51, you can skip both the stilettos and the ponytails.
Apparently, ladies can slip into their Uggs until they've spent 45 years on planet Earth -- that's four and a half decades worth of crimes of fashion committed by sporting the sheepskin boots.

However, these aren't hard-and-fast rules. Caron Leckie, a nutritionist for Diet Chef, told the Daily Mail, "It's up to individuals to choose when they should stop wearing certain items. ... Saying that, everyone wants to look the best they can and now is the prime time to get in shape for summer."

Harry "wrong" Reid

March 17, 2011:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he's not willing to consider changes to Social Security for another 20 years - when he's 91.


Medicare, the U.S. health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, and the Social Security trust for the disabled and retirees are running out of money sooner than the government had projected.

While Medicare won’t have sufficient funds to pay full benefits starting in 2024, five years earlier than last year’s estimate, Social Security’s cash to pay full benefits runs short in 2036, a year sooner than the 2010 projection, the U.S. government said today in an annual report.

DailyBrisk Cannes Film Fashion Award Winners ...From Paris

Love Lea Seydoux, in her pink ballerina gown, with her  turned out high arched, high heeled foot. (Woody Allen is very cute too).  

Love Misha Barton, with her 'shredded' sleeve electric blue folded neck detail. 

Love the folded top and intense shade of deep purple.  Natalie Portman knows how to 'bring it'.

Rachel McAdams, in her 'burned out' red velvet and sheer skirted Marchesa gown.  Very interesting.  Very original.     

Top Ten Rock Guitarists according to Rolling Stone

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Duane Allman
3. B.B. King
4. Eric Clapton
5. Robert Johnson
6. Chuck Berry
7. Stevie Ray Vaughan
8. Ry Cooder
9. Jimmy Page
10. Keith Richards

Tax debate riles Democrats

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), facing reelection next year, spoke up to oppose a plan being drafted by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad that would impose a new surtax on millionaires of about three percent on top of the higher tax rates they would face when the George W. Bush tax cuts expire next year, according to several people familiar with the exchange.

Nelson later explained through a spokesman that he was opposed to “double taxation,” even on the wealthy.

Another centrist on the budget committee, Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), has also opposed the idea.

Pink Floyd reunites for one night

The surviving members of Pink Floyd reunited onstage tonight at London's 02 Arena during a stop on Roger Waters' Wall tour - marking only the second time that Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Waters had played together in the last 30 years. Waters and Gilmour performed "Comfortably Numb" as the crowd at the arena went absolutely insane, and during the finale of "Outside the Wall," Gilmour returned to the stage alongside Mason, who played a tambourine.

Krauthammer figures out Obama's immigration rhetoric

Charlie Krauthammer on Obama's immigration rhetoric:

Americans are a generous people. Upon receipt of objective and reliable evidence that the border is secure — not Obama’s infinitely manipulable interdiction statistics — the question would be settled and the immigrants legalized.

Why doesn’t Obama put such a provision in comprehensive immigration legislation? Because for Obama, immigration reform is not about legislation, it’s about reelection. If I may quote the president: I understand that. That’s politics.

Global warming alarmists cooking the numbers again

From James Taylor (not the singer) at Forbes:

Faced with the embarrassing fact that sea level is not rising nearly as much as has been predicted, the University of Colorado’s NASA-funded Sea Level Research Group has announced it will begin adding a nonexistent 0.3 millimeters per year to its Global Mean Sea Level Time Series. As a result, alarmists will be able to present sea level charts asserting an accelerating rise in sea level that is not occurring in the real world.

California 'tax lady' calls it quits

It's Roni's turn to 'cry'

An embattled California attorney known as the tax lady says she is broke and is closing her law firm of 20 years, which at one point employed 200 people.

Roni Deutch also said in a press conference today that she plans to surrender her license to practice law, reports the Sacto 9-1-1 page of the Sacramento Bee. "I want to apologize to all of my employees—these wonderful people who have lost their jobs," she said. Asked what she planned to do next, Deutch replied: "Cry."

Her decision follows news of a lawsuit by the state attorney general last year claiming that she had cheated clients out of some $34 million and subsequent news that she is looking at potential contempt sanctions for allegedly shredding millions of documents and violating court orders.

Fox40News says her law firm has about $10 million in debt and she has $5million in personal debt.

The Milky Way in 37,400 exposures

An amateur astronomer creates a 360-degree panorama of the Milky Way

Nick Risinger has always gazed up at the sky. But last year the amateur astronomer and photographer quit his day job as a Seattle marketing director and lugged six synchronized cameras about 60,000 miles to capture an image of the entire night sky.

Risinger, 28, set up his rack of cameras in high-elevation locales in the Western U.S. and South Africa, timing photo shoots around new moons when nights were long and dark. He programmed his six cameras to track the stars as they moved across the sky and simultaneously snapped thousands of photos.

He then stitched 37,440 exposures together into a spectacular, panoramic survey sky that he posted online two weeks ago. The photo reveals a 360-degree view of the Milky Way, planets and stars in their true natural colors. Viewers can zoom in on portions of the 5,000-megapixel image to find Orion or the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Been hard on Muslims, so should also point out the idiocy of some Christians. (Why are there always people that think they know what no one else does?)

