Monday, January 9, 2012

Yeah, it's just another poll, but ...

The Death of Hopey-Change… By 2-1 Margin, Americans Not Only Reject But Fear Obama’s Reelection

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, January 9, 2012, 8:36 PM

Please, democrats… No more rainbow shooting unicorn riders.

After three years of failed far left policies, Americans fear the return of the unicorn rider.
Via US News and World Report:

When it comes to how Americans view President Obama going into the new year, there appears to be very little spirit of Auld Lang Syne. Instead, according to the new Washington Whispers poll, many voters aren’t forgetting what they dislike about Obama and want him out office.

In our New Year’s poll, when asked what news event they fear most about 2012,Americans by a margin of two-to-one said Obama’s reelection. Only 16 percent said they fear the Democrat won’t win a second term, while 33 percent said they fear four more years.

Next to Obama’s reelection, 31 percent of Americans said they feared higher taxes, which may be proof that the president’s focus on the payroll tax cut has hit paydirt.

Number of independents growing

Record-High 40% of Americans Identify as Independents in '11

More Americans identify as Democrats than as Republicans, 31% to 27%

by Jeffrey M. Jones

PRINCETON, NJ -- The percentage of Americans identifying as political independents increased in 2011, as is common in a non-election year, although the 40% who did so is the highest Gallup has measured, by one percentage point. More Americans continue to identify as Democrats than as Republicans, 31% to 27%.

Party Identification, Yearly Averages, Gallup Polls, 1988-2011

These results are based on more than 20,000 interviews conducted in 20 separate Gallup polls in 2011. Gallup has computed annual averages of party identification since 1988, when it began regularly conducting interviews by telephone. The prior high percentage of independents was 39% in 1995 and 2007.

Gallup records from 1951-1988 -- based on face-to-face interviewing -- indicate that the percentage of independents was generally in the low 30% range during those years, suggesting that the proportion of independents in 2011 was the largest in at least 60 years.

Day by day


Where do they come up with this stuff?

Stunning hotel for climbers planned for Barcelona... where customers sleep on rock ledges


Polish architects have dreamt up a hotel where guests can sample the great outdoors by sleeping under the stars hundreds of feet from the ground. The Barcelona Rock has all the usual luxury services, but also outdoors ledges where experienced rock climbers can spend the night out.

Ramirez on cuts to the military budget

Ferrari California

Why post a picture of a Ferrari California? One reason is because they are most likely politically incorrect to own in the this 'Age of Tediously Important Green Dogma' and I like things that are p0litically incorrect. Thank you, Ferrari, for continuing to produce cars that give the Sierra Club types the vapors.

Obama's new chief of staff made $millions at Citi betting on subprime mortgages

President Obama's first chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once sat on the board of troubled federal mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Bill Daley, the president's chief of staff whose departure was announced today, was previously a top executive at financial firm J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. So of course there should be little surprise that Obama's latest chief of staff, announced today by the president himself, also has deep ties to the financial industry himself.

From 2006-2008, Jack Lew was chief operating officer of Citibank's alternative investments division. And it was his division that made billions of dollars betting "U.S. homeowners would not be able to make their mortgage payments," as the Huffington Post reported.

The piece also reported: “Lew made millions at Citi, including a bonus of nearly $950,000 in 2009 just a few months after the bank received billions of dollars in a taxpayer rescue, according to disclosure forms filed with the federal government. The bank is still partly owned by taxpayers.”

U.S. national debt equals entire U.S. economy

The soaring national debt has reached a symbolic tipping point: It's now as big as the entire U.S. economy.

The amount of money the federal government owes to its creditors, combined with IOUs to government retirement and other programs, now tops $15.23 trillion.

That's roughly equal to the value of all goods and services the U.S. economy produces in one year: $15.17 trillion as of September, the latest estimate. Private projections show the economy likely grew to about $15.3 trillion by December — a level the debt is likely to surpass this month.

Rat population exploding in and around Occupy D.C. camps

The rat population around the two Occupy D.C. camps at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza has “exploded”since protesters began their vigil in October, according to Mohammad N. Akhter, the director of the District’s Department of Health.

Akhter said in an interview Monday that city health inspectors have seen rats running openly through both camps and spotted numerous new burrows and nests underneath hay-stuffed pallets occupiers are using for beds. Both campsites had working kitchens for weeks until last week, but protesters at McPherson Square voluntarily closed down theirs after health inspectors pointed out unsanitary conditions during an informal monitoring visit.

...let them eat Halloween cake.

The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession, a new book on the Obamas has claimed.

The story here.


The cover up shows they knew the party would rightly give the impression of decadent spending and frivolity in a time when a show of austerity would be more appropriate. I think Marie Antoinette would have done a face palm upon hearing about this White House excess.