Thursday, July 21, 2011

The American People are way ahead of DC

Cut, Cap, And Balance Gets 2-1 Approval Among Adults in CNN Poll.

Not “likely voters,” but adults. “

In other words, a consensus exists across all political lines that the CCB/BBA approach would be a good idea. When one scrolls down to the crosstab sections of the raw data, the consensus becomes very, very clear. The CCB/BBA approach wins majorities in every single demographic — including self-described liberals. Sixty-three percent of Democrats back the House bill.

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Cut, Cap and Balance Act is very popular.

CCB bill gets 2-1 approval among adults in CNN poll

The American people are sold!

In the latest CNN poll, two-thirds of voters favor the idea of tying a raise in the debt ceiling to spending caps and a balanced budget amendment, and this isn’t a survey of conservative-leaning likely voters, either.

Speaker Boehner to Rush Limbaugh: There is NO deal

But there will be a Senate vote on Cut, Cap and Balance.

Two Fashion Rules You Should Never Break ...From Paris

There are two fashion rules you must ALWAYS remember:

Rule #1:  NEVER wear anything that Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly wouldn't wear
Rule #2:  If you DON'T understand rule #1, hire a stylist who does


A Fashion 911...From Paris

Did someone call 911--Fashion Police?  Not to worry Hillary.  I'm on the way to your rescue.

Calling the Fashion Police


Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Politically Incorrect History

Did you know: Unions created the middle class, made workers safer, and helped blacks?

Actually, unions didn't. Free markets created the middle class, and the AFL's president, in support a law that protected union jobs, lamented that "colored labor is being sought to demoralize wage rates."

Did you know that FDR's New Deal solved the Great Depression?

Actually, it didn't. It's uncertainty, big spending, and regulation that prolonged the Depression. FDR's Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, admitted: "We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work."

Did you know that Herbert Hoover made the Depression worse because as president...he did nothing? The Washington Post believes that. In 2008, the paper claimed GW Bush was "today's Herbert Hoover" because of his "dogged resistance to assisting anybody."

Actually, Hoover increased spending by 53.5% during his presidency. He signed bad big-government bills like the Davis-Bacon Act and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. He started huge public works projects like the Hoover Dam. Hoover was a big spender -- like Obama.

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Bald eagles fight in Alaska

Animals In Conflict

Budget Storm Could Sink U.S. Plan to Rule Sea and Sky

Back in 2009, the Navy and the Air Force secretly shook hands on a new way to work together to fight future wars against major powers. It’s called AirSea Battle, and not much about it has been made public. But the Air Force’s second in command publicly fretted on Wednesday that some of its core components might not be affordable.

The basic concept behind AirSea Battle is to maintain U.S. dominance of the air and sea, as the Navy War College’s Milan Vego writes in this month’s Proceedings, and overpower any nation that might try to push the United States back from its shores through advanced missiles, stealth aircraft or a blue-water fleet of its own. (If this nation sounds like China to you, you’re paying attention.) “Central to AirSea battle,” said Gen. Philip Breedlove, Air Force vice chief of staff, is the Air Force’s planned new “long-range, penetrating bomber aircraft.”

Ah, the next bomber: first announced in January by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and successor to the failed, unaffordable “2018 bomber.” The idea is for the new long-range bomber to be “optionally manned” — that is, have a drone mode — and carry either nukes (gulp) or conventional bombs to anywhere on earth.

But it’s got to be “designed and developed using proven technology,” Breedlove told a crowd convened by the Mitchell Institute for Air Power Studies. “We have talked to the potential competitors for this business. Where we want to start is today. We don’t want to lean very far forward.”

Why taller women are a third more likely to be diagnosed with cancer

Taller women are more likely to get cancer, research reveals today.

Their risk of developing some of the most common forms is up to a third greater.

Scientists believe being tall may increase the levels of certain hormones known to trigger tumours.

Higher risk: Research has found that being taller increases levels of hormones that trigger tumours, with the risk going up by 16 per cent for every four inches of height

Higher risk: Research has found that being taller increases levels of hormones that trigger tumours, with the risk going up by 16 per cent for every four inches of height

A study carried out at Oxford University found the risk of cancer increased by around 16 per cent with every four inches of height.

