Thursday, May 26, 2011

I See London, I See France, I See Michelle's Underprepared Moments...From Paris

Note:  You will not see this photo in MSM.  You thought I was critical?

"She has 29 people to help her look (and act) the part of First Lady
Seriously. Is this the best Michelle Obama can do? Any professional, adult woman knows that shiny full mini-skirts are best left for a middle-school end-of-year dance. Will someone please tell this woman that no one--seriously, no one--wants to see her looking this way. It doesn't take some genius advance people to predict that FLOTUS might encounter wind on this trip, so she ought to dress appropriately. Frankly, she ought to dress appropriately, regardless. Does this woman not own ONE soft suit or dress/coat ensemble that she could wear for these daytime events--instead of that shiny bubble gum pink (too tight--her personal sartorial signature) bolero? Pink? A great color for six-year-olds. And those sling-back kitten heel pumps..."(Labwriter, Touched With Fire--and all I can print on DB)

Foreclosure Signs and Van Gogh ...From Paris

Secret Federal Reserve lending

Credit Suisse Group AG (CS), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (RBS) each borrowed at least $30 billion in 2008 from a Federal Reserve emergency lending program whose details weren’t revealed to shareholders, members of Congress or the public.

The $80 billion initiative, called single-tranche open- market operations, or ST OMO, made 28-day loans from March through December 2008, a period in which confidence in global credit markets collapsed after the Sept. 15 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Mondrian Tents ...From Paris

Mushroom Monet Beauty ...From Paris

MSN says you should love $5 gas

Why you should love $5 gas

Stop grousing about the numbers at the pump. All of this could be good for you and good for America.

This post is by Lynn Mucken of MSN Money.

As you pump 13 gallons into your Honda CR-V  -- American's best-selling SUV with 28 mpg on the highway and 21 in town -- it's nearly impossible to view the $50 you're spending with a positive attitude.

More on Obama and the Jews

 Obama keeps getting worse on Middle East. Plus this from Jen Rubin: “Democrats are loath to admit the president doesn’t know what he is doing, so they are left trying to convince themselves and others that this is a fuss about nothing. The most honest defense I heard from a pro-Israel Democratic staffer was to acknowledge that Obama had made mincemeat out of the ‘peace process’ but to remind me that talks aren’t going anywhere anyway. . . . On one level, the last week has been reassuring to Israel and its friends. There is no significant constituency in the United States for Palestinian favoritism. (Sorry, J Street.) On the other hand, with his Thursday speech, his Sunday talk to AIPAC and now his comments in Britain, Obama has only reinforced the worst fears that he is either not well-disposed toward the Jewish state.”
UPDATE: Reader Jed DeHaven emails: “Maybe Obama’s stand on Israel was possible influenced by Rev Wright’s sermons? Nah…that can’t be, the press said 20 plus years in his church was nothing to do about nothing.”

Is there nothing Vit D can't do?

Vitamin D Increases Speed of Sperm Cells, Researchers Discover

ScienceDaily (May 25, 2011) — Vitamin D is important for optimal reproductive function in both animals and humans. It has long been known that serum vitamin D level is important for reproductive function in various animals, but now researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital have shown that this relationship can also be demonstrated in humans.

Economy and what O is doing about it.

UPDATE: GDP 1.8%...

Sale of seized homes at 28% of all sold...


OBAMA FLASHBACK: 'When I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely'...

Pattern I have noticed. Whenever something goes wrong on the the Dem's side, they attack the republicans for doing what they have done. Very Strange.

MSNBC suspends Schultz for calling Ingraham a 'slut'...
'This is the lowest of the low for me'...
New DNC Boss Calls GOP 'Anti-Women'...

The Stagnate Economy

May 26, 2011

First-Time Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rose by 10,000 to 424,000 Last Week

AP File

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Common sense

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Ariz. Business Immigration Law

High Court Upholds Arizona Law Penalizing Employers Over Illegal Immigrant Workers

 The Supreme Court has sustained Arizona's law that penalizes businesses for hiring workers who are in the United States illegally, rejecting arguments that states have no role in immigration matters.
By a 5-3 vote, the court said Thursday that federal immigration law gives states the authority to impose sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized workers.

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The Daily Mail has asked us to remove this posting, so we have.

Socialized Medicine. This is what it does. You must ration care and hence you will have death panels.