Why the world will end on May 21 (has something to do with Noah)

Why the world will end on May 21 Over at Salon, there's a great article by Peter Finocchiaro about all those mysterious billboards and ads online about how the world is going to end on May 21 - a week from tomorrow. Apparently, they're the work of a splinter group of Christians who follow Harold Camping. Though decades ago Camping incorrectly identified 1994 as the year that the world would end, that hasn't deterred him or his followers. They are convinced now that May 21 is the day.

glenn foden

The Border

Border Community Organizing Petition to Protest Obama's Immigration Speech

A United States Border Patrol agent checks an area under a bridge crossing between the United States and Mexico in El Paso, Texas November 14, 2010.  El Paso lies across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a violent city on the frontlines of Mexico's war against drug cartels. Picture taken November 14, 2010.
A United States Border Patrol agent checks an area under a bridge crossing between the United States and Mexico in El Paso, Texas November 14, 2010. El Paso lies across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a violent city on the frontlines of Mexico's war against drug cartels. Picture taken November 14, 2010.
The residents of the Chiricahua-Peloncillo drug and human smuggling corridor that runs from the Mexican border north through eastern Arizona and western New Mexico are circulating a petition to send to the White House in response to President Obama's recent immigration speech.
"It is with great wonderment and sadness that we listened to your May 10 speech on immigration issues.  All of the joking about moats and alligators cut residents of Portal, AZ, to the core as we sheltered with friends or at a Red Cross evacuation site, to survive a terrible fire that still threatens our lives and property, as well as our ecotourism-based economy," the letter reads.
On Sunday, a massive fire broke out in Horseshoe Canyon, about 50 miles north of the Mexican border, which residents and law enforcement say they believe was started by criminal illegal aliens. Last year, a fire in the same location caused more than $10 million in damages.
"During its first 24-hrs, the fire consumed a greater area than did last year's fire over a 6-week period.
michael ramirez

GA gov signs AZ-style immigration bill into law...

One step forward, one step back


DARK: Carney shuts out TV cameras at daily briefing...

Return of the adults, cont.

Bill bans 'monuments to me'

GOP defense authorization bill bans tax payer facilities named after sitting lawmakers

Read more:

Bad news for the Dems.

Democrat Herb Kohl (Wisc) retiring from Senate

Kohl's seat is instantly being assessed as a competitive highlight for 2012

Read more:

Wow, that’s cold.

Bin Laden told supporters not to bother trying to assassinate Biden

According to recovered notes, the al-Qaeda leader apparently didn't feel the office was important

Read more:

Passing the 150,000th in US mark and almost to the 1,200,000th mark worldwide. Thank You. (A year or so ago we were at 7,500,000th worldwide and did not know how to measure the US.)'s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 1,221,058. The fraction of visits to this site referred by search engines is roughly 22%, and the time spent in a typical visit to the site is approximately 21 minutes, with 90 seconds spent on each pageview. About 87% of visitors to come from the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 145,813. Approximately 41% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only).

Global 1,221,058

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Unusual Playboy Covers

Irony that was expected.

U.S. Officials Say Stash of Pornography Found in Bin Laden's Pakistan Hideout, Reuters Reports

OK, Texans can be pretty stupid.

Tears and a two-mile-long line mark opening of the first In-N-Out Burger joints in Texas

In N Out

The legendary California-based chain expands into a fifth state with new locations in Frisco and Allen in north Texas. Fans applaud the family-owned business that is known for high quality, fresh ingredients, paying their employees above minimum wage and printing subtle Bible versus on packaging.

Gay Islamic Terrorist? (Again it is the English papers that report the news.)

Al Qaeda's tough guys: New York terror suspect is wannabe model who worked as a Saks MAKE-UP salesman (and his co-conspirator has a record for kicking poodles)

Terror suspect: Ferhani used to work at Saks as a make up salesman

It is the first terror plot uncovered in Manhattan since Osama Bin Laden was killed almost two weeks ago, and will raise fears in a city already on high alert for reprisals. Mohammad Mamdouh, 20, and 27-year-old Ahmed Ferhani, were arrested in dramatic scenes, with officers swooping on the pair as they allegedly tried to buy the weapons yesterday.

News from the Bedroom

Sheex Performance Bed Sheets

You know those workout shirts that keep you cool and dry? Like from Under Armour and Nike? These Sheex "performance" bedsheets are made out of the same material. And they're pretty much perfect for any type of activity you do in bed.

Holy baby bottoms, these sheets are soft. You definitely feel the roots of performance wear, but the softness is more similar to satin or silk (but obviously more durable). There's a purposeful weight and texture to it, which lets your body breathe while keeping you warm. It's fantastic really—I've slept on many a high thread count and on the cotton of Phaorohs but none were as versatile as Sheex.