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Caterham Seven. The perfect adult toy.

Summarizes it well




UNEMPLOYMENT JAN '09: 7.8%; JUNE '11: 9.2%...


O and the Convicted Terrorist

Convicted terrorist Alamoudi

Why Is the Obama Administration Lobbying for the Early Release of a Convicted Terrorist?

"He was so tight with the Muslim Brotherhood and one of their Founding Fathers..."

WH controls MSNBC


The White House Programming a News Channel? Host Who Was Most Critical of Obama Says Head of MSNBC Removed Him Because Washington Didn‘t Like His ’Tone’

Trump still skeptical of Obama's birth certificate

Donald Trump

Real estate mogul tells CNN's Piers Morgan 'to check out that document very carefully'

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Surprise Surprise! Politico Reporter Who Covered Palin Takes Job with Dem. Party!

A Politico reporter who often penned stories about Sarah Palin and other Republicans has quit journalism to work with the Democratic Party in Arizona, sources tell The Daily Caller.

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Fast and Furious Update

Eric Holder’s only defense of the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” program is that he didn’t know it existed.

And the only problem with that defense is that nobody believes him.

Edwards was right: there are two Americas... where a former presidential hopeful owes $2.3 million for exceeding matching funds from the 2008 election campaign, and the other made up of people who don't.

From CNN:

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards must pay back $2.3 million that exceeded his matching funds from his 2008 campaign, the Federal Election Commission ruled Thursday.

In a 6-0 vote, the commission approved the findings of its own audit, which showed the excess funds.

The matter is separate from the criminal conspiracy case against the former U.S. senator from North Carolina, in which Edwards is accused of issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws.

Bachmann's migraines

Liberal pundits are making a big deal about Michele Bachmann's occasional migraine headaches. They imply that she is unsuitable for the Big White House Job due to this sometime medical condition. Thomas Jefferson, JFK, and Ulysses Grant all suffered from migraines. I think the attack on Bachmann is a reaction to her high poll standings in the GOP field.

Look out, Jonah

Open wide: The diver who nearly got swallowed by a whaleshark

Jaws: This diver almost got sucked in

Jobless claims: 'More than expected'.

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, pointing to a labor market that is struggling to regain momentum. --Reuters.

'More than expected' is Reuter's way of not having to say 'unexpectedly' this week. Reuters might as well just phone it in for the remainder of the Obama presidency. How many ways can they say 'we really think the $trillions being thrown down the proverbial rat hole will someday lead to a robust jobs and housing scenario and we just can't understand why it doesn't...week after week after week'.

'Shovel-ready' and other fantasies

Victor Davis Hanson:

The president himself, after demanding nearly a trillion dollars in borrowed money for his budget, confessed that his “shovel-ready” projects had proved not so shovel-ready after all. Much of the vast sum of borrowed money instead went to subsidize nearly insolvent pension funds, entitlements, and bloated state budgets. Unemployment is still at 9.2 percent, with nearly 50 million people on government-subsidized food stamps — even as American infrastructure is crumbling, the private sector is moribund, and national timidity prevents any new large, visionary construction. Prior generations gave us space projects; ours ends them. Boeing once ruled the skies; now the government sues to stop Boeing from opening a new plant.

Trillionaire politicians

Mark Steyn:

Here’s a newspaper headline from a yellowing cutting I found up in the attic:

U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $438 Billion For Year

Boy, those were the days! Flappers in rumble seats, wind-up victrolas, and deficits you could measure in billions. A more innocent age, lost in the mists of time. Gosh, you’d have to be pushing, oh, twelve even to remember it.

$438 billion was the record-breaking federal deficit in 2008. That’s all of three years ago. In 2011, it’s getting on four times as big. What’s that got to do with anything happening in 2023?

Obama did that. The Democrats did that. “Trillion” is their word. They mainstreamed it, and very effectively, in nothing flat. But it’s not a fact of life. It’s a fact of their life, and they should be on the defensive about it. What do we have to show for the trillionization of government? The dead-parrot economy, the underwater property market, the flatline jobs market. But lots more bureaucracy and regulation.

