Friday, July 8, 2011

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Failure after Two Trillion spent.

JUNE +18,000 JOBS...

April, May revised: -44,000...

WH Dismisses: People do not sit around analyzing unemployment numbers...

Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in '12...

Obama: 'We are turning the corner'...

Pelosi vows health care reform will create 400,000 'almost immediately'...

New Romney ad hits Plouffe’s stupid unemployment comments

The audacity of indifference.

How the game is played in DC. EPA gives millions of $ to Envir Def Fund, it sues the United States, EPA loses or “settles” the case and now there is a Court Order that must be obeyed.

When the Environmental Protection Agency said in late June that it would force Western coal-fired power plants to install haze-reducing pollution-control equipment at a cost of $1.5 billion a year, it said it had to in order to settle a lawsuit by environmental groups.
One organization involved in the suit, the Environmental Defense Fund, has a long history of taking the EPA to court. In fact, a cursory review finds almost half a dozen cases in the past 10 years.
The odd thing is that the EPA, in turn, has handed EDF $2.76 million in grants over that same period, according to an IBD review of the agency's grant database.
This strange relationship goes well beyond EDF. Indeed, several environmental groups that have received millions in EPA grants regularly file suit against that same agency. A dozen green groups were responsible for more than 3,000 suits against the EPA and other government agencies over the past decade, according to a study by the Wyoming-based Budd-Falen Law Offices.
The EPA even tacitly encourages such suits, going so far as to pay for and promote a "Citizen's Guide" that, among other things, explains how to sue the agency under "citizen suit" provisions in environmental laws. The guide's author — the Environmental Law Institute — has received $9.9 million in EPA grants over the past decade.

Moslems News – The whole world belongs to them.


Egyptian Leader Threatens Jews, Christians…All of Humanity: ‘Whole World Belongs to Us’

"...every land upon which Islam has set foot will return to us."

10 most expensive cars sold on eBay (actual 3 or the ten)

Today is National Collector Car Day. We worked with the company to assemble this list of the ten most expensive vintage cars ever sold on eBay. Bids start at $700K.

The ten most expensive vintage cars ever sold on eBay10.) 1971 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4-AAuctioned For:  $700,000

Details: Assuming that the car in question is the only street-registered competition 365 GTB/4-A (S/N 15681), it was originally red with a blue stripe and a black interior. The car was sold from the factory to Maranello Concessionaires in England in early 1972, and it raced at Le Mans in 1972 and 1973, dropping out mid-race both times. Somewhere along the line, the car was repainted yellow. So Brits, if you see a yellow Daytona coupe with the registration number EE 60175, you're looking at something special- it's one of only 14 built.

 4.) 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda

Auctioned For: $899,000

Details: Whoever originally bought this car knew they were getting something special, and rare. Only 652 Hemi 'Cudas were built in 1970, and this one was sold with only 76 original miles on the clock. It has the legendary Mopar 426 Hemi V8 under the hood, and puts down 425 horsepower.

 1.) 1959 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder

Auctioned For: $3,260,100

Details: The 250 California Spyder has pretty much everything you could want in a Ferrari. Columbo-designed V12 up front, beautiful lines, no roof- the list goes on and on. This car is a long wheelbase model, making it slightly larger than the forever famous 250 California of Ferris Bueller fame. It shares its engine with the 250 Tour de France, with 237 horsepower. A racing version won the GT class at Sebring that year. Only 45 examples were made, with no two exactly alike, before Ferrari switched production to the short wheelbase model a year later.

Makes Sense. Looks for Dems to oppose.

A Silver Bullet To Kill Unemployment

More and more states are mandating that employers check the immigration status of their employees against the simple, fast E-Verify system.

Now Congress is considering a bill to make the E-Verify immigration check mandatory for all private employers. Such a law would have profound effects:

Employers have illegally taken U.S. jobs out of the hands of 8 million American workers; workers like the less-educated young adults profiled by CBS. Only 4 percentof those jobs are in agriculture. The rest are in industries where citizens and legal immigrant workers compete directly with illegal labor. Most of these workers have less than a college education, and they are disproportionately Black and Hispanic.

Everybody pays $100 a year would raise some real money and make everyone a taxpayer again. Now it is too easy for those paying nothing to say stick it to them.

Weak Economy: New Taxes Make No Sense


CBO - Richest 20% of Taxpayers Pay a Record 86% of all Fed. Taxes

40% Now Pay 0 Taxes

I guess we now know the sound of one man clapping: clink, clink

In Belarus, one-armed man arrested for clapping

The crackdown in Belarus grew more indiscriminate this week. Among the 400 arrested: a one-armed man charged with taking part in the clapping protests and mute person accused of shouting antigovernment slogans.

