Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What A Girl Wants ...From Paris

So.  What IS the sexiest thing a man can do for a girl on Valentine's Day?....................................................................................................

The sexiest thing a man can do for a woman on Valentine's Day is THE Dishes!  

Spend, tax, repeat...and the public debt keeps piling up

Obama 4-14.jpg

...deficit spending during Obama’s four years in the White House (based on his own figures) will be an estimated $5.170 trillion — or $5,170,000,000,000.00.

To help put that colossal sum of money into perspective, if you take our deficit spending under Obama and divide it evenly among the roughly 300 million American citizens, that works out to just over $17,000 per person — or about $70,000 for a family of four.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens to break peace treaty with Isreal if U.S. aid is cut

A top Muslim Brotherhood official has warned that any cuts in U.S. aid to Egypt could affect Cairo’s peace treaty with Israel – the latest sign that Egypt’s emerging political forces intend to call Washington’s bluff over the diplomatic dispute triggered by a crackdown on non-governmental organizations.

The whole story here.


...And our current president wants to send a portion of the $800 million 'Arab Spring' slush fund to thugs like this.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even the DB can have a National Enquirer moment ...

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims

Bizarre: Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, a former US government consultant has claimed

The 34th President of the United States met the extra terrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to lecturer and author Timothy Good.

Health benefits of swimming for older adults.

Swimming reduces blood pressure and improves artery health in elderly adults, according to a study in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Previous studies have found similar advantages from walking exercises, but this was the first to demonstrate swimming's vascular health benefits for older, sedentary adults. Because swimming puts less stress on joints and the body's cooling mechanisms than many other exercises, it "is an ideal form of activity for older adults," the study's authors noted.

Obama's budget is OK if you can suspend disbelief and ignore the first four years


Federal budgets are by definition political documents, but even by that standard yesterday's White House proposal for fiscal year 2013 is a brilliant bit of misdirection. With the abracadabra of a tax increase on the wealthy and defense spending cuts that will never materialize, the White House asserts that in President Obama's second term revenues will soar, outlays will fall, and $1.3 trillion annual deficits will be cut in half like the lady in the box on stage.

All voters need to do is suspend disbelief for another nine months. And ignore the first four years.

The political reality of budgeting is that voters should only believe what they can see, which is what politicians are proposing now. Promises of future spending cuts are a mirage. Mr. Obama needs to point to the mirage because his fiscal record is the worst in modern American history.


Gas prices' earliest-ever rise above $3.50 a bad sign for motorists

Ronald D. White of the Los Angeles Times and Sam Kennedy of The Morning Call contributed to this report:

American motorists have seen the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline rise above $3.50 a gallon on just three occasions, but it has never happened this early in the year. Analysts say it's likely a sign that pain at the pump will rise to some of the highest levels ever seen later this year.

In 2008, average gasoline prices had hit inflation-adjusted records nationally by the summer, but they didn't climb above $3.50 a gallon across the U.S. that year until April 21, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. It happened again last year, but not until March 6.

But $3.50 a gallon gasoline is already here in 2012, weeks before refineries typically shut down for springtime maintenance, and weeks before the states switch from their less expensive winter blends of gasoline to more complicated and pricier summer blends.