Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whew! We Can Wear Our Wild Hats Again, As The World Didn't End ...From Paris

Steyn blasts the 'government class'

"The arrest of a mediocre international civil servant in the first-class cabin of his jet isn’t just a sex story: It’s a glimpse of the widening gulf between the government class and their subjects in a post-prosperity West. Neither Geithner nor Strauss-Kahn has ever created a dime of wealth in his life. They have devoted their careers to “public service,” and thus are in the happy position of rarely if ever having to write a personal check. At the Sofitel in New York, DSK was in a $3,000-per-night suite. Was the IMF picking up the tab? If so, you the plucky U.S. taxpayer paid around 550 bucks of that, whereas Strauss-Kahn’s fellow Frenchmen put up less than $150. So if, as Le Nouvel Observateur suggests, France and America really do belong in entirely different civilizations, the French one ought to start looking for a new patron for the heroic DSK’s lifestyle."

Buddha Inspired ...From Paris

There is a trend I'm seeing more frequently:  "Buddha" inspired.  This armchair featured in Capital File, adds a new twist to the word "vintage"--a word we've been using on DailyBrisk for quite some time.
"Ordinarily the domain of distinguished older gentlemen, the armchair gets a trendy vintage update here with the Hydra armchair ($4,700), made in Italy by Poltrona Frau. Boasting soft leather luxury with a ’70s touch, it’s available in two backrest-and-arm options and 97 colors."

The Preakness ...From Paris

The Preakness is 'running' today, and scheduled to collide with the predicted end of the earth.  The good news?  The official drink for today's run is called "The Black Eyed Susan".  It has two main ingredients: vodka and whiskey.  Beautiful day, watching pretty girls in pretty hats watching grand horses strut and run, with everyone drinking vodka laced with whiskey?  Sounds like a recipe that will certainly make the end of the world easier to swallow.    

Air Force Thunderbirds to perform using biofuel

I'm taking in the show at Andrews tomorrow with my son and his posse.

The twists and turns performed by the Air Force Thunderbirds this week may pale in comparison with what’s going on inside the planes.

A fuel blend that includes a biofuel made from the camelina flower will power two of the six jets as they perform their aerial stunts Friday and Saturday at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The aerial demonstration team will fly for about 45 minutes on the fuel, which is domestically made.

Steyn on Obama speech: ‘Narcissistic buffoon’ pushing ‘pansy left’s view of the world’

Mark Steyn on the Hugh Hewitt radio program:

What have such policies brought the United States? They haven’t brought more respect around world, Steyn explained.

“Well, at a certain level it was filled with the usual narcissism,” Steyn said. “He said America failed to speak to the broader aspirations of people in the Middle East and that’s why two years ago in Cairo, ‘I began to broaden our engagement,’ unquote. I was interested to see the results of that. In 2008, which you’ll recall was the last year of the Bush-Texas cowboy terror, 83 percent of Arabs had a very or somewhat negative view of the United States. By 2010, which was the second year of the Obama-broaden engagement approach, 85 percent had a very or somewhat negative view. You know, so much for the outreach.”

Interacting spiral galaxies

Nasa released this image to celebrate the Hubble space telescope's 21st birthday. It shows a pair of interacting spiral galaxies called Arp 273. The disc of the larger galaxy is being distorted by the gravitational pull of its companion galaxy.

Barney Frank blasted for debt ceiling panic

The Bay State GOP is blasting U.S. Rep. Barney Frank for claiming that the nation might default on its bills for the first time in history because congressional Republicans are refusing to raise the government’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.

“This is Barney Frank’s M.O. — burn the house down, then take his hand off of the gas can and say, ‘It’s (the GOP’s) fault,’ ” Massachusetts Republican Party executive director Nathan Little said.

Prosser wins recount in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

With the weeks-long recount complete, unofficial numbers confirm that state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser narrowly defeated Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in the April 5 election.

But the battle may not be over yet, as Kloppenburg mulls whether to challenge the results in court.

And if a legal contest goes on long enough, attorneys say it could delay efforts to swear Prosser in for a new term on Aug. 1, leading to a temporary vacancy on the closely divided high court.

Final recount numbers submitted to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board show Prosser with 7,006 more votes than Kloppenburg.

Everyday makes this problem worse. We need adults.

Conservatives Show Fiscal Frustration

  • Disappointment grows as Congress moves at a snail's pace to pass spending legislation and address the debt ceiling.



Do Republican and Democratic Professors Grade Differently?

AP File

Republican professors and Democratic professors presumably produce different outcomes when they enter the ballot box, but what about when they record grades?
A forthcoming study finds that there may be notable differences. Democratic professors appear to be "more egalitarian" than their Republican counterparts when it comes to grading, meaning that more of the Democratic grades are in the middle. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to award very high grades and very low grades.

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