Belarusian plainclothes policemen block a central street to protect it from an opposition action 'Revolution via social network' in Minsk, Belarus, July 7. The center of Minsk is teeming with police preparing for the next in a series of weekly demonstrations calling for the ouster of authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Sergei Grits/AP


Well, at least it's work, right?

Ohioans fighting to kill Obamacare with state constitution - TheDC

'We're proud of that. That's what we wanted to do'

Read more:

Verdict outrage is not cooling off

Spurns jailhouse visit from her mother this morning

FLA officials taking special measures for Anthony's release...

Fears for her safety...

Offered $1M by Springer show...

Verdict spurs push in 4 states for 'Caylee's Law'...

He raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl

Texas wins battle with WH over execution of rapist/murderer
AP Photo

WH argument to stay execution did not hold water

Bolivian wonder looks good under the lights

On a high: Stunning light show to celebrate 100th anniversary of the wonder Inca city of Machu Picchu

Multi-coloured: The ruins of Machu Picchu during a light and sound show marking the centennial celebration

World's steepest rollercoaster opens


If you are a speed and thrill junkie, you need to see the additional photos and video clip:

If you're a speed and thrill junkie, you need to see the rest of the photos and the video clip

When you have nothing – Attack! Expect to see a lot more of this from the Libs.

Krauthammer on the air-ball president

Charles Krauthammer:

Here we go again. An approaching crisis. A looming deadline. Nervous markets. And then, from the miasma of gridlock, rises our president, calling upon those unruly congressional children to quit squabbling, stop kicking the can down the road and get serious about debt.

This from the man who:

• Ignored the debt problem for two years by kicking the can to a commission.

• Promptly ignored the commission’s December 2010 report.

• Delivered a State of the Union address in January that didn’t even mention the word “debt” until 35 minutes in.

• Delivered in February a budget so embarrassing — it actually increased the deficit — that the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected it 97 to 0

This is really cool. Telsa smiles.

Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Manos Tentzeris holds a sensor (left) and an ultra-broadband spiral antenna for wearable energy-scavenging applications. Both were printed on paper using inkjet technology.

Power from the Air: Device Captures Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Drive Small Electronic Devices

ScienceDaily (July 8, 2011) — Researchers have discovered a way to capture and harness energy transmitted by such sources as radio and television transmitters, cell phone networks and satellite communications systems. By scavenging this ambient energy from the air around us, the technique could provide a new way to power networks of wireless sensors, microprocessors and communications chips.

“There is no way to sugarcoat it.”

One unemployment number doesn’t make a trend, but today’s was about as bad as they get.

This number was outside the standard deviation of expectations. I really can’t stress how ugly it is. There is no way to sugarcoat it. The economic policies used since October of 2008 are an abject and total failure. Not only that, but they have put the finances of the country in a precarious position that was not unforeseen.

Table A-15 in the BLS report is really all you need to look at. There are no silver linings in this report. U-6 jumped by .4%. 16.2% of all Americans that want to find a job can’t. Those are Americans that are actually seeking work. Thousands have gotten frustrated and simply stopped looking and aren’t included in those numbers.

Table A-12 shows how bad it is. The mean time looking for work is 39.9 weeks, with a median duration of 22.5. Both numbers up from 39.7 and 22.0. There are only 52 weeks in a year, the average job hunt takes the better part of it. The labor force participation rate is at a 25 year low, 64.1%.

Minnesota Gov keeps his chef on during shut down. Of course he is a Dem

MN's Dem guv keeps personal chef on job during gov't shutdown...

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

This will only make it worse. Some times you just have to get through the bad stuff to get back on track.

foreclosed home

No Job? Obama Now Says You May Not Have to Pay Your Mortgage for a Full Year

"Our hope is that this will have broader effects."

Beyond a shrill

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews: Pelosi Was ‘Strongest House Speaker’ in 50 Years

Under Pelosi, the debt increased 61 percent.

Gov’t going down and Dems won’t put forward a budget?

Senators call on Reid to unveil Democrat budget proposal

Republicans eager to debate proposal, which has not been made public

Read more:

It gets worse and worse. 16.2% when you add in those that have given up. Black Male unemployment is over 25%.

JUNE +18,000 JOBS...
April, May revised: -44,000...
Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012...
Dow drops 100+ points in first minute...


No bias here department. But call O a “Dick” when you think you are off the air and you are fired.

NBC News Anchor: Republicans on a Mission to 'Murder the American Dream'

  • Newsweek Boss Tina Brown Says GOP Are 'Suicide Bombers'

  • Devil’s Tower and the Milky Way

     SENSE OF WONDER x 1000 | The Milky Way rises over the Devil's Tower, photo by Eric Hines, via Metro

    The real unemployment rate is 16.2%

    Unemployment rises to 9.2 pct. in June, employers add only 18,000 jobs.