Obama wants to demonize “millionaires”? Who’s he kidding? He and Harry Reid and Barney Frank are the first trillionaire politicians in American history, and they want us to accept that as the new baseline. Getting Republicans to sit around concocting meaningless plans for a decade hence is a good way to do it.

World's Biggest Diesei

O's economy. It will stay like this till we get gov't spending under control

Gigantic underwater volcanoes discovered

A thousand miles north of Antarctica, in one of the most remote parts of the world, enormous surprises lurk beneath the surface. Near the South Sandwich Islands, a British territory that straddles the Southern Ocean and the south Atlantic, scientists found more than a dozen huge underwater volcanoes, some of which tower 2 miles above the ocean floor.

U.S. NEWS: How Obama Blew A Big Debt Deal.

“Obama has had plenty of chances to do something big about runaway spending and the mushrooming national debt, and he’s taken a pass every time.”

Media Bias?

Politico Reporter Who Covered Palin Quits For Democratic Party Job.


 Home Depot Co-Founder: ‘I’m Not Sure Obama Would Understand Anything That I’d Say.’ “In a discussion about the current moribund job climate, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus discusses the situation today contrasted with when he first started up the retail giant in 1978. Remarkably, the darkest days of Jimmy Carter were brighter than today’s despair under the failed Obama presidency.”


“Meanwhile, as a percentage of GDP, American military spending continues a decline that has been going on since the 1960s (when, because of the Vietnam war, defense spending was 10.7 percent of GDP). That went down to 5.9 percent of GDP in the 1970s and, despite a much heralded defense buildup in the 1980s, still declined in the 1980s (to 5.8 percent.) With the end of the Cold War, spending dropped sharply again in the 1990s, to 4.1 percent. For the first decade of the 21st century, defense spending is expected to average 3.5 percent of GDP.”

Rep. Walsh Urging Boehner and Cantor to Denounce McConnell-Reid Plan

A letter being circulated by freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R., Ill.) could effectively take the contingency plan being crafted by Senate leaders Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) — it’s being referred to as “McConnell-Reid” — completely off the table in debt-ceiling negotiations.

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Caffeine Consumption Linked to Female Infertility, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (July 20, 2011) — Caffeine reduces muscle activity in the Fallopian tubes that carry eggs from a woman's ovaries to her womb. "Our experiments were conducted in mice, but this finding goes a long way towards explaining why drinking caffeinated drinks can reduce a woman's chance of becoming pregnant," says Sean Ward, professor of physiology and cell biology, at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, who conducted the study.

Full Moon Indicates Impending Danger from Lion Attack, Study Shows

A new study led by Craig Packer, an international lion expert based at the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Sciences, shows that while moonlight limits lions' success at hunting their four-legged prey, the last day of a full moon signals the beginning of a foraging opportunity for bipeds.

ScienceDaily (July 20, 2011) — Be sure to check the sky if you ever set out for a nighttime stroll in southeastern Tanzania. If the moon is full, continue. But if the sky is dark, turn back -- or you may be a lion's dinner.


O’s BS. There has been no middle class white terrorist in 15 years. Be very afraid when the gov’t lies like this.

DHS VIDEO: White middle-class Americans 'most likely terrorists'...

Big Sis fear campaign continues, but Americans are just as likely to be killed by peanut allergies than they are in terrorist attacks

There was a time when even Dems thought we could do the impossible.


Poverty in America

According to the government’s own survey data, in 2005, the average household defined as poor by the government lived in a house or apartment equipped with air conditioning and cable TV. The family had a car (a third of the poor have two or more cars). For entertainment, the household had two color televisions, a DVD player, and a VCR.

If there were children in the home (especially boys), the family had a game system, such as an Xbox or PlayStation. In the kitchen, the household had a microwave, refrigerator, and an oven and stove. Other household conveniences included a washer and dryer, ceiling fans, a cordless phone, and a coffee maker.

The home of the average poor family was in good repair and not overcrowded. In fact, the typical poor American had more living space than the average European. (Note: That’s average European, not poor European.) The average poor family was able to obtain medical care when needed. When asked, most poor families stated they had had sufficient funds during the past year to meet all essential needs.