Babies who are born at 23 weeks should be left to die, says NHS chief

Babies born after just 23 weeks of pregnancy or earlier should be left to die, a leading NHS official has said.
Dr Daphne Austin said that despite millions being spent on specialised treatments, very few of these children survive as their tiny bodies are too underdeveloped.
She claimed keeping them alive is only ‘prolonging their agony’, and it would be better to invest the money in care for cancer sufferers or the disabled.
Advisor: Dr Daphne Austin says that 23-weekers have 99 per cent chance of being disabled in some way

Score 1 for AZ

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of AZ Immigration Law

In Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, the Court rules 5-3 that an Arizona law punishing employers for hiring illegal aliens does not impede federal jurisdiction. From the ruling of the Court as delivered by Chief Justice Roberts:

Arizona’s licensing law falls well within the confines of the author-ity Congress chose to leave to the States and therefore is not ex-pressly preempted. While [federal immigration law] prohibits States from imposing “civilor criminal sanctions” on those who employ unauthorized aliens, it preserves state authority to impose sanctions “through licensing and similar laws.” §1324a(h)(2). That is what the Arizona law does—it instructs courts to suspend or revoke the business licenses of in-state employers that employ unauthorized aliens. The definition of “li-cense” contained in the Arizona statute largely parrots the definition of “license” that Congress codified in the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

The full opinion is here. More analysis is sure to follow here and over at Bench Memos.

Jell-O wrestling at the South Pole

Tax dollars fund shrimp on treadmills, Jell-O wrestling.
Report says federal research agency mismanaged $3 billion.

The Senate’s top watchdog on government waste, in a new report Thursday, said taxpayer money has gone to fund such programs as Jell-O wrestling at the South Pole, testing shrimp’s exercise ability on a treadmill and a laundry-folding robot, all funded by the National Science Foundation.

Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, said he identified more than $3 billion in mismanagement at NSF, ranging from questionable studies to exorbitant operating costs, and in some cases duplication by the science agency of operations performed by other agencies.

Time to hit the beach

Lifeguards earn over $200k in Newport Beach, Calif. - OC Register

‘At the very least, lifeguard salaries…ought to be cut drastically, and more part-time guards should be hired’

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See what that X-ray vision will get ya?

Satellite infra-red cameras discover 17 lost pyramids in Egypt

University team finds evidence of thousands of ancient structures not visible to the naked eye

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I'm taking off my hat, saying a prayer and going into mourning

National Pinball Museum closes - WaPo

David Silverman’s collection of 200 pinball machines will have to find a new home, as he has been asked to clear out his Georgetown museum spot

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One Brit's Top Ten Obama insults to England

The Telegraph's Nile Gardiner:

1. Siding with Argentina over the Falklands
2. Calling France America’s strongest ally
3. Downgrading the Special Relationship
4. Supporting a federal Europe and undercutting British sovereignty
5. Betraying Britain to appease Moscow over the New START Treaty
6. Placing a “boot on the throat” of BP
7. Throwing Churchill out of the Oval Office
8. DVDs for the Prime Minister
9. Insulting words from the State Department
10. Undermining British influence in NATO

Mushroom compound may help guard against prostate cancer

Recent studies have indicated that there may be some scientific proof behind several natural medical treatments that have been used for hundreds of years in Asian cultures.

A new study published in the journal PLoS ONE indicated that a compound found in "turkey-tail" mushrooms, called polysaccharopeptide (PSP), is 100 percent effective for protecting against prostate tumor growth in laboratory rodents.

Before and after: Joplin, MO.

Easy to see the devastating path of destruction

Devastation: The satellite image on the left shows where the tornado ripped through Joplin and left the six-block scar across the city - and on the right was the Missouri city as it was before the tragedy

It's just an opinion ...

... but with all the speeches by BHO on his overseas trips (and all the exhausting coverage of them on the news), I'm ready for the Prez to come back home and pay attention to his golf game.

You knew it was coming ... only a matter of time

'Hurt Locker' director Bigelow to make movie of SEAL team 6 hunt/end of UBL

New 3D map of universe shows 380 million light years away

Redshift survey was 10 years in the making ...

Massive scale: The Redshift Survey has been described as the most complete 3D map of the local universe

Is this the most dangerous campsite ever?

4,000 ft up the side of a cliff

Hanging around: Three tents are suspended off a 4,000ft vertical cliff in the Arctic as climbers get some much needed sleep

GDP at 1.8% for first quarter.

Libs in Congress have got to be bummed. How can they redistribute wealth if there is none?

From Reuters:

Corporate profits in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in the first quarter to record their first decline in more than two years and the economy grew at the same pedestrian pace as previously estimated, a government report showed on Thursday.

After-tax corporate profits fell at a rate of 0.9 percent, the Commerce Department said, after rising at a 3.3 percent rate in the fourth quarter. The drop in profits, the first since the fourth quarter of 2008, likely reflected a slowdown in productivity growth as businesses stepped up hiring. Economists had expected corporate profits to grow at a 2.3 percent pace.

Gross domestic product growth was unrevised at annual rate of 1.8 percent, the department said in its second estimate, below economists' expectations for a 2.1 percent pace.

Racism? It was racism that got him elected (black and whites wanting to show they were not racist by voting for a black). How backwards can they get it. O got what he wanted and it did not work. He is over his head.

Racism to blame for Obama's problems, key Democrat says

WASHINGTON — House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday blamed most of President Barack Obama's political problems on racism.