    Bloomberg’s got the inevitable take: “U.S. employers added 18,000 workers in June, less than forecast and the fewest in nine months, while the unemployment rate unexpectedly climbed, indicating a struggling labor market.” Plus this: “The so-called underemployment rate — which includes part- time workers who’d prefer a full-time position and people who want work but have given up looking — increased to 16.2 percent from 15.8 percent.”

    Fast and Furious, cont

    DOJ INSPECTOR GENERAL CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO INVESTIGATE GUNWALKER. “Ultimately, the operation led to the murder of two U.S. federal agents and an estimated 150 Mexican law enforcement officers and soldiers. The strong implication is that those individuals and agencies responsible for allowing Gunwalker to proceed aided and abetted murder, committing felonies as accessories before the fact. Such serious charges, potentially reaching the highest levels of the Department of Justice and possibly higher, should not be undertaken by an acting inspector general, which is typically a caretaker role until a new inspector general has been appointed.”

    Massacre in Michigan: Crazed gunman shoots dead SEVEN people including two children in six-hour bloody rampage

    Grand Rapids

    Rodrick Dantzler, pictured, whose victims are believed to include his daughter and another child, killed himself after being cornered by officers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dantzler lead police in a high-speed chase, at one point driving the wrong way down the interstate highway with more than a dozen squad cars in pursuit and helicopters overhead. After crashing his car, the 34-year-old ex-convict escaped on foot and took three people hostage.

    She is photogenic and he was smart enough to roll up the sleeves.

    It's a royal rodeo: Wild Will Hichkock and Calamity Kate cause a stampede as they don matching hats and get into the cowboy spirit

    William and kate

    The royal couple received a traditional cowboy welcome with 10 gallon hats as they touched down in Calgary before heading off to the world's richest rodeo in traditional western dress. William and Kate watched astounded as children as young as three - known as mutton busters - rode a bucking sheep bareback and then winced as several cowboys demonstrated their skills on a particularly angry looking bull.

    8 days without gov’t in Minnesota. State is doing fine.

    A funny thing happened…

    …on the way to the apocalypse — a/k/a government shutdown — here in Minnesota. We are in day 8 of Minnesota Held Hostage. Governor Dayton has precipitated the shutdown by refusing to sign any budget bill — even those he agrees on — without a resolution of all outstanding issues. He refuses to call the legislature back into session to pass a lights on bill that would keep the government running while budget issues are ironed out.

    Another funny thing happened on the way to the apocalypse. Many of us not dependent on the government have found the shutdown a minor inconvenience at worst. We understand that the problem is a spending problem raising the issue of the size and scope of the state government.

    Lock in your electricity rates now.

    EPA Tells Coal-Fired Plants: Reduce Pollution or Shut Down

    The details of new EPA regulations, released Thursday, mandate reductions in power-plant emissions.

    The EPA’s tough new air pollution regulations will force scores of plants to shut down. Those that remain open must dramatically clean up their emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency hopes these and other measures will improve air quality across 27 states.

    Effects should appear relatively quickly. Under the new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, some 900 coal-fired, natural gas-fueled, and oil-burning power plants must slash emissions by 2014.

    Read more:

    Violent Liberals.


  • Former Dem Operative Indicted for Planting Bomb

  • Starting in 2004 Ohlsen was used as a consultant by the Missouri Democratic party. He even had lunch at the governor's mansion with then-governor Bob Holden.

    Ohlsen was also involved in the downfall of state senator Jeff Smith. Smith went to federal prison because he approved of Ohlsen sending out postcards defaming Smith's primary election opponent congressman Russ Carnahan.

    A former Democratic political operative has been indicted by federal authorities for allegedly planting a bomb in a CLayton parking garage in 2008. The bomb went off, seriously injuring a Clayton attorney. Police believe he was not the bomber's intended target.

    Interesting, but probably useless information

    Ancestry of Polar Bears Traced to Ireland

    An international team of scientists has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in the vicinity of present-day Britain and Ireland just prior to the peak of the last ice age -- 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.

    ScienceDaily (July 8, 2011) — An international team of scientists has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in the vicinity of present-day Britain and Ireland just prior to the peak of the last ice age -- 20,000 to 50,000 years ago. Beth Shapiro, the Shaffer Associate Professor of Biology at Penn State University and one of the team's leaders, explained that climate changes affecting the North Atlantic ice sheet probably gave rise to periodic overlaps in bear habitats. These overlaps then led to hybridization, or interbreeding -- an event that caused maternal DNA from brown bears to be introduced into polar bears.

    TEASER: First Look at Streep as Thatcher...

    Expect to see more rulings like this.

    Judge rules use of GPS to track cheating spouse not invasion of privacy...

    More unemployment. Thank you dems. In every other recovery we are at 4 to 7% growth at this point.

    Unemployment goes up to 9.2%, only 18,000 jobs added


    Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012...