The set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases all made from the same 87% polyester/13% spandex fabric blend. Once you put the Sheex on, your bed becomes one constant cool side of the pillow. For a person like me, who gets hot easily, and lives in a city that stays hot midyear, Sheex is an absolute oasis. Or I guess deodorant if you're a sweaty sleeper. Either way, I've been sleeping wonderfully since I started using Sheex.

But, um, how do 'performance sheets' perform when you perform?

You are who you are, of course, but let's put it this way: Sheex eliminates the messy variables of night time relations. The fitted bed sheet is tight and stretchy so it wraps itself perfectly around the mattress so there's no needless fabric flapping around.  Cotton is for virgins, people.

If you have any rough patches on your body (back of your heels, etc), rubbing against the sheets will make your rough skin feel like the carcasses of burnt alligators. It scratches and it's not fun knowing how gross your feet are. Also, because of Sheex's materials, it doesn't retain that 'fresh laundry' scent.

Libs hate the free access of the internet. They can not control it, hence these proposed laws.

Senate Bill Gives Feds Power to Order Blacklisting of Piracy Sites

Senate antipiracy legislation introduced Thursday would dramatically increase the government’s legal power to disrupt and shutter websites “dedicated to infringing activities.”

A major feature of the Protect IP Act, introduced by 11 senators of all stripes, would grant the government the authority to bring lawsuits against these websites, and obtain court orders requiring search engines like Google to stop displaying links to them.

“Both law enforcement and rights holders are currently limited in the remedies available to combat websites dedicated to offering infringing content and products,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), the bill’s main sponsor.

For those that guessed Massachusetts’ Liberal – you win.

Teacher refuses to hang student's drawing of American flag...

'Would offend'...'s-flag-drawing


Why the DailyBrisk was down. (We forgive Google)

Google promises Blogger outage will be over 'soon'

Communication Breakdown
Communications from the world of, er, communications. And other stuff.
Google's Blogger team says the service will be back to normal soon, after an outage that has so far lasted for almost two days.
The outage appears to have followed a maintenance release that was scheduled for Wednesday at 10pm, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). To fix the problem, the team had to temporarily take down all new posts and comments made on the popular blogging platform since early on Wednesday, the team wrote on the Blogger status page on Friday.

On this day: the dinner knife is invented.

May 13, 1637: Cardinal Richelieu Makes His Point

1637: Perhaps weary of watching dinner guests picking their teeth with the points of their daggers, Cardinal Richelieu orders the blades of his dinnerware to be ground down and rounded off. Et voilĂ , the modern dinner knife is born.

Prior to Richelieu’s flash of inspiration (or simple revulsion at bad manners), diners typically used hunting daggers to spear their morsels, which were then conveyed to the mouth by hand or with the help of a spoon. The fork, the implement that really revolutionized chowing down, had existed since biblical times. Despite its utility, however, the fork remained a relative rarity in the West until the 17th century, even among the French royals whom Richelieu served with unswerving devotion.

Richelieu’s knives became the rage among the court, and soon everyone who was anyone in France had a set. The dinner knife became commonplace throughout France after Louis XIV — who, like most kings, had his own reasons for not wanting sharp blades and pointed tips around — decreed its universality. Soon afterward, the dinner knife found its way throughout continental Europe to England and, eventually, the American colonies.

He really doesn’t like Texas – loves Mexico though.

Obama Sends Wildfire Aid To Mexico, Not Texas


Government Sends Wildfire Aid To Mexico, Not Texas

Just last month the U.S. sent two Air force cargo planes to help Mexico battle back wildfires in the northern part of it's country, fires that burned 386 square miles. It's a move that West Texas Congressman Francisco Canseco (R-Fort Stockton) thinks is a hypocritical one by the Obama administration as Texas has requested the same sort of federal aid but has been denied it.

Why Intelligent People do not listen to CBO

CBO: Our 2001 Ten-Year Budget Projection Was Off by $11.8 Trillion
CBO The Congressional Budget Office yesterday released Changes in CBO’s Baseline Projections Since January 2001:

Each year, the CBO issues baseline projections of federal spending and revenues for the following 10 years. Those projections are not intended as a forecast of future outcomes; rather, they are estimates of spending and revenues under the laws that are in effect at that time and are designed to provide a benchmark against which to measure future policy changes.

In January 2001, CBO’s baseline projections showed a cumulative surplus of $5.6 trillion for the 2002-2011 period. The actual results have differed from those projections because of subsequent policy changes, economic developments that differed from CBO’s forecast, and other factors. As a result, the federal government actually ran deficits from 2002 through 2010 and will incur a deficit in 2011 as well. The cumulative deficit over the 10-year period will amount to $6.2 trillion, CBO estimates—a swing of $11.8 trillion from the January 2001 projections.

Bad News: Very Bad News

85% of New College Grads Move Back in With Mom and Dad
Time, Survey: 85% of New College Grads Move Back in with Mom and Dad:

Thanks to a high unemployment rate for new grads, many of those with diplomas fresh off the press are making a return to Mom and Dad's place. In fact, according to a poll conducted by consulting firm Twentysomething Inc., some 85% of graduates will soon remember what Mom's cooking tastes like.