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We are born with geometry? Mr Bouchers will be shocked.

Intuitions Regarding Geometry Are Universal, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (May 25, 2011) — All human beings may have the ability to understand elementary geometry, independently of their culture or their level of education.

This is the conclusion of a study carried out by CNRS, Inserm, CEA, the Collège de France, Harvard University and Paris Descartes, Paris-Sud 11 and Paris 8 universities (1). It was conducted on Amazonian Indians living in an isolated area, who had not studied geometry at school and whose language contains little geometric vocabulary. Their intuitive understanding of elementary geometric concepts was compared with that of populations who, on the contrary, had been taught geometry at school. The researchers were able to demonstrate that all human beings may have the ability of demonstrating geometric intuition. This ability may however only emerge from the age of 6-7 years. It could be innate or instead acquired at an early age when children become aware of the space that surrounds them. This work is published in the PNAS.

Having Adults back on Capital Hill Matters

Obama-Backed Judge Liu Drops Appeals Court Bid

Goodwin Liu, nominated by Obama for appeals court judgeship, withdraws amid strong GOP opposition

No better way to kill the economy

Dems Want 62% Top Tax Rate

AP Graphic
By Stephen Moore
Media reports in recent weeks say that Senate Democrats are considering a 3% surtax on income over $1 million to raise federal revenues. This would come on top of the higher income tax rates that President Obama has already proposed through the cancellation of the Bush era tax-rate reductions.
If the Democrats' millionaire surtax were to happen—and were added to other tax increases already enacted last year and other leading tax hike ideas on the table this year—this could leave the U.S. with a combined federal and state top tax rate on earnings of 62%. That's more than double the highest federal marginal rate of 28% when President Reagan left office in 1989. Welcome back to the 1970s.

Inbreeding on the Left

White House Online Propaganda Czar Married to Maniac Who Slandered Petraeus

Remember this picture?
Nita Chaudhary Jesse Lee
We already know the smirking, squishy-looking guy on the right is Obama's new Online Propaganda & Intimidation Czar Jesse Lee, paid courtesy of your tax dollar. Now we learn that his blushing bride is Nita Chaudhary, Campaign Director at Political Action, a George Soros-funded outfit 

A hero and clowns

Dupnik’s SWAT team initially claimed that Guereña fired at them while they were serving a warrant — as he slept. They claimed that his bullets hit the bulletproof shield that the entry team hid behind, and that the barrage of bullets they fired back was in self-defense.
Only, Guereña never fired his weapon. Awoken by his wife with screams that men with guns were invading his home and threatening his family, Jose Guereña armed himself with a AR-15 rifle and crouched in the hallway. The SWAT team unloaded upon Guereña on sight. He apparently recognized the home invaders as police. He took 60 rounds, but never — as the Pima County Sheriff’s Department was forced to admit — took off his weapon’s safety as he was being killed. . . . A Marine veteran of Iraq that had the discipline not to fire — a discipline that a trigger-happy SWAT team which has now killed three men in less than a year cannot itself exercise?
Police shouldn’t launch this sort of raid absent an imminent threat to life. They go wrong too often. And clowns like Pima County’s Sheriff Dupnik shouldn’t be around guns of any kind.

Remember when the campaign starts. These votes will get "lost" in the MSM

THE HILL: Senate Rejects The Ryan Budget. Not quite ready to get serious yet.
On the other hand, Ryan did better than Obama: Senate votes unanimously against Obama’s $3.7 trillion budget.

History Repeats

 Belarus snaps up TVs, fridges as ruble plunges. “Belarus consumers are sweeping store shelves bare in a frantic attempt to spend their devalued rubles before prices of imported goods go even further through the roof in the cash-strapped former Soviet state. The central department store in the capital Minsk no longer has television sets or refrigerators in stock as people rush to spend their rubles on anything from appliances to fur coats to jewellery.”
UPDATE: Welcome to hyperinflation hell. “First look at the Belarus Ruble chart below: this is what always happens to every country that resolutely continues to live outside its means. Always. . . . The catalyst for the country’s imploding economy: socialism and price controls. Sound familiar?”

Getting old is not only bad, it is widening.

Pelvic Widening Continues Throughout a Person's Lifetime

ScienceDaily (May 25, 2011) — By the age of 20, most people have reached skeletal maturity and do not grow any taller. Until recently it was assumed that skeletal enlargement elsewhere in the body also stopped by age 20. 

Oil News

President's men fill up 'The Beast' -- at BP!

Transportation Secretary rolls up in 12-mpg SUV to unveil new fuel economy stickers...

Summarizes what is wrong with TSA and the Feds in a nutshell

REPORT: US to store passenger data for 15 years...

TSA Threatens To Cancel All Flights Out Of Texas If 'Groping Bill' Passed...
CHARGE: TSA Pats Down Child, Little Old Lady, Ignores Man in Arab